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Mr. Rooter Plumbing makes it simple for you to choose us. By remaining experts in our field and providing exceptional customer service, we deliver unmatched quality in a friendly, courteous manner. Customers from all over North America agree that Mr. Rooter Plumbing provides plumbing services they trust. Just ask the thousands we've served since 1970.

About Metro-Dover Drain/Sewer Cleaning & Repair

A clogged drain or sewer is not something any homeowner wants to encounter, but because plumbing works through gravity, these problems are not uncommon. Some minor drain clogs can be addressed by the homeowner, but persistent clogs or obstructions that exist further down the pipes should be handled by a licensed plumber. In these more severe cases, unblocking drains may require the use of special tools such as augers, drain rods, or a water jet.

Problems with sewer lines are most often caused by the soil surrounding the pipe shifting or tree roots growing into the pipe and obstructing the flow of water and waste. In most cases, a sewer inspection must be performed to assess the extent of the damage. A plumber will use a long, snaking camera to inspect the length of the pipe and determine the best course of action for repair. Some drain and sewer specialists offer trenchless sewer repair, which involves replacing the sewer pipe without digging up the yard. For more information, contact a Best Pick drain and sewer specialist.