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"Affordable Door provides service you can trust, guaranteed. We stand behind all of our work, and we do a great job. Our employees are professional and provide prompt, honest, and affordable service."

Jason Fields | Founder
Company Information
Services Offered
Affordable Door offers garage door and opener replacement and repair; spring and cable repair; panel replacement; maintenance; tune-ups; and framing, trim, and entry door replacement.
The company offers lifetime guarantees on most garage doors and garage door openers. Affordable Door also warrants all repair services.
Company History
The company was founded in 2007 and is locally owned and operated.
Affordable Door is a Clopay Master Authorized Dealer, a LiftMaster dealer, and an International Door Association member.
Employee Information
Employees drive marked vehicles and wear company uniforms.
Additional Information
Affordable Door carries Clopay, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, and LiftMaster products; has a 24-hour call center; and offers free estimates, same-day repairs, and next-day replacements.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 172 homeowner reviews:
“We had two garage doors replaced. We had a great experience with it, and we're very happy. Affordable Door was very responsive, and they knew exactly what they were doing. They took care of everything very quickly, and they left everything better than they found it. I would rate them as an A+.”
“They installed a new garage door. They did good work. The people were courteous. They gave us good options, and they explained everything. We were satisfied, and it was generally a good experience. I would give them an A+.”
“It was a great experience. They were very prompt and efficient. We had a garage door removed and a new one installed. They earned an A grade.”
“They replaced the garage door, and it's been great. Everybody I talked to was friendly. They deserve an A.”
“No issues with it. They did some maintenance on the old door. They deserve an A+.”
“We were very happy with it. It was a new door, track, and motor. A+, we were happy.”
“It was fine. If there was a problem, we would have gotten in touch. It was positive, so I guess it'd have to be A+. The door works.”
“They were on time, worked very quickly, and their work was done very well. They installed two garage doors and two garage door openers. I think they deserve an A.”
“They switched out the garage door because we got a new one. They deserve an A. No issues. Everything was fine.”
“They did garage doors twice. They were quick and we're renters, we dealt with them. They get an A from me. No issues.”
“They were very punctual. They did a very good job and they were efficient. They installed a new garage opening system, rails, and all of the electrical. I'd give them an A.”
“I mean they did some door repair for me and did it very quickly. They replaced the motor for the garage door opener and it went very well. I'll give them an A rating. No issues. Everything went as expected. If anybody asked me, I'd definitely refer them to Affordable Door.”
“The work they did went fine. I would give them an A for excellent.”
“Everything turned out fine. We put a garage door in each house. They're very responsive. I had one minor problem, and they came to checked it out. They actually said it was my opener, which is not exactly high quality—it was expected that I would have to get a new one sometime within a couple of years. Other than that, everything has been fine. They do a lot of work. I would give them an A.”
“We just had maintenance work done on our garage door. They were fine. They did the job, and everything is working fine. I would rate them as an A. I got them from Best Pick Reports.”
“They were quick, and they're good. They're an A—I have no complaints.”
“They put the garage door on. They were on time, and they did the work properly. They're very courteous and very informative. Instead of one spring, they suggested two springs—in the future, if one were to break, I would still be able to open up the door again. I would give them an A rating.”
“They did a great job. I was very happy with them. They were polite and conscientious.”
“Affordable Door did a good job. They realigned the door, put the new cables on, and suggested I put some new rollers on my door because it was making a lot of noise. It's working perfectly. I would rate them as an A.”
“We loved working with Affordable Door, and we thought they did a great job. We'd give them an A. We needed to have the garage door opener installed because it was so heavy that my wife couldn't open and close it.”
“Affordable Door was very good and very professional. They efficiently replaced two garage doors, and I'd give them an A.”
“They were very good. I liked the quality of the guy who was working and the way he did the job. They earned an A grade.”
“They put in a garage door opener, and I would give them an A.”
“Affordable Door did work for me. I was very pleased, and I love my garage door—it has windows in it. I would recommend the company, and I would give them an A.”
“The door is working fine. I would give Affordable Door an A rating.”
“They replaced the motor. They came on time and fixed it, and when the sensor broke the next day, they were right out there immediately to fix it again. Everything was good. They get an A.”
“They repaired the spring on the garage door. I chose Affordable Door because some of the other companies didn't even respond, but they did. I would give them an A.”
“Affordable Door did a great job. I don't have any complaints.”
“Affordable Door did work for me. They came and did the job correctly, so I am happy.”
“Affordable Door was great.”
“They did my garage door. I am very happy. I would recommend the company to anyone.”
“They did a nice job installing the garage door. We currently have renters in the house, and they haven't had any issues with the garage, so all is good. They were very prompt, they showed up when they said they were going to, and they did a very good job. I would absolutely recommend them. I'd give the company an A grade.”
“Affordable Door did some work for my garage door. The guys were really together and very quick. I think I picked them because they were local. I would recommend them, and I would rate them as an A.”
“They worked on my garage; I had the door, and they installed it. They did nice work. They were good workers, and it was nice working with them. They worked on schedule. I would recommend them. I would say they get an A.”
“My husband totally derailed the door, and Affordable Door fixed it. The gentleman was on time, he did all the work great, and he stayed to make sure everything was working correctly. He was very informative and courteous.”
“Affordable Door was very prompt in responding to my call. They fixed the door straight away. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”
“Affordable Door installed garage doors for me, and their work was very good. I liked everything they did. They were easy to deal with—they came and got the job done on time, and they cleaned up. They deserve an A.”
“They were quick to respond to our call, and they were very helpful. They were very nice, and I'd recommend them.”
“I just want to take a moment to thank them for the great job they did. It was a great experience, and they did a great job with the door. They paid attention to detail, and their customer service was top-notch—I was really impressed. I was a little bit hesitant in the beginning, but they definitely boosted my confidence. They fixed the garage door on one of my houses; they changed the entire door. The door is in great condition now. It's perfect—no issues. It looks great. I would give them an A+. If there was any higher, I would give them higher too—A++. They definitely did an A+ job. They definitely did a great job, and they deserve more opportunity for business. They may not be a big company, but they definitely did a great job.”
“Affordable Door did an excellent job. They replaced the door, and I haven't had any more problems. They did a really great job. I'd give them an A+.”
“Affordable Door came out, and they installed a whole garage door. The door works, the door was what they promised, and I don't have any problems. I liked that it was a little bit quieter after they installed it. This was my first time using Affordable Door, and if I had to do it over again, I would still use them. I would rate them an A+.”
“I liked Affordable Door's reliability and the fact that they came in after closing hours, and they were rather prompt about it. Some neighbors of ours recommended them. The technician that came out was very friendly. They did the door spring assembly, and they had everything they needed on the premises. I would give Affordable Door an A+ grade.”
“They fixed our garage door. The quality of the work was very good, and the service guy was very good also. I didn't see a mess, so the cleanup must have been good. The door was definitely quieter after they finished their work. They met our expectations. That was our second time using the company. We used them a few years ago, and they did good work then, so we brought them back. They get an A+.”
“Affordable Door did work for me over a year ago. We were happy with it. They repaired my garage door, and the quality of the work is fine. That was our first occasion using the company, and we did not have any difficulties with them. I would give them an A+—no doubt.”
“They were great. They were quick, and they were professional. I called them because the garage door fell. The technician treated me very nicely. They were nice and professional. They're an A+.”
“They were good. They were really nice, they explained everything they had to do to fix it, and they did exactly what they told me. The garage door was stuck, basically. The spring was the problem. The technician was good. They did all the cleanup, so I didn't have to do anything except pay them. I'd give them an A+—no issue whatsoever.”
“It was all fine. They fixed all the levers that brought the door up. I haven't had any issues since then. They'd be an A+.”
“The employees that came were very courteous, and the service was as we expected. They fixed my garage door. I'd grade them an A+.”
“They've done some work for us over the last year. It was very good and very quick. They came on the weekend when we called the night before, and the problem was resolved very quickly. Our springs were broken. That was our first time using them, and I would use them again. The technicians were respectful of our home and surroundings, and we got a warranty. I'd say they're an A+ because it was an emergency call, and they responded very quickly.”
“They did what they said they were going to do, and they were on time. The work was completed, and the door works. The main spring broke, and they had everything that they needed on the truck. The customer service was good. I'd rate them an A+.”
“Affordable Door did a good job. They replaced the whole door, and they did it in a timely manner—no problem. I would give them an A grade.”
“The last time I had their service was about a year ago or so. They put in new garage doors for me, and they're holding up very good. Everything had to be custom ordered, but everything came in on time, the technician came out, and he stayed until it was all done. And if we ever have a problem, we know we can call them. We had them out for a service call; they came out to relubricate the tracks for the doors, and that was it. They cleaned up after themselves. I would use Affordable Door again. They're an A.”
“They repaired the garage door springs. They had everything right there, and the technician was courteous. I'd give them an A.”
“I actually had to have a follow-up visit, and they did everything they could to get it fixed. It was something to do with my garage door. This was my first time using Affordable Door, and they completed the job in a timely manner. They were an A.”
“They came over quick. It was my first time using them, and I would use them again in the future. I'd rate them an A.”
“Fairfax County puts out a preferred contractor list called the Best Pick Reports Quality Home Services Guide, and I chose them based upon their ratings. I felt he did a good job of making sure I understood about the glass in the top panel and also the cautions of me not messing with the adjustments of the tension spring. The guy next door almost had his nose taken off because he was trying to adjust the tension spring, and it flew back on him. I'd give them an A grade.”
“The technician was friendly and helpful. He had everything in the truck to do the repair. They responded quickly to my initial call; I think they came the next day. Since they've been out to do the repair, everything has been fine. I'd grade them an A.”
“Affordable Door was very technically proficient. It was a repair. I think they responded quickly when I initially called for the repair. Based on my experience, this is probably a company I would contact in the future. There is nothing I recall they could do differently to give me a better experience. I would give them an A.”
“The technician that came out worked expeditiously. He was neat and friendly, and he seemed to be quite knowledgeable. The customer service in the front office was fine. I got a new garage door opener. It's working fine—there were no problems. Affordable Door was an A. I would recommend them to other homeowners.”
“They replaced the door. Their attention to detail was adequate. I would grade them an A-.”
“They were responsive, and I didn't have to wait. They came pretty much within a day of me calling them and were able to perform the repair fairly quickly. It was something to do with the spring. There was an issue, and they came back immediately the next day and fixed the keypad. They get an A.”
“Affordable Door came on time, the price was what they quoted, and they fixed the door. The work was finished pretty quick. The workers were very respectful and very professional. I would use them again in the future if needed. We chose Affordable Door because we had a broken spring in the garage. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“Everything with Affordable Door was fine. They replaced our garage door. I would use the company again. I thought the workers were fine. They did the work, and it was fine. I'd recommend them.”

Affordable Door repaired my garage door, and the quality of their work was simply great—A+ all the way. They're very thorough. I've used them on numerous occasions over the past ten years. They use the best product and stand behind it, and when they say they're going to be here, they are.

Affordable Door has been great. We really like them. They installed a new maintenance-free system for our garage door. You can expect the very best from this company. We've told a lot of people about them. I'd grade them an A+.

Affordable Door was able to schedule an appointment quickly. One of our garage door openers had stopped working entirely, but they were able to diagnose the issue. They gave me several alternatives for fixing the problem, and it ended up being done very well. I'd give Affordable Door an A+.

I had some garage door work done. Affordable Door was very good. I have a cranky door, and they fixed it. I was afraid they were going to have me change the whole door, but they suggested I didn't, and they just fixed it.

I used Affordable Door. I got a whole new garage door. They did an excellent job. I would call them for repairs.

We recently had new garage door openers put in by Affordable Door, and they were very good.

I ended up having to replace a part for the garage door. Everything is holding up exceptionally well. The workers seemed professional. Communication was pretty easy. They were pretty quick to get here and do the job, and I appreciated it. They were knowledgeable, fast, and honest. I would give them an A.

I got my estimate, and they stuck to the estimate. The workers were great. I would say the time frame for the job was maybe 45 minutes. It's all good. I would use this company again. I'd give them an A.

Affordable Door installed a new garage door for me. They were nice guys. They're very friendly, and any questions I had, they explained the answers to me. They were very helpful. If I had to do it again, I would definitely use them again, or if I knew someone else who was in need of the same type of repair, I definitely would recommend them. Everything is OK so far.

They just repaired my garage door. They were good, and it's still working fine. They responded in a reasonable amount of time. The worker was good—very personable. I would give them an A because they were quick in fixing the door.

Affordable Door was professional, and they did the job in a timely way. Everything seemed to be in place for the replacement. I would use them again if I had an occasion to need that type of work. I would recommend them, and I would give them an A.

The two men that came out did a professional job, and they did it quickly. The recommendations they made were correct with regard to what needed to be done. They replaced the springs in the door and the rollers on the side that make the door go up and down, and they lubricated the track. I'd grade them an A.

It went very smoothly. They replaced the door. Everything's holding up great. The workers were fine. I'd give them an A. Give them a shot. I'd use them again in the future.

Affordable Door was good. They fixed a garage door that was broken, and they got it done fairly quickly. I was surprised. It's still working—so far, so good. Nothing stands out about the technicians that did the work—they were just good and pleasant. I'd give them an A. I would say if somebody's looking for a solution to a garage door problem, to use them.

I thought they were a pretty decent company. I didn't have any problems. They replaced the garage door and some other parts. The workers did a good job—they were good guys. Everything was good.

Affordable Door knew what they were doing. They were professional, and we've had no complaints. They did mostly installation and repair for us. They did good, quality work. The workers are friendly and courteous. I'd tell a friend or relative that this is a good company to go with. I'd give them an A.

I had the garage door worked on over six months ago. They came when they said they would come. They did the work that needed to be done. That was it. I was satisfied with the work. I would recommend them. I'd give them an A.

We got a new door. Everything is holding up. It was fine. This is a company that I can use again. I'd grade them an A+.

Affordable Door did some work for us in the past. It was a straightforward transaction. I had a problem with my garage door, so they came out and offered to replace it. They had everything ready on the spot, and they got in to do what needed to be done, and they did it. It was just the way you would think it should be done, but sometimes that's hard to come by. They replaced a garage door opener motor and track. The time frame for the work was good—it was done in an hour. In the future, I would use their services again. If there's a problem, I would use them, and I would recommend them. I'll go with an A+.

They did a great job. We were really happy with them. They installed a garage door a couple of months ago. Everything has held up good. I felt the worker who came out was very nice. I thought the work was finished very quickly. They also installed some pulley wheels for the new cables, and they did a good job with that too. I would use their services again. I would recommend this company and give them an A+.

They looked like they knew their craft. They looked at my system, and they were able to align it nicely. It seemed like a complex problem to me, but for them, it looked like they knew exactly what the problem was and what recommendations to make. They did it really quick, and they were nice, so overall, I was very happy with them. I would use their services again because I tried other companies, and they all tried to make it seem more complex than it was. Some of them tried to make more money out of it, but Affordable Door kept it simple, and I was really happy. If anybody has the same issue, like my neighbors, I would definitely recommend them. I give them an A+.

They were reliable, came on time, and did exactly what I asked them to do. They did garage door service. They did good, quality work. They were very nice workers. They do a good job, and I would give them an A+.

My experience with Affordable Door was outstanding, and I'd use them again. They repaired both of my garage doors. The quality of the work was outstanding, and I'd refer them to friends and neighbors. They responded in a reasonable amount of time. It's an A+.

They were very good. They fixed two of the garage doors. The quality was good, and the technicians were very good. They finished the job in a reasonable amount of time. Very quick. They did an excellent job, no question. I can say A+. I would use this company again and recommend them.

One company I think is really good is Affordable Door. They repaired the door. They did a good job, and they were on time and responded really quickly.

They were on time, explained the work, and finished on time. They reinstalled my garage door. Everything is holding up pretty good. I had no communication problems with the company. I give them an A. I would recommend Affordable Door.

It was all very good. The person who scheduled it called me back quickly, and I got the work I needed done. The workmen showed up, and I thought they were very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional, and they had the job done in maybe 15 minutes. They were very quick and very efficient, and I was really impressed. They installed a new exterior keypad, and they replaced the rollers on both sides of the garage door. The quality of work was top-notch—very good. I'd give them an A. I definitely will use them again, and I will recommend them to my friends.

Everything was great, and everything was done correctly. I needed a replacement. It was done this past year, like three months ago. The job was done nicely, and everything works. I'd use them again, and I'd give them an A.

Everything turned out fine. I just bought this house, and it's been less than a month since the work was done. I got two garage doors. The customer service was fine. I'll probably call them back again if I ever have any problems with the doors. The technician did a very good job. He adjusted the sensors so that the doors would close. So far, so good. I would go ahead and recommend them to my neighbors or coworkers. They're an A.

They just replaced my garage door. The workers who came out were fine. They did a good job. They came out to replace the spring and then found out something was wrong with the door. They had to come back and replace the door, but that was not unusual. The cleanup was good. There's nothing else that stood out from the work they did for me. I would use their services again. I sure would recommend this company. You can give them an A.

They did a decent-sized job for my three-car garage. I felt the quality of the work they did was good. I would continue to use the company. I would give an A for them.

They had to replace a broken spring and the rollers to close the garage. I think the quality of the work was fine. I think A- would be their grade.

Actually, they were really very helpful for us. We called them, and they came and did all the work. They repaired a part, and we were very happy with that. I would use them again. I'll give them an A+.

It was OK. The garage door is holding up. The quality of work was OK. I would recommend this company.

I had them out for an estimate. They do everything, and then they go out and do it. The first time they came with the technician—they came in, and they installed it. I had to call them back to redo it because they did not do it correctly. I believe that the owner came over, and he said it was incorrect, and he fixed it. From that point, it's been very good. Everything is very satisfying—excellent. I would absolutely use this company again. I already told a couple friends about them.

We had a great technician come out to the house and get the work done immediately. It was fantastic. Their customer service was outstanding. I found Affordable Door in the Best Picks. I chose them because they definitely seemed to be able to get here the fastest to get the work done. A+ is perfect for them.

They replaced the garage door opener and the rollers on the side. I felt the quality of the work was good. I thought the service overall was good. I'd give them an A+. I would tell others to go ahead and use them.