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Alpha Foundations provides structural foundation repair and crawl space repair and encapsulation.

About South Florida Foundation Repair Companies

Don’t wait until something serious happens to take care of your foundation. Early signs of foundation problems are often subtle, so be sure to pay attention to changes outside and inside your home, including cracked or bowing walls; windows that stick; doors that open and shut by themselves; and visibly sinking foundations.

Extremely wet or dry weather is the cause of most foundation-settlement issues. Regions with expansive clay soils are especially vulnerable to foundation problems; wet weather causes clay soils to expand, and dry weather causes clay soils to shrink, leading to cracks in the foundation. Homes with poorly prepared soil bases, slab foundations, and varying soil types may also suffer settlement issues.

Before calling a foundation repair professional, have the following information ready: the age of your house, when you noticed any cracks, if the cracks have gotten larger, and information on any water issues. Foundations must be inspected in person, so don’t expect a diagnosis over the phone.

There’s not any one recommended type of foundation repair, because solutions are designed to address your home’s specific foundation issues. To minimize your risk of settlement issues, install and maintain gutters to prevent flowing water near your foundation, and consider your soil type before making any landscaping changes that might steer water too close to your home. To prevent recurring issues and better maintain your foundation, consider installing a drainage system, since the majority of foundation problems are caused by moisture. For more information, contact a Best Pick below.