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Since 1973, Fiber Clean has been perfecting the art of restoring carpet and upholstery to their original appearance. Our Fibertizing process removes more soil and stains. It includes our protective coating, which keeps fabrics cleaner for longer; it's more than superior quality. Our guarantee is simple: complete satisfaction.

Fiber Clean of New England specializes in cleaning carpets, area rugs, Oriental rugs, and upholstery as well as tile, grout, leather furniture, hardwoods, draperies, and mattresses.

About Boston Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Companies

Is a dirty carpet spoiling your satisfaction with your home? Are you thinking you may have to reupholster a badly stained sofa or just chuck it altogether? Don’t write off either one yet—through interviews with thousands of Boston homeowners, EBSCO Research found the carpet and upholstery cleaning pros in Boston that can make your floors and furniture look virtually new again.

Not only will cleaning improve the look and feel of your floors and fabrics, but it can prolong their life as well. The fibers of regularly cleaned carpet and upholstery are protected from the damage inflicted when dirt and grime are repeatedly ground into them. However, while vacuuming is a necessary and important part of fiber maintenance, it can only clean the upper layer of your carpet. A deep cleaning by a professional will remove the particles and allergens that vacuums can leave behind. Experts advise having your carpets deep-cleaned at least once every year and a half, preferably every 12 months. However, if your floors see heavy traffic, or you have pets, you may want to have the carpet cleaned more often.

Upholstered furniture can be overlooked when it comes to professional cleaning, but your favorite couch or chair will retain its usability much longer with good-quality maintenance. Along with regular vacuuming, it is also essential to clean any spots as soon as they occur—and that goes for carpets, too. Experts say that the longer you wait to clean a stain, the more difficult it can be to restore the area to its original color and texture. In order to aid the fabric’s resilience, it’s important to have your furniture cleaned by a certified technician every one to two years or whenever a severe stain occurs.

When it comes to choosing a company, remember to be careful of carpet cleaners promising deals that seem too good to be true. For one thing, it’s often the case that their “deal” is a ploy to pressure you into buying a lot of additional services. What’s more, a company offering extremely cheap services may be keeping costs low by not employing trained professionals, meaning the people sent to your home could damage your carpet and furniture while attempting to clean them or do no real cleaning at all.

By going with an EBSCO Research Best Pick™, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that the reputation of your carpet and upholstery cleaning company has been fully researched, with its excellence verified through interviews with actual customers. We at EBSCO Research called thousands of Boston homeowners with a simple goal—to determine which home service companies were the best in the area. So, when you use a Boston Best Pick™ carpet and upholstery cleaner that we list, you can be confident you’re making a solid choice based on objective research and the real recommendations of your community.