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James Graves | Owner
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James L. Graves Construction specializes in kitchen, bath, basement, and all-home renovations.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
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James L. Graves Construction has been remodeling for Maryland customers for over 40 years.
The company is a member of the Maryland Building Industry Association and the National Association of Home Builders.
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The company offers green products.
MHIC #127872
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Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park

“They remodeled my bathroom. They did a great job. They were very attentive and got the job done quickly. I was very impressed with them. As a matter of fact, I got them out of the Best Pick Reports book. I would grade them an A in everything. I would highly recommend them and might use them again.”

“Everything that they did was just phenomenal. From their service to their workmanship, to adhering to the quote that we had, they were just a great contractor to work with. They rehabbed my master bath. I would grade them an A+ for sure all the way through.”

“I just liked Jim's patience, and his attention to detail is outstanding. Recently they did what I call mini remodel in two bathrooms—plumbing repair and drywall. You can't even tell where they did it; it looks amazing. I would grade them an A+. I have recommended them already—I think I have a friend that is getting her bathroom done already.”

“They did a great job. The quality of the workmanship was excellent. They just did a great job with finishing. Actually, all of the sub-contractors that Jim Graves provided did a really good job with the work, so I was just pleased overall. They were refinishing hardwood floors and also replacing things—I would say they're an A+.”

“They walked us through the entire process. They were open to making changes along the way. They were here when they said they would be, and called when they wouldn't be. They were just great all the way around. We completely redid our kitchen. I would grade them an A+. I already have recommended them.”

“They're amazing. They did a bathroom. I would grade them an A+. They are in my house right now.”

“They were on time, they had contractors coming in who were very good, and obviously their expertise was good. I was pleased with all of them that came in and did work. They returned phone calls whenever I called the office, they responded quickly and addressed my concerns. They were very respectful, and they did a great job. We remodeled the bathroom. They deserve an A.”

“They remodeled my master bathroom. I did some of the work myself, after they left, but the workmanship was very good. I did have them tile my shower, so they rebuilt it—they gutted it and redid the floors and the walls. And they had—I can't remember what that insert is called—but all the tile work and everything is nice and square. Nice and neat, and they helped me pick out fixtures at their showroom, which ended up looking very nice. I'd give them an A+. They're very good.”

“It was positive. It was a bathroom remodel.”

“Quality workmanship and good materials and so forth. It was a bathroom upgrade. I'd give them an A.”

“They are just easy to work with, responsive, and they did a good job. They were working on bathroom renovation. I would grade them an A.”

“They did good work. All the contractors who came in were very skilled. They did a master bathroom remodel. I'd give them an A.”

“They were fine. Nothing in particular; they did a good job. It was a bathroom remodel. We would recommend them.”

“James L. Graves Construction did lots of home refurbishing and contracting work. They did everything from drywall to electrical, and they redid entire rooms. Overall, I'd give them an A+.”

“They were very responsive. Every time I called or spoke to them, I got a response back. I've had them here twice, and both times have been bath renovations. I'd say they get an A.”

“James L. Graves did a home remodel. They took two full bathrooms and expanded one into a master bath and turned the other one into a powder room. They also took a wall out in between two small rooms, creating a larger one. I'd give the experience an A.”

“They designed and completed our finished basement and custom refinished kitchen. They also coordinated with us to get all new windows. I'd rate them as an A.”

“They did a kitchen remodel. I'd give them an A for the overall experience.”

“They were good. I would give them an A.”

“The work that they completed looks really good. Their customer service in the beginning was a little dicey because they had one employee go out on maternity leave and another go out for surgery at the same time. But they got that straightened out later. They took two tiny little bathrooms and made them into one big bathroom. I would say they get an A.”

“They were super—absolutely wonderful. It was fabulous. I liked their professionalism and the fact that the contractors were respectful of our time and our home. Mr. Graves was always responsive to any question we had, and he was very collaborative in working with us and making sure the outcome was the best it could be. He was very receptive and just an easy person to work with. We refinished half of our basement, which included putting in a full bathroom. They earned an A+.”

“James L. Graves Construction was wonderful. They were very professional, and the work they did was outstanding. They renovated my master bathroom, and I would give them an A.”

“I had a good experience with James L. Graves Construction. The workmanship was really good, and the quote was very clear. We had a bathroom completed, and I'd rate them as an A.”

“We had a patio installed, and they came out when they said they would and took the amount of time they said they would. It was exactly on budget, too. I would probably give them an A+.”

“They replaced another contractor who had quit after lots of disputes. When we contracted James L. Graves Construction, the detail that he provided in the spreadsheet was to an extent that everything my wife asked for had a line item in there. They met our expectations. They completed a full renovation—basically gutting 75 percent of a row home and then rebuilding it. They actually had to go back and redo some of the work because the previous contractor had either done it badly or not at all. I think that my wife would give them an A+, and she worked with them a lot more closely than I did.”

“James L. Graves Construction renovated the bathroom in our basement. Everything was completed on time and as we expected. I would recommend them to a friend, and I would use them again. They earned an A grade.”

“James L. Graves Construction did bathroom remodeling, and I would give them an A grade.”

“They were nice people, and they did a great job. They did two bathrooms and part of a kitchen, and they painted a couple of bedrooms. I haven't had to call them back for any reason. I feel like they deserve an A.”

“The main guy who does the work came out to our house and really carefully sort of blocked out where he was putting up a shed where there had been a building that burned down. I work a lot, so I wasn't able to be home, but he came and sort of laid out where he thought it should go and left it for me to look at and approve. It was great. We went back and forth, and throughout the whole process, he continually checked with me in advance of doing things to make sure that was the way I wanted it. He built a shed for us and laid the foundation for it as well. I would definitely give them an A.”

“They remodeled my kitchen, and I'm very pleased with it.”

“James L. Graves Construction did a major kitchen remodel, and it was an excellent experience. They did a walk-through to see what it would take to get the job done, and they explained everything that was going to happen—they held my hand through the process. I would give them an A+.”

“I didn't quite know what I was doing, but Graves guided me through and just took care of it. They basically ripped out the kitchen, did the floor, and did the downstairs bathroom and two toilets upstairs. They deserve an A+.”

“James L. Graves Construction remodeled a master bathroom. The workers were very friendly, they cleaned up after themselves every day, and the work was very high quality.”

“They did a complete retrofit—gutting, reconfiguration, and installation—of a kitchen. They were organized efficiently and did the work they needed to do. I would use them again, and I would give them an A-.”

“Graves renovated the main floor of my house. They put in hardwood floors, new cabinets, new countertops, and they did all the painting. They are awesome—phenomenal. I'm extremely happy and excited; nothing in my home is the same as it was a year ago. They were professional and pleasant to deal with. I'd give them an absolute A+.”

“Graves is great. I would hire them again. The proposal process was very detailed, and they were organized.”

“Graves Construction was extremely detailed in their quotes, so you knew exactly what you were getting. There was no question about the type of footing or the thickness of the glass on the shower doors or how many coats of paint you were going to get. Everything was very detailed, which I appreciated. I'd definitely give them an A+.”

“Very good service. It was a rainy day, and I didn't know if they were coming. I had an air conditioner and a new furnace put in, and of course they had to be outside for the air conditioning, and every time they went outside, they put these little footie things on when they came back in to not get my carpet wet. They just really knew what they were doing. I would give them an A+. I've recommended them to a few of my friends who needed their air conditioners replaced also.”

“The solution was pretty much customized to what I needed. The selection of finishes and all that kind of stuff was really high. They remodeled the master bathroom and a master bedroom closet. I would give them an A-.”

“They did a very nice job and were very responsive. Their on-site contractor was very responsive and even did work for us after we paid the last installment and all that stuff. He came back and did touchups or things that had showed up that we hadn't seen during our final walkthrough. So they were just very responsive in that way. We had a kitchen totally remodeled and a first floor bathroom. I would go with an A.”

“It was fine. They were professional, responsive, and skilled. Customer service was really easy. They did remodeling. There's not really anything they could improve on. I think the initial contract establishment was kind of slow, but part of that was me reviewing it because I didn't know if I wanted to bet on them. I wouldn't say that that's a negative. I can't think of anything they could improve on. I'm pretty satisfied. I would say A. They were very responsive to addressing my questions and entertaining my thoughts. Whether we eventually implemented what I wanted or not, they were very responsive to at least addressing the issue.”

“Everything's fine. I thought well enough of them to call them back. I liked their ability to take on a project that somebody else had started and screwed up. Somebody else started that puzzle, and they had to finish it. It was a bathroom remodel. When he came in to do the review and assess the project, he asked way more detailed questions than the other companies that I had come in to rebid the project. He was far more detailed and explained things better than the other ones. I would give them an A. It was a year ago.”

“I liked the quality of their workers, and they seemed to do what they said they were going to do. They did our bathroom. There's nothing I think they could improve on. They deserve an A.”

“I didn't have any issues with the work that was done. They removed some sheetrock and replaced it with a staircase. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They work got done very quickly, and it looks good. Any issues we had with it, they came out and corrected quickly. They were very responsive in that regard. It was pretty good. We remodeled our kitchen. I didn't have any issues that weren't addressed. There were a couple minor things right after they were complete, and we brought them up, and they came back out and addressed them. They were good; it was a pretty good experience. Let's go with the A-.”

“The work was done very well. I love the guys that worked here. Very efficient. Very quick. Jim came in with great ideas. The guys were good; they made suggestions for me. They were great. It was a positive experience. I would grade them an A.”

“Everything was excellent. We had a flood, and they took down what got wrecked and moldy, and they rebuilt it. The whole lower level of the house was rebuilt in its entirety—a kitchen, a full bath, two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area. Upstairs, they did a complete rebuild involving new flooring and a new bath. I would grade them an A+.”

“Graves Construction did great work. They remodeled a bathroom for us. They took out all the old tile and fixtures. Then they installed the tub and a toilet and repaired some water damage that was rotting away a subfloor. They put all that in and tiled it and rebuilt everything. I think they’re great.”

“James L. Graves Construction did insulation in our attic. It was great. I absolutely have noticed a difference. There was no real big cleanup, but they cleaned everything.”

“Graves Construction did a great job.”

“James L. Graves Construction remodeled two bathrooms. I thought they were very good. They did exactly what they said they would, and they handled the problem as well. Pretty attentive to my needs, if I had a concern or something went wrong. I would use them again if I had the reason to.”

“Graves Construction did some caulking for me and touch-up paint. I was really pleased with them. He fixed a loose outdoor post that was swinging. It was a one day job. It wasn't a complete thing. He seemed very nice. He was very polite. I had no problems with it. I would grade them an A.”

“They remodeled our bathroom. They took out the tile, the shower, the sink, and the countertops—replaced it all, and painted it. It looks great. I love it. Absolutely, I would use them again, and I would recommend them. Jim came over daily to check on the tile guy. And if something wasn't right, they had to do it over. There was one tile that they put up in the shower that looked like it was chipped. And then there was one piece that was chipped that I didn't notice, but he saw it right away. And he said 'No, you have to take that out and replace it.' So he came over and inspected everything, and if it was not done to his satisfaction, they did it over. Everybody was very polite, professional, friendly, and cleaned up after themselves. I would give them an A.”

“Graves Construction is very good. They remodeled a bathroom for us. He's just a pretty straightforward guy. When you have an issue, he will respond to you and address it. We had to call them back on some tile work, but they were very responsive, and they fixed it and apologized. He's very personable, very knowledgeable. I would grade them an A.”

“They were responsive to all my questions. Whenever I brought anything up, they dealt with it. And I have a great bathroom as a result. They gutted the bathroom. I would grade them an A.”

“They did a complete kitchen reconstruction; really, they did the entire back of our house—redid the sunroom and put in a powder room and crown molding. It was a large job, and there were so many wonderful things about working with Graves. We thought it was phenomenal.”

“James L. Graves Construction redid part of our kitchen. They helped us with the design process, and they did a fantastic job. In a nutshell, I was very impressed. All of his people were very skilled, very competent, and very polite. They were a very well-run operation. Graves runs a tight ship.”

“They remodeled the master bath, hall bath, powder room, and kitchen. It was an extensive job, and everything ran smoothly. They did great work. The crew was awesome. If I want to remodel something else, I would absolutely call on them again.”

“Their service was OK. I didn't have any issues. We had damage from flooding. What they did is come in and cut the board; it was remediation, I guess. It worked out OK. I would refer their services to others. It was done a few months ago.”

“James L. Graves Construction did some remodeling services for us over the last year or two. I thought their service was excellent. They actually have done several different things. They've done landscaping, and they did a fantastic job on landscaping. The remodeling was more repair work—roof repair and some siding repair. Put it this way: I would use them for everything house related. They really are the best I've ever used. The communication is very high, and they also have been on the job—meaning that they have always been present when any work has been conducted. They're extremely hands-on with their oversight.”

“Graves Construction did some remodeling for me. This was done in the last four years. They did a complete basement remodel for me, and that was the major portion of the work that they did for me. We took, basically, an unfinished basement—sheetrock—and had the basement waterproofed. We put in new carpet and lighting, and we did a full bath. We've got an apartment down there, it's basically like that. It's a completely finished basement with an enclosed laundry room—washer, dryer, mop sink—and a full bathroom. I was totally satisfied with the work that Graves did. I was pleased with the quality of work that they did; I had no particular issues with it at all. I've referred them to other people, and I would probably use them again in the future.”

“James L. Graves Construction did an excellent job for me. They expanded my half bath into a full bath. I found the technicians to be very pleasant; they had good attitudes. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They did the job in a timely fashion as well. I was extremely pleased.”

“They did some work with me. They did concrete work outside the house. I set up an antenna support structure for a ham radio tower about 100 feet tall. So they put in a base and anchors, underground, to support this large structure. It was something they were not familiar with, so they had to work from plans and drawings. It was absolutely, phenomenally good. They worked quickly in bad weather and did a good job. It's been over a year and it's still working. I would use them again or recommend someone else to use them. In fact, I'm planning to use them again if I can ever get his attention.”

“They upgraded the bathroom—did various elements in the bathroom to fix it up. I thought they did a very nice job. I was happy with the technicians that came out. I thought it was very good; they did fine.”

“James L. Graves Construction just did insulation installments, blown-in insulation. I wasn't around when they did the work. It was a pretty simple, one-day job, but from my recollection everything was nice and clean. I'm not an expert, but it looks like it was pretty well done; it's evenly done, and there are no gaps in the coverage they blew in. They did a pretty good job; it can be a very dirty job, but I almost noticed no dust in the house or anything else. Lucky we did it in the spring so we had windows open and things like that, which I'm sure helped. The bottom line is they did a fantastic job, and I would have never known they were there. It's definitely helped a bit with the heating and cooling bills. My main problem I used to have is that I used to get ice stems pretty bad because of poor insulation; a lot of the heat escaped. And it still was really cold outside and freezing my gutters. I don't have that anymore, and that's always my measure. When I look up on my roof and I still see snow up there, I think, 'All right, it's doing its job.'”

“They did some remodeling for me. I thought their service was excellent. They remodeled my home office. What made them so excellent was, first of all, we dealt directly with Mr. Graves. He was nice. He was very responsive. He gave us a budget and then he stuck to it. He gave us a schedule and he stuck to that.”

“They put in new bathroom countertops and toilets and, in some cases, the countertops had a molded sink. Those are the things they did. I'm very happy with the way everything turned out. They gave a lot of attention to the follow-up. They also put new grout on our kitchen countertops, which are red Mexican tiles with grout between them. I didn't like the color, so I called him and he told the workman to stop. He came over immediately and made an adjustment in color. I would absolutely recommend them to others.”

“James L. Graves Construction renovated my one room in the basement. The job didn't really take a lot of time; it took a couple days. The work was of good quality. They were professional and friendly. They cleaned up after themselves.”

“Their service was good. I had them repair some faucets and gutters that were damaged after a winter storm.”

“They did kitchen and bathroom work. It was basically a renovation of the entire house. They just did everything. It was within the last three years, I want to say. They're so awesome to work with. They're basically part of my family now. They're so amazing. I believe James used to be a builder and he started his own business, so he knows the complete ins and outs of remodeling a home from scratch or building a home from scratch. My situation was kind of hard, because my dad passed away and it was a tough spot emotionally. He was able to come in and redo the whole house and keep up to date with me. It was kind of a big project, to redo a whole house. It was emotionally strenuous. He helped me through it in such an amazing way. Even to this day, I have renters in there who have kids and kind of bust things up all the time. Every time I have an inspection done, he'll run right over there and fix whatever needs to be fixed. He just kind of takes care of me. I just feel like part of the family. I would never use anyone else. He did the landscaping and everything.”

“They did some painting and stuff and did some other odds and ends, handyman work. It was good service.”

“It was very good. They were very polite. I had a new bathroom. I would use them again if I needed their service.”

“They remodeled our master bathroom—they completely took everything out of the old bathroom, enlarged it, and put in tile. I thought they did a great job from beginning to end. They gave us a very professional estimate and helpfully explained the scope of the job. They lived up to every expectation we had, and the final product was very nice.”

“Graves Construction did some home repairs, and they did some painting. It was very good. I would use this company again, but only if I were in Maryland. I moved out of the state. I would recommend this company to anybody who still lives in Maryland.”

“James L. Graves Construction did some work for me sometime over the past couple of years. All I can tell you is that they did a great job. The job was absolutely perfect, and they did it in a timely fashion, for the cost that they had estimated. I'm very happy. They did a great job. I have no complaints or concerns about the company or the workers. The workers were very pleasant, the owner was very pleasant, and everything went smoothly. They're a good group. It was outdoor work—the portico on the house. I would call on them again to use them again, if I had a need for anything.”

“They completely renovated two bathrooms—a master bathroom and a hall bathroom. We're very happy with the service and the job. They finished up in a reasonable amount of time for me.”

“I used them for a small job. I had them repair a couple of holes and cracks. They were responsive. It's good-quality work. It was fine. I would recommend them to others.”

“James L. Graves Construction did some remodeling for me in the last four years. I'm very pleased with them. They replaced a roof, they replaced the windows in the house, and they did some miscellaneous painting. They did a good job with the window and the roof installation. They cleaned up well when they were finished.”

“It was great. They installed a closet. The reliability and pricing stood out. Everything's holding up so far. I had no problems with the workers that came to do the installation, and no problems setting up appointments or getting our needs addressed. I would use them again.”

“They put up a storm door. They did excellent. We have no complaints or anything. They did a wonderful job. The workers were very knowledgeable, because my door was awkward to install. They had to put a frame around it. They cleaned up very meticulously. They're very meticulous about their work. They left everything in perfect condition. I would use them again if I needed any siding work done. I would refer them to other people.”

“Graves Construction remodeled the bathroom for us. They took out all the fixtures and the vanity, and then they had to do a little work with some of the plumbing for our shower stall. They did a beautiful job. It's very nice. Jim Graves came and checked the work every day and he would notice things that we hadn't noticed. They made sure that everything was right; that's how you can tell a good contractor. Absolutely, we'd use them again. Actually, he had his people doing almost everything. People who worked for him. The granite counter top, he had done by somebody else. When he came in, he said 'That's crooked. They need to come back and make that right.' It was a couple years ago. It was within the last four years. We pretty much knew what we were going to do. He was good at giving comments where things might not work.”

“They did some remodeling for me in the last four years. They actually did the kitchen, the bathroom, our first floor, and basement. They did a big remodeling job. I thought their services were great, and I say that because prior we did a second story remodel. We had the roof taken off the house and added a second story, and we were not as pleased with the contractor then. Jim's company was referred by a friend. We tried him out, and we were exceptionally happy with the service. We actually recently just had them come back out to do a couple other minor things.”

“They did some remodeling for us. They did a very fine job. They came into our home and remodeled. We had some drainage problems underneath the house, and floorboards inside the house—it's a very old house—were sagging. So they came in and repaired our floors for us, and hired someone to put a drainage system in. Another company came in to do that, too, but they completely reconstructed at least two rooms in my house. Graves was the contractor, and they subcontracted other people to do other things. They kept on them and made sure everything was done. We're extremely satisfied with the work that they did. They were very professional. Mr. Graves did a great job. He was here all the time, supervising and kind of stepping in and stuff like that. In fact, we're thinking about having some more work done. We were going to call him and have him come out and give us an estimate. We have no complaints; it was excellent work. The grade is an A for them.”

“They repaired my bathroom ceiling. It was not a very big job for them. I didn't have any communication problems with the crew. They were pretty open. I would use them again for any remodeling needs.”

“It was excellent. I have no complaints about their service; they did a wonderful job. They finished my basement and they put a bathroom in there. They were very timely, organized, on time, and very professional. They did a very great job. Once they started, they finished in a month's time. Jim was very meticulous and very thorough. The contacts that we have take the proper time; he provided the best contacts. I have nothing bad to say about them. I would highly recommend him to whoever I see. He's very knowledgeable.”

“I contacted James L. Graves Construction to get some work done. They did our master bathroom, which was a fairly small area—just a shower, a sink, and a toilet. Basically, it was gutted and totally redone. The bathroom was original to about 1974 or 1975. They did a whole remodel on our bathroom, everything. It's not big enough for a bathtub, but they put in a brand-new ceramic shower. It's very nice, and they were very professional. They got everything done how they were supposed to, and when they were supposed to. They cleaned up well after themselves. I would recommend this company to other people. In fact, we used them again for other things.”

“Graves Construction did some remodeling for us in the last four years. They did two bathrooms. I thought their services were good. I think we'd give them an A. They were on time and everything when they came out.”

“They did some remodeling for us. They have essentially renovated my house from top to bottom. I had a water disaster about three years ago. It's a three-story home. Unfortunately, the pipe that burst was on the second floor. The house is absolutely gorgeous. They did everything. We had to take it down to the framing. They did some repair work on the roof, too. They did new staircases, and we did heated floors in the bathroom. We changed walls; we did everything. We had to work within the footprint, because we were limited as to the space that we could use without tearing the place down. It's a 21st-century house now. It won national awards when it was first built in the late 1970s. I've encouraged him to put this as an example of what he can do with something that had good bones and a good location to bring it up to the 21st century. He did a great job. I tell everybody that, if they want someone who does a really excellent job. I saw him look at a doorway, which to me was perfectly fine, an interior doorway leading into the master suite. He said, 'I don't like this,' and I said, 'What's wrong with it?' He said, 'It's off, I don't know, maybe a half an inch or a quarter of an inch. It just doesn't look right to me. I'm going to have them reframe it.' He really is really good. He's also very good when it comes to researching. I told him when he started this project that I didn't really care what we did, as long as it was never cold in that house again. We talked about various ways to deal with that issue. I also said I never wanted to see water in the house again. We finally wound up foaming the entire house, which is not something you would normally do unless you were starting from scratch. It's not an inexpensive process, but I have a warm house now. I walked into it the other day, when it was in the 60s, and it was warm. It was not warm outside. It's wonderful insulation. When Jim was doing the research into this, he came back to me and he said, 'Do you know what I learned? Not only is it a wonderful insulator, but it's waterproof. It's a solid foam and water can't get through it.' I suppose it could seep through little cracks in various places where the wood is, but the foam itself is like a heavy plastic. We foamed the roof area, we foamed the floors—everything. On the flip side, he talked me out of some things that I thought maybe made sense. He explained that the cost recovery period was such that it wasn't going to make it worthwhile. I wanted to do some solar, I think that's what we were talking about, and he ran numbers. He said, 'You know, we can do it. But by the time you get your money back, you'd be better off just not having them.' This was the full resale of the house. We'd be better off having some serious insulation, because the cost recovery there was not that great. He said, 'If you lived in the southwest, we'd be having a different conversation.' Not only is he a very good researcher, but he is very direct. He could have charged me. He said, 'If you want it, it's my pleasure.' I'd ask him questions; I would say, 'I don't understand this. Could you explain it to me?' I've learned more about framing than I ever want to learn in my whole life. His subs are equally excellent. I know people would say, 'You must be exaggerating,' but I will tell you that I think you would have to look long and hard and far to find somebody who brings a complete package—not just professionalism, but knowledge, directness, honesty, education, and a good group of people to work with. We have four homes around a private courtyard, so all four houses are the same. From the outside, mine looks slightly different, but not enough that you'd probably recognize. The inside looks totally different now. One of my neighbors in the courtyard, he and his wife are both architects. He had had Jim enclose a deck on the second floor. We all have decks off one of the rooms, which now is my big dressing room, because I said I didn't want to shovel snow up there any more in my life. He and his wife had Jim enclose their deck and make it into a studio for her. I must have obviously said something to him, or maybe we were thinking of doing something. In any event, my neighbor gave me a letter saying that he had this person do some work for him, and whatever I was thinking of doing it would be worthwhile to get in touch with Jim. If he is recommending him—and he's an architect, the head of a big firm who can be very, very particular about things—this must be somebody I want to get in touch with. So I did. I was just very, very impressed. He's great. I would stand on the street corner and hand out cards for him.”

“They remodeled two bathrooms. I think they did a very good job and acted very professionally. They finished up in a reasonable amount of time for us.”

“Graves Construction did a great job.”

“I think Graves Construction is great. They did a roofing job, they did a siding job, and they did a few other things that had to be done on the outside with it. They did an excellent job. As we went along, there were a few things that I'd say, 'Well, I think this needs to be done this way,' and they fix them immediately with no complaints. James Graves came by and looked at things, and he noticed a few things that most people would gloss over. He said, 'Nope, that's not lined right. You see that up there?' We were talking about the roof line. He said, 'That needs to be changed. That's not right.' They did a superb job and did everything. They came in afterwards and fixed up a couple of little minor items that I wanted done. So they did superbly. He's very nice and easy to get along with. I talked to some of the employees because they were here a little while doing all that work, and they did well. The employees worked as diligently when the owner wasn't around as when he was around, and that's not always true. I have nothing but superb things to say about them.”

“I contacted them to get some work done last year. We had a complete basement remodel, or finish. We had our basement finished. I honestly can't find anybody else like Jim. They did an excellent, excellent job. Not only did he help design it, but Jim is a perfectionist. There was a mistake in the carpet, which I could not even see, and he said that if the carpet wasn't replaced it would start unraveling within a couple of years. He said we wouldn't have any recourse. So he had that totally redone. Like I said, he's a perfectionist. The basement is beautiful, and he helped design it. He was always ten steps ahead of me with the design, saying, 'If you put this here, you're not going to be able to open the door,' or, 'If you put that here, you're not going to have enough room to walk through.' There were just so many different things, but he was always ten steps ahead of me. He accounted for everything, everything. I was happy with the finished product. I definitely would use them again. I would recommend this company to others.”

“Graves Construction did some remodeling work for me. It was fine; it was a simple little concrete pad that they put in. It wasn't anything sophisticated. It took less than a couple hours. I would use them again if I needed to.”

“They redid a bathroom. There were no complaints or concerns. I had never worked with them before. I would use them again or recommend them to someone else.”

“I remember using them for remodeling work. They did a good job.”

“They remodeled our bathroom. I thought they did an outstanding job. It was great that they communicated with me frequently, and they were very neat and tidy. It's been two years, and the quality and everything has just held up. It looks great.”

“I contacted James L. Graves to get some work done. They built two closets in the bedroom. It was an expansion and a modification to the expansion. They got it done in a reasonable amount of time. They cleaned up afterward. I would recommend this company to other people.”

“They remodeled my parents' bathroom. I thought they did an excellent job. We appreciated the quality and the workmanship, the courteousness of the individuals who we worked with, and their cleanliness.”

“We did some repair work for a garage that fell down, the garage ceiling that fell after a hurricane. The two portions of the reset had holes from the granite falling on them. There were two sides and the inside garage ceiling; it's a three-car garage. I would estimate that this part would cover one car in two places, because there were two holes that were repaired. I wouldn't call it remodeling, but they did an excellent job. They showed up on time and did good cleanup when they were finished.”

“It was really good. They did great work. They renovated a kitchen for me. They tore out everything and redid everything; it was terrific. They did excellent work. I would refer them to my friends and associates, as well.”