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"We care about our customers. At Emperial Hardwood Floors, we have a great deal of pride in the work that we do. Our goal is to make every customer happy so that they refer us to their friends. That's how we built the business."

Ricky Core | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Emperial Hardwood Floors specializes in refinishing hardwood floors, installing both prefinished and site-finished flooring, and installing step treads and wrought iron balusters.
Services Not Offered
The company does not perform repair-only jobs.
Emperial provides a one-year warranty on workmanship.
Company History
Emperial is a family business that has been owned and operated in the North Atlanta area by the husband-and-wife team of Ricky and Lori Core since 1979.
Additional Information
According to the company, Emperial uses a 90 percent dust-free system. The company hangs plastic in room openings, over cabinets, and in other open areas. Emperial offers Bona Traffic HD water-based urethane and Craftsman's Choice oil-based polyurethane.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta
A selection of 219 homeowner reviews:
“It was absolutely excellent. Emperial Hardwood Floors has actually done two or three different projects for us, and they've done a great job each time. I've enjoyed working with them, and it's been very professional.”
“I thought they did a fantastic job. They were thorough, and everything that he told me was going to happen happened. They redid the whole downstairs hardwood floors and added hardwood floor in an office. He told me when he was coming, how long he would be, and what to expect. I would give them an A+.”
“I've used Emperial a couple of times. I had a three-story home with existing hardwood on the main floor. They put hardwood floors on the top floor, and it matched perfectly. The technicians are very clean and very thorough, and they did a really good job. I would grade them as an A+.”
“It's the second time that I've used them. Overall, everything was excellent with no complaints.”
“Ricky was unbelievable, and I would recommend them to anyone. We had them install hardwood floors on one floor and refinish the other. They worked on a very strict time line that most contractors weren't able to meet—a three-day window. The movers were about to show up, so they had to get it done in three days, and they did. We wouldn't have been able to move into our house when we did. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They basically added hardwood in an office that used to be carpet. They tore up the carpet, took out the furniture, put in the new hardwood, finished it by staining it and sealing it with polyurethane, and that was it. He did everything that he said he would do, and he showed up on time. They were clean, and they tried to put a couple of different color samples. They were matching other floors in our home. They did what they said, and it cost what they said. It was exactly what I wanted. I would grade Emperial as an A+.”
“The subflooring was thin and weak, so they reinforced it with plywood. Emperial is just really easy to work with, and they do good work. I would rate them as an A.”
“They refinished our hardwood floor. They got the job done when they said they were going to, and they got us in quickly—we didn't have to wait. I would give them an A rating.”
“They refinished and put in new hardwood floors. He's done work for us several times and does a great job. We had no issues at all.”
“Emperial stripped, refinished, and sanded our hardwood floors. I thought they were courteous and responsive, and they completed the job on time. They were reliable. They were an A.”
“Their work was good with no complaints—A+.”
“They refinished our hardwood. It was good quality, and they were done on time. It was A-quality work.”
“I had a very positive experience. They put in a hardwood floor in our master bedroom. They were very professional. There was a little hiccup in the beginning, but the owner apologized profusely, and everything went fine after that. They deserve an A.”
“Emperial refinished my preexisting hardwood floors on two levels. It was quite a lot of square footage. They're very professional, and they cleaned up after themselves. The results were very nice. I would grade them as an A.”
“I had them do my hardwood floors. They were efficient and thorough. I would give them an A.”
“I went with Emperial Hardwood. I love them. The owner was great, and overall, I was very satisfied. He really worked with me and listened to what I wanted every step of the way. They paid a lot of attention to details, and I can't say enough good things about them. I would grade them as an A+.”
“I used Emperial, and it was fantastic. They refinished all my existing hardwood floors and added new floors in one room and a couple of other areas. They also brought in stair people and totally rebuilt two staircases. They did a lot. They were definitely an A-grade company.”
“It was outstanding. We had them refinish all the floors on two levels. The house was empty because we were just getting ready to move into it. I was also out of state at the time, so I dealt remotely with the owner. He was very responsive. The quality of the work was outstanding. They're an A to me.”
“Emperial Hardwood did a good job. The color exactly matched our existing hardwood floors. They had a nice cleanup service—they hauled everything off. It was perfect, and somebody came out later to check and make sure it was fine. We had already changed out our whole house to hardwood floors with the exception of this one room, so they had to come in, measure, pull up the existing carpet, and then try to match the hardwood floor. We had existing hardwood floors, but the stain wasn't on them, so they had to match the stain on the new part to the stain on the old part. They refinished and stained them. I'd give them an A. The other thing I liked about them and the reason why we used Emperial is because fours year ago, I called about small knots in the floor. The people who'd done all the rest of our hardwood floors have gone out of business, and I had a small knot that sort of deteriorated and left this hole. I said, 'Will you guys come out and repair it?' And she said, 'No, no, no. Here's what I suggest that you do. I would just get a little bit of wood putty, sort of smooth it down, and take a little marker to go over it.' I liked what she said because she didn't say, 'Yes, we can come out there and fix it for you.' She was very sensible in terms of my budget and said it was just a tiny little thing with a small fix. I liked that.”
“They put hardwood floors throughout the first floor. They did a fantastic job, and they were very hardworking. They worked from the second they walked in the door until the minute they walked out. I'd give them an A.”
“I went with Emperial Hardwood Floors, and they were great. They replaced hardwood in one area and installed hardwood throughout. One room had old hardwood, so they had to remove it. Then, they installed new hardwood there and in an additional space. I'd give them an A.”
“When we moved in, we had to have some hardwoods installed in the bedrooms downstairs and on the stairs going upstairs. It was Emperial who did the work; I remember Ricky. They get an A.”
“Emperial Hardwood Floors did a second job for me two weeks ago. They removed carpeting and installed hardwood flooring. They did a great job. They were efficient, quick, and clean, and they moved all the furniture in and back out. The owner was a very nice the gentleman, and the work was great. I would recommend them, and I'd definitely give them an A.”
“This is the second time I used them. The job was quite a while ago now, but it was very good. They refinished our floors upstairs. They get an A grade from me.”
“They completed the work and did a good job. They sanded the hardwood floors. I'd give them an A.”
“It was a good experience. Emperial did a good job. They were really prompt, really courteous, and really professional. They replaced a kitchen floor, removed carpeting, and installed new hardwood floors in another room. They're an A.”
“Emperial Hardwood did a fine job. They were the people we got our pine floors from last November. An A grade is what I would give them.”
“They did a great job putting my floors in. I had no problems, and they stuck to their schedule. They were recommended to me by another contractor. They replaced some hardwood boards and refinished and stained the entire second level of my house. I'd give them an A.”
“They refinished some wood floors in our upstairs. They pretty much did what they said they were going to do, and I'm satisfied with the work. They earned an A grade.”
“They were professional, and they did the job right. They refinished our floors and stairs. They get an A. They did a good job.”
“Emperial Hardwood did a thorough job. They followed up with us and gave us a lot of choices to look at. They just did a great job—I'm very positive about them. We redid our kitchen, and we had the lighter colored wood floors. Emperial installed wood flooring in the living room, which used to be carpet, and restained the whole downstairs. It matches, and you can't tell. There's no difference—no seam, nothing. Everything looks the same. It looks like it's been there forever. They came up with a color that worked really well with the new cabinets. They were very good. It's a grade-A job.”
“I would give Emperial Hardwood Floors an A grade.”
“They were really good; they were good folks. They were pleasant to work with, and they kept everything clean. It just worked out really well. They put in floors. I'd give them an A because I think they did a really good job.”
“They put in hardwood floors, and they did the job efficiently. The work Emperial Hardwood has done is an A.”
“I had an overall positive experience with Emperial Hardwood Floors. They installed some new wood flooring and then refinished everything—the old and the new. There weren't any problems. They were on time and did good work, and the price was what they told me it would be. I would give Emperial an A grade.”
“Emperial Hardwood Floors did a marvelous job. They refinished my hardwood floors and corrected an area that we did not even know about until they pulled up the carpet. You can't tell it was ever wrong. They were professional and on time. They were just excellent all the way. They definitely get four A+'s.”
“It was just a phenomenal experience. They did my hardwood floors in the entire downstairs, and they were excellent. I liked the customer service; they were personable, they understood my needs, and they delivered. I'd rate them as an A.”
“I thought Emperial was awesome. I had a water leak in my kitchen, and they pulled out a section and replaced it. It was not easy, and I couldn't get anybody else to take the job. When people walk in my kitchen, they can't even tell where they repaired it. I'd give them the best grade I can possibly give them.”
“They refinished the floors, both upstairs and downstairs, on two different visits. They gave us good customer service. I would like to give them an A+—they were probably the best contractor we've had.”
“They refinished our hardwood floors, and it was great. They were trustworthy—they did it while we were on vacation. Everything was perfect. I would rate them as an A+ company.”
“I'd give Emperial Hardwood Floors the best grade—A+.”
“They've done a couple jobs for me. They do excellent work. They do what they say they are going to do; they show up on time and stick to the prices they quote. They should get an A+.”
“They refinished my stairs and all the hardwood in all the hallways upstairs. I had used the company years ago. I would like to give them an A+.”
“They refinished the hardwood floors in my house. After that, they put down three coats of polyurethane for me. Everything was good. My wife did some research on different companies, and we felt like the gentleman who owns Emperial was the most knowledgeable. We trusted him more than the other owners, and he seemed like he cared. I'd give them an A+ because I was very pleased with them.”
“Emperial made the floors look good. They worked around my schedule and made decisions so that I didn't have to. It was good customer service. I found out about them through a friend's referral. I would grade them as an A+.”
“They did a rental house for me; I had them come and refinish the floors throughout the whole house. They were very nice, very neat, and very clean, and they gave great customer service. A painter that I'd used referred them to me. I'd give them an A+.”
“They've done two jobs over the years. Most recently, there was a leak in the house, and the floors had to be restored and restained. They came in and did a very proficient, professional job. They were very timely when they responded, and the work was very good quality. We didn't have any real issues; they did as we expected. We contacted them several years ago to remove some carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring, and that went very well. We were very pleased with them, so when we had another mini project, we pursued only them. I think we found them in the Best Pick Reports book. I would give them an A.”
“Emperial redid the floors in my entire house, and they were great. They were in and out, and they were very professional about it. I would totally grade them as an A.”
“We had a great experience with Emperial Hardwood Floors. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They were great; they did what we asked them to do. They explained the situation, and they even mixed the colors, sanded it down, and showed us what it would actually look like on our floors. They finished on time. My realtor told me about the company. They deserve an A.”