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PremierGarage, featuring Tailored Living, specializes in garage floor coating services. We utilize hybrid polymer coatings in a wide variety of styles as well as interlocking floor tiles. We also offer garage and interior home organizing solutions, and our designers provide complimentary in-home consultations, which include 3-D designs of the client's space.

About South Florida Garage Floor Coating Companies

Why coat your garage floor? For starters, it will keep your garage floor looking nice. It will also help prevent cracks, pitting, and stains in addition to providing you with a virtually maintenance-free garage floor. 

There are several different types of garage floor coating materials, including epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea coatings. Each type of coating offers something different, so contact a certified installer to ensure you choose the coating that works best for you.

Epoxy coatings provide a glossy finish and deter abrasions, water, road salts, oil, automotive fluids, and many chemicals. Over time, epoxy can become discolored due to exposure to sunlight. If you’re interested in the same features as epoxy as well as extra durability and UV protection, a polyurethane coating might be a better choice. Available in glossy, matte, and semimatte finishes, polyurethane is more expensive than epoxy but offers extra protection and additional finish options. Installers can apply polyurea coatings in very hot or cold temperatures, and they require less cure time before use.

Before application, coating installers resurface your garage floor, repair any cracks or pitting, and apply a moisture-blocking primer or sealer. It is for these reasons that the use of a professional installer like a local Best Pick is highly recommended.