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Our team provides comprehensive garage door solutions, and we take great pride in establishing strong relationships with our clients and customers as we work to protect their homes and loved ones as well as improve their curb appeal. We seek to provide high-quality customer service and to maintain the utmost reliability.

AAA Garage Door Inc. is a garage door installation and repair company that sells, services, repairs, and installs residential and commercial garage doors and openers.

About South Florida Garage Door Companies

Whether your garage is used for storage or parking your car, you need easy access through a functioning garage door. If you have any of the following issues, it might be time to call on a garage door professional: damaged or broken springs; missing or broken cables; grinding or unusual noises when opening or closing; an unbalanced door; and a broken opener. 

Replacing damaged or broken springs is an extremely dangerous job that should be done by a professional. Springs support the weight of the door, and a professional can ensure that the weight of the door is evenly distributed. If your garage door is missing safety cables, call a professional today. In the case of spring failure, safety cables prevent damage and injury.

Grinding or unusual noises when opening or closing your garage door may indicate the presence of an issue with your garage door mechanism. Seek a professional diagnosis unless the problem is obvious. An unbalanced garage door might fall or close by itself when opened, not touch the ground when closed, or look uneven. While an unbalanced garage door may continue to work, it will wear unevenly. If you’re having issues with your garage door opener, ensure that the opener is plugged into its outlet. Check the outlet and circuit breaker before calling a professional. For more information, contact a Best Pick.