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"Our primary goal is to work with you, the homeowner, to ensure that we meet your renovation and home repair needs in a cost-effective, timely manner. We will work with you on all of your home improvement projects and help you turn your house back into a home."

Jesse Wertjes | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
JW Home Improvement offers a full range of handyman services to residential customers. The company also provides interior and exterior carpentry and painting, power washing, and tile work.
Services Not Offered
The company does not perform major electrical and plumbing work, appliance repair, or carpet installation and repair.
Minimum Job
JW Home Improvement charges $50 per estimate, which is applied to the cost of the job. The company's labor rate is $106 per man-hour with a required four-hour minimum. Materials are billed at cost.
All work is warranted for one year.
Company History
The locally owned-and-operated company, established in 2001 by Jesse Wertjes, has been serving Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia for over 15 years.
MHIC #105700
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard
A selection of 278 homeowner reviews:
“JW provides excellent handyman services. The man who came to our home went from item to item and completed them in a very professional manner. We were very pleased with his work. I would highly recommend this company. In fact, we are hiring them again.”
“We had many windowsills and bars repainted. They scraped and primed every area first, then painted everything perfectly. The bars almost look like they were just installed. Once again we are extremely pleased with JW Home Improvement. This is our sixth time using them, and each job has been great. The staff is very friendly and professional—A+.”
“This is the second time we have had JW Home Improvement come to our house, and both times were excellent. We will definitely call them again—A+.”
“They did a wonderful job re-grouting my tub tile and putting in new bathroom fixtures. When they left everything was totally cleaned up. The crew was polite and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a handyman group.”
“Cesar was on time and didn't seem to slow down once during the entire 8+ hours of work. We are very happy with what he was able to complete for us. He gave us advice about future projects. We will definitely request him the next time we call JW Home Improvement.”
“They're great. They help plan out the work that needs to be done, help plan the budget (because let's be real, usually the list is longer than the budget allows), and stay well within it. And they stand by their work 100 percent.”
“To start off I would like to state that the 'salesman' Sam was fantastic. He was extremely colorful on the phone and very helpful. He became a friend over the phone without ever meeting the guy. The estimator was very experience as well and took his time. Although, he was a bit weird because he kept going into different rooms to look for more work, but he did find more work and it saved us money. The office scheduler named Kelly did a fine job. He was able to get us scheduled in and he was very thorough with our estimate and information. He was detailed and precise and got us the best two-man crew available for a Saturday. The technicians, David and William were impressive and skillful. I would use JW over and over again and again.”
“They came in advance and provided an accurate time estimate and let me know what I could do to minimize costs. On the appointed day and time, the handyman arrived and worked steadily and expeditiously. He did exactly what I had asked him to do without missteps or mistakes. He was careful and cleaned up behind himself. He was also very personable and polite. I would use JW Home Improvement again.”
“Justin is amazing. He's clean, professional, and his work is top notch. We won't work with anyone else.”
“The customer service was phenomenal. They resolved all my concerns and did everything very professionally. Best Service ever.”
“Beautiful job refurbishing half bath with mildew and mold. I was most impressed with the workman putting new screen in the old frames as they are hard to find.”
“JW Home improvement performed several handyman tasks for us. They did a great job on all these tasks and earned an A+. They also renovated our upstairs bathroom, and there were a couple of issues with the renovation. They provided excellent customer service throughout—and I was very pleased with how they dealt with the issues that arose during the bathroom renovation. So despite the issues, I still give them an 'A' overall.”
“In reference to work performed for me, as outstanding. I will attempt to employ them in the future should I need their service.”
“Stayed on task working assiduously. The deck looked new when he finished. With approximately 20+ minutes left on the clock, he decided to power wash algae from the siding of the house.”
“They installed attic ventilation in the attic. They followed my instructions to the best of my belief and did a wonderful job. I haven't been in the attic since because of the heat, and I am a senior. I do believe the ventilation is working well.”
“Overall satisfied with the service provided. Think they could do a better job of screening the people who perform the work. Cleaning up is just as important as the work you do. What is 5-10 minutes to make certain a customer is totally satisfied with the work performed.”
“What most impressed me about JW Home Improvement was their commitment to getting the job right. When the initial fix did not resolve the problem, JW Home Improvement sent out workers (at their own expense) to make sure the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. This is excellent customer service.”
“Very skilled carpentry work. Highly recommend them.”
“I've used JW Home Improvement for several projects at my home during the past five years. I've been satisfied with the work completed. Inside my home, staff have added baseboard trim and replaced a marble threshold, caulked, and widened an entrance to the utility area, including the addition of a sliding door. Outside, the staff installed my house numbers, patched my roof after removing old satellite dishes, and secured downspouts.”
“JW did two jobs for me. First, they finished a basement room for me. They did a great job, started and finished on time, and were very considerate. Second, they stained and sealed my very large deck. The end result is great but there were a few problems along the way—mostly attributable to miscommunication. I think JW has great workers. I had some frustrations with their customer service but ultimately my issues were resolved to my satisfaction.”
“This is the second time we have had JW Home Improvement come to our house and both times were excellent. We will definitely call them again!?”
“They were doing some home improvement stuff—interior and exterior home improvement contractor work. I thought they did high-quality work. I'd give them an A.”
“They did a variety of things for me. They cleaned and sealed the deck, stained it, and also repaired one leg of the deck that had some wood rot in it. They created an access from the main floor of the house into the cellar. They widened a door to the bathroom so that my husband can go through with the wheelchair. They did multiple small things as well, like replacing a showerhead and light bulbs, and some plumbing work. I liked them better than any other home improvement contractor that we've had in years. They seemed extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and really did quality work. I'd give them an A.”
“They were reframing a garage for me, and I liked that the guys worked very hard. They were very intent on making sure that the best work was done, that it wasn't shoddy. They earned an A.”
“JW Home Improvement did handyman work around my condo. They arrived on time and were very efficient with getting stuff done. I'd rate them an A.”
“I'd give them an A because they were great.”
“JW was doing home repair things for me, like screen doors. I liked that they were on time. I found this company through that list of recommended companies—Best Pick Reports, that blue and white book. They're an A.”
“I was a little surprised. They were supposed to bring in two people on the first day, because they had go in through the wall, take out the old microwave, and install the new microwave. Taking out the old one wasn't that bad, but installing that microwave was kind of hard. I thought one person was going to be doing the work and the other person was going to go get the materials. One gentleman created a vent to the outside for my new hood, installed the hood, and then put in additional venting to the outside for two bathrooms. The second gentleman came in another time and had to fix up something that the first person had a hard time finishing off—the microwave reached down the wall behind the stove. I was surprised that two people didn't come, and I don't have my bill for this yet. It's been over a week. They did the work fine—I'm happy with it. I was just cross about two people not coming in. I would give them an A. He had to build the vent up, and they worked hard.”
“They were doing some carpenter work and drywall work. They did a great job, and I'd give them an A.”
“They did the job well, and it got finished. They were staining a deck. They're an A.”
“They fixed rotten wood for me. They did a very thorough job, they were on time, and they got into the problem and totally fixed it. They get an A from me.”
“They were fixing the garage door. He came when he said he was coming, he was quick, and he did a good job. He did a little extra, and he was very nice. It was A work.”
“They were doing some miscellaneous garage work. He replaced some doors and did some inside work. They were very punctual and kept the customer informed. I'll give them an A.”
“I was very pleased. They've come out twice. They put in a bathroom exhaust fan, repaired a ceiling fan, and then I had them replace all the ceiling air conditioner vent plates. They were on time, very pleasant, and very efficient, so I was overall pleased. I'll use them again. They were an A.”
“They were just doing odds and ends for me—a little bit of painting, a little bit of electrical. They did things very nicely, so I'd give them an A.”
“They were doing some handyman work repairing some brickwork in my townhome. The people that they sent out were very professional, and I thought they came up with some good solutions. They were hardworking, and their work was generally good. I'd rate them an A.”
“They did work for me, and they were fine, so I'd use them again. They replaced some rotted wooden trim around a window on the second floor of my house. They showed up when they said they were going to show up. I would grade them an A.”
“They were replacing wood surrounding a window because it had rotted. I particularly liked that they were actually willing to talk with me, as a woman, rather than just saying, 'OK, we'll go do our job, and you go away.' They earned an A.”
“JW Home Improvement did some work for us. They were doing some roof repairs. I liked their punctuality, and I liked how open they were with the estimate. I'd give them an A.”
“JW Home Improvement just recently did work for me, and I had no problem with them. They came out, did the estimate, and then the guy came and did the job. They were installing a storm door up on our second floor bedroom. Everything seemed fine. I'd give them an A.”
“They were fixing our windows. We had some window rot, and they handled it. They were prompt and thorough. They did a really solid job and didn't try to find other stuff. I'd give them an A.”
“They were doing a lot of things for me. They did some drywall repair, put together a desk for me, hung some light fixtures, moved some things for me—a bunch of stuff. They both spoke English, which was really good, so I could communicate with them. They were both courteous and seemed to know what they were doing. They kept me informed, which was also good. I would give them an A-. There are a couple places where they painted the ceilings and didn't cut in the edges, but I'll live.”
“They did a great job, and I was delighted with that they did. They were very courteous. They get an A+.”
“JW Home Improvement realigned our back door, and there was nothing that I disliked. They were on time, very professional, clean, and they were able to save me money by being creative. They get an A, definitely.”
“They did some repairs on our front porch. They did the job in the time they said it would take and for the price they quoted. It seemed to be professionally done. I'd give them an A.”
“The quality of service from JW Home Improvement was absolutely top-notch and incredibly good. They did general repairs and upgrades on a historical 1940s house with lots of nonstandard hardware. They fixed the front door, replaced light fixtures and electrical outlets, did a tiny bit of plasterwork, and then painted. I liked their meticulous work. It was very high quality, and they were a really good team. They're absolutely an A.”
“JW Home Improvement was absolutely phenomenal. They repaired a couple holes in the wall, some plaster, and a couple doors. They did quite a bit of work, and they did such a great job. They're perfect in how they schedule their appointments, and the team was highly professional. I would give them an A.”
“They were wonderful handymen. They were efficient and did the repairs perfectly, and we were very happy. They get an A.”
“They worked on some gutters for us. We're very happy. They saved our basement from flooding and saved us a ton of worry, heartache, and a lot of money. It's the best it's been in probably two or three years. I'd give them an A+.”
“The gentleman that he had come in to do the work was professional and knew what he was doing. He had expertise in the odd jobs that he was doing around the house as well as painting. They were excellent. We want them back again. I'd rate them an A+. They were excellent—they really were.”