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Universal Home Experts has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 508 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"With background checks, drug tests, and ongoing training, you can be sure only the best technicians will come to your home. Our technicians focus on your safety, the protection of your home, and a permanent solution to your air conditioning and heating issues with a no-risk, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee."

Ed Valot | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Universal Home Experts services, repairs, and replaces many varieties of air conditioning and heating systems. The company also provides Freon leak detection, indoor air quality services, insulation, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
The company offers warranties of up to five years on labor and up to ten years on equipment.
Company History
Ed Valot began the local company in 1992. He has over 25 years of home service experience.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. The company states that it background checks and drug tests its technicians in order to ensure homeowner safety.
Additional Information
Universal Home Experts repairs and installs most major brands of electric, heat pump, and gas HVAC products.
Areas Served
Cypress, Katy, Conroe, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Houston

“They had a great customer service, and were there when they said they were going to be. They picked up and did great. They did work on an A/C unit. I'd give them an A+.”

“I think we did some of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Everything they've done for us, we've been happy with. I would recommend them. They've done excellent work. I have no complaints.”

“I think they're reliable, dependable. They've always done great work. I've never had a problem with anything they've done for me, and I've used them for a few years. They put in a whole new A/C system and heat system for me. They've done duct work and electrical work. They redid the panel box. They updated that, and they put outlets in. I had an outlet that went on fire that wasn't their fault. It was something I'd plugged in, so they fixed that and did an emergency call for me. I think they're really good. They've done quite a bit of work for me. I'd give them an A.”

“They came out on a holiday. They did great work, and they were the only ones that would come out. They did HVAC work. I'd give them an A overall.”

“I think they're knowledgeable about the services that they're rendering. They're thorough in their explanation and giving you the option and choices. Their follow up has been good with them. We had air conditioning units. We replaced the whole system, and also we had a water heater put in as well as work done and checking of the electric services throughout the home. I'd give them an A+ for the overall experience.”

“They were prompt and always explained everything. I'm very happy with them. I'm actually on a monthly service with them. I think it includes everything. I'd give them an A+.”

“I've used them for a while, and they always do good work. They installed it quickly, and it was done on short notice. It was fine. I would grade them an A+. I would recommend them.”

“They were on time, and they're very courteous, very professional. They did A/C. This is like their third time out. It was air conditioning. I'd give them an A+.”

“We had them redo the wiring in the whole house. They installed a new air conditioning system in December. They're our go to people. They're real nice people, pleasant people and they seem to know their job. That's why we keep using them. I'd give them an A+. I would recommend them.”

“I had a real good experience with them. They did a good job. They did lighting work, and our air conditioner. I would give them an A. They did very good.”

“They fixed what they needed to fix in a timely fashion. They replaced the A/C unit. They got an A.”

“We've been with them about four or five years, and they work very well. They did work on A/C and heating. They do our check-ups every year, and they installed a new unit. It's always been a good experience with them. I would grade them an A.”

“I wasn't actually there with them when they came, my husband was. They were in touch with the arrival time. They did suggest some things that we're not going to do at this time, but at least they're keeping us informed. They were looking at my air conditioning HVAC unit. It was a seasonal check-up. I'd give them an A.”

“It was particularly positive with the last one, the one that replaced the problem. I've had plumbing done. I've had air conditioning and HVAC done. The HVAC was fine. The first plumber kind of goofed things up, but the others came in to replace and everything was really handled nicely. I'd have to give it an A- because of the one goof up. After the first goof up I had a little bit of flooding in the house. They just rotted out the floor under the kitchen sink. That's hard to give a good rating, but it was corrected.”

“They were on time, personable, and professional. They did a tank-less water heater and a home heating system for me. This wasn't my first time with them. They did an air conditioning unit and some electrical work for me in the past. They get an A.”

“They were on time, and they were willing to come out on a Sunday. They got the work done in a day. They replaced our heater and A/C unit. I'd give them an A. They just did the A/C work.”

“They're good. They checked our A/C. I'd give them an A.”

“Universal Home Experts is super awesome. They've done electrical and A/C work. We've been using them for years, and they're one of the best companies I've found. I'd absolutely recommend them. I'd give them an A.”

“They're wonderful, prompt, and courteous. They know what they're doing, and they have good recommendations. They have done HVAC work, duct work, electrical and smoke detector upgrades, and rewiring. I'd give this company an A.”

“They were excellent. They did air conditioning and electrical work. It's a good company. They did a good job, and they were very competent and helpful. I'd recommend them.”

“They're thorough and efficient, and they came out as quickly as possible. I'd definitely give them an A. I'd absolutely recommend them. I've used them a couple of times, and they've been great.”

“The work they did for me was excellent service with no complaints. It was very good. We have contracted with them for the air conditioning and electrical.”

“We love our air conditioning, and if we need anything done in the future, we'll be calling them. They took extra time to talk to us to explain what we were doing. They did a great job. We had somebody else that's been working with us for quite a while, but the quality of work and service were much more thorough. We won't go back to the other people we were working with. I would give them an A. I already have recommended them. I've already called a friend of mine, and she needed somebody else to look at her air conditioning.”

“They did everything that they said they would do. I've had two people come out. I've had an electrician come out and they put in a light for me in my pantry. Then I had my HVAC system inspected. I'd give them an A+ overall.”

“They seemed to understand what they were doing very well. They told me about the price upfront. They did everything cleanly. They were great. They're an A+ company.”

“I like their people. They do good work and they're honest. I'm actually on their monthly payment plan where they're my service provider for everything in my house. They do a good job. So far, they've done HVAC and electrical work. Overall, I would give them an A. I'll give them As' for everything, I had no problems at all. I recommend them all of the time.”

“They were prompt and they did a check-up on air conditioning. It was a good job and they were efficient and in-and-out quickly. One other time, they did electrical work and that was good. Then it wasn't working and they came back and took care of it for no extra charge. I'd give them an A.”

“The got the job done and everything went well. They've done some work for us before, so I didn't have a problem asking them to do work again. They did electrical work and they do my annual check-ups for my A/C. I'd give the overall experience an A.”

“They've been out once or twice and they've been professional on the phone. The service technician was quite good. So I'm very happy with them. They offered a free electrical inspection, so I did that. He was professional and good. Then I did have some work done on the HVAC. I had three different HVAC companies out here, he turned out to be correct in his diagnosis, and it was different from the other two. I would give them an A overall and I would recommend them.”

“I had to have a new electrical box and they did that. I think they did something on my air conditioning before that. I haven't had any problems. I'd give them an A. I would recommend them and I've used them twice.”

“They were very friendly. They did some air conditioning work. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They were just really efficient and very honest. They fixed my A/C. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They did some air conditioning work. They were very courteous. I'd give them an A rating.”

“There were no problems, it mostly was lack of a negative. They fixed my air conditioning. They get an A from me. No issues, it was very normal.”

“We got their products and they were prompt on their service calls when you need them. They were fixing a thermostat for my iPhone so it would work outside of the house. I'd say they're an A.”

“They did A/C work. I'd give them an A so far. It's still relatively new and nothing's gone wrong yet so I have no complaints. They deserve an A all the way around.”

“They were nice, understanding, and patient. I had to get my whole A/C system in place. I'd give them an A for the overall experience. The past experience with their quality of work led to this. I use them all of the time.”

“They were on time and did a good job. They looked in my air conditioning. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They did a very professional job. They did A/C work. They're an A company.”

“They did what they said they were going to do, stuck to what they quoted, they were friendly, and all was smooth. They did maintenance work on the air conditioner. I'd give the overall experience an A. Everything's so far so good.”

“They did air conditioning work. I think they do a good job, they seem to be nice to work with, and they're punctual. So far, I'd give them an A. As far as I know, their quality of work is good.”

“They did some air conditioning work for me. They were very professional and knowledgeable. A heater stopped working, a whole HVAC system. He found a couple of things that he pointed out to me, he was very thorough, and he explained everything. I probably would give them an A. I've already recommended them to a couple of friends of mine.”

“They just did what they were supposed to do and it was really quick. They were able to diagnose the problem. They did A/C work. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They showed up on time and they did what they were supposed to do. They did HVAC work. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They were very efficient, polite, and they got their work done efficiently. It was A/C work—A.”

“I had no complaints. It was HVAC work.”

“My experience was great.”

“When I call them, they come and they do the job.”

“They performed a checkup of my air conditioning and heating system, and electrical. The checkup came free with work they performed last year, and they kept reminding me it was due, even though they knew they would not be paid. The office informed me when it appeared the previous job might make the service person late. He was, in fact, prompt, knowledgeable, and did not press me for any other business.”

“Universal Home Experts did air conditioner repair. I was given three estimates to choose from, instead of the standard one most companies give. Positive experience—friendly and professional staff.”

“Universal Home Experts' technicians serviced and replaced HVAC parts. Professional service—the technician communicated well, and office personnel called to ask about job performance.”

“I liked the job that Universal Home Experts did here. I had no complaints about it, and I could give them a good rating. They combined with other companies, so they've got a wide variety of services. We've had them work on various things in the past, so we were familiar with them. I had no complaints about their customer service, and I don't recall anything that I wasn't happy with.”

“I like their professionalism. They did some routine annual check for the plumbing and electrical. I've been using them for five years. They've done heating and air conditioning work for me as well. What stands out about their customer service is the people that they send to the job—they're knowledgeable. I like the one-stop shopping.”

“Universal Home Experts does our air conditioning and heating yearly inspections, and they've installed some air conditioning units. Their customer service is very good. We've had very good luck with all the people in Best Pick Reports. I would give them an A.”

“They are pretty quick and easy to get ahold of. I've been using them for less than a year. Over the last year, they did the plumbing, A/C, and electrical. If a friend or neighbor asked me about them, I'd give them the lowdown on my experience.”

“I like that Universal Home Experts came on time. He was very accurate with the diagnostic, and they fixed it the same day. It worked out just fine. They came to service my A/C. He changed a pipe because there was a leak in one of the rooms. We'd recommend the company. It was fine.”

“I liked the responsiveness and that they had follow-up calls. After a service technician came out, they had someone from their office immediately call and make sure that everything was well—I really liked that. They did a lot. They did plumbing and HVAC work, and they actually did a little electrical work, too. I found the company when I saw a truck down the street, and it was one company that did all the things that I needed. I thought that was perfect. They're an A.”

“I thought Joe was good. Joe came out to the house and did a good job. He unplugged my A/C drain line. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They're efficient, and they do what they say they're going to do. Everything's positive. I think they just came out and checked our heater and the air conditioning. They changed the filters. I'd give them an A.”

“They were prompt and clean. They installed a complete new air conditioning system for my downstairs unit. I'd give them an A because I thought they did a good job.”

“They have done fine so far. They're coming tomorrow to put a bathtub in for me. They're punctual, and they do the job right. They come when I call, unlike other people. I had a problem with a thermostat that another company put in, and I tried to get ahold of them. I never could get them to come and change the thermostat, so I called Universal Home Experts. They came and put another thermostat in, and it worked fine. They kept the air conditioner going, so they saved the day. What they did for me in the beginning was redo the electrical system in the house. I had another contractor redo the power panel on the back, and they did a very sloppy job. Universal Home Experts replaced all the outlets and switches and fixed my panel. They did a good job, and I'm very happy with that. I'd give them an A.”

“I'm always there when they come, and they answer all my questions about what they're doing. They tell me what they're doing, and they're friendly. They're not just matter-of-fact; they actually act like they're interested. They have redone the air conditioner, and they have put in a box for us—the box outside. I think they did a hot water heater for us. They get an A.”

“They were great. They were very honest and didn't try to sell us anything we didn't need. They did their work efficiently, and they were great. We had two different things. We had a plumber come out, and he did a survey of our plumbing system just to let us know what was going on because we had just moved into the home. Then, we also had the air conditioning done, and they did great. We had an issue, and they took care of it. I would give them an A.”

“They've been very professional every time they've come, and they've done a good job. They always have nice people that come out and do a good job on the job. If I ask a question, they are always willing to give me other options, and they don't push for service that I don't want. They just give me options, and I really like that. They're a really good company. We've had electrical, plumbing, and A/C work done. I'd rate them as an A.”

“After a thorough and informative inspection, we decided to have Universal Home Experts replace the air handler and bring our electrical up to code. Our experience with them was outstanding from beginning to end.”

“Universal Home Experts did air conditioner repair—highly professional experts that are honest, straightforward, and do outstanding work.”

“Universal Home Experts repaired my air conditioner. They were able to come out the same day to fix the air conditioner, which was a huge relief—very professional and courteous.”

“Universal Home Experts replaced my HVAC system. Ricky, who scoped and sold the HVAC, and Danny were excellent. They both invested a significant amount of time to evaluate the problem and explain our options.”

“They were extremely reliable and thorough. They wanted what was best for me. Good people were working in the home—good people with good products. They've done a lot of different things for me, from speakers to the A/C, and everything has held up great. I have been using them for several years and have been pleased with everything they have done. I'd call them for everything because they'd help me figure it out. They deserve an A+.”

“Everything was excellent, and everything has held up fine. Their customer service is very good. I would use them again and recommend them to other people. They deserve an A.”

“We had an A/C breakdown. It was partially old and partially new, and we were told in the past that a total replacement was the only option we had. They came in and fixed the parts that were broken; they were able to help us a lot. I'd recommend them for their A/C work, but they've also done electrical boxes for us. They get an A+.”

“They not only take the time to come out, but they are very friendly, cordial, and very thorough about explaining things. You don't get the feeling they're trying to rip you off. They also clean up after themselves. This time, they did the inspection for the water heater and air conditioning, and the time before that, they put the surge protector on for the house. I'd give them an A+ for every time they've come out.”

“They were very helpful and very friendly. They brought me an air conditioning unit so I wouldn't die in the Texas heat. They gave me the choice to put it in my bedroom, and I hooked it up. They reacted pretty quickly. The cleanup was very good. They deserve an A+.”

“They did a good job. They replaced my HVAC unit, and the quality of the work was good. I would use them again, so I guess I'd give them an A+. There were no issues; they did everything like they were supposed to and by when they were supposed to.”

“Universal Home Experts changed two air conditioning units, and everything turned out OK. I have a maintenance contract with them to come in the winter and summer to check everything. I have been using them for almost two years. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A+.”

“They did some air conditioning work for me. They were able to get out quickly, and they did the job pretty quickly. It seems to have worked pretty well; they have not had to come back to fix anything. I'd give them an A+ grade because I haven't had any issues. So far, it's been great.”

“I was very pleased with Universal Home Experts' work. I would use them again, and I would recommend them. They're an A+.”

“The technicians from Universal Home Experts were very nice. They cleaned up after they finished, made sure everything was working correctly, and left. I called them because I'd used them before. They're an A+.”

“Universal Home Experts is reliable, and they do the job. They did work on the full house. I'd give them A+.”

“They did everything they said they would do, and they were there when they said they'd be there. There were no surprises. They gave me a complete unit and a half of another unit, and they come back yearly and check everything. It was mostly heating and air work, but I'd used them for a small electrical thing prior to that. They were receptive to my needs and questions. They get an A.”

“They offer a broad network of services, from plumbing to A/C to electrical. They're kind of a jack-of-all-trades, so that's really convenient for me; I don't have to call multiple contractors to get some work done. I can go to them for really any repair that I need at my home. I've used them on several occasions. I actually have a maintenance plan with them, so they come out and check our two A/C units and our electrical stuff. They did a lot of electrical work on our home last year. They've always been very professional when visiting our home. They put electrostatic pads around their shoes and things like that when they're coming in and out of the house. They've earned an A.”

“I had them do an A/C check for me, but that's been it. They really haven't done anything major; they just service my unit, and I have a maintenance contract with the electrical now, too. We've just been using them for this last year. They generally show up on time, take care of things in a timely manner, and are considerate of my home. I would give them an A.”

“Everything was good with Universal. We haven't had any issues. The customer service was very good. The first time they came, they just came to check that everything was working properly with the electricity and the plumbing. This was the first time we've actually had them work on something; they did some work with the A/C, and they did a good job. Everything is working well so far. I don't have any complaints, so I would say they're an A.”

“They were very professional, and they responded by the time we needed them here. They did electrical work—a few additional lights in the house—and they did a general check on the A/C system. They get an A.”

“They arrived on time, and the customer service was very nice. They installed a new A/C and furnace, and everything has been working fine since. I'd give them an A, and I'd hire them again.”

“Universal Home Experts got the job done. The house is nice and cool. I would recommend their services. This is not the first time I used them. I would grade them as an A.”

“They were direct, to the point, and honest, and they responded to my questions well. They did our air conditioning, and they completed the work in a timely fashion. I would absolutely use them again. They deserve an A.”

“Universal Home Experts did a great job. They were on time and very professional, and they took care of everything I needed in a timely manner. We had an issue with the air conditioner, and then we had another problem, so they came out and fixed those. I would absolutely recommend them. They get an A.”

“We had a new air conditioner installed. All the guys were on time, they did good work, and everything was clean and done correctly when they left. I would use them again, and I would definitely give them an A rating.”

“They gave me service when I needed it, and they kept my A/C running. They put a starter kit on it, and I think they changed some stuff in the capacitor. I believe they came in the fall to check the heating system, but there was no issue there. I would use them again because Universal has quality technicians. I'd give them an A.”

“Universal Home Experts came out, did the work, and left. They put a new air conditioner in, and I'd rate them as an A.”

“The gentleman knew all about my thermostat control and how to use and program it appropriately; he showed me how to do something. I would use them in the future, and I would grade them as an A. They were prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

“They got right on it, and they stayed with it until they got it fixed. I didn't have any problems or issues with them. I would certainly recommend them, and I would give them an A.”

“It was a good experience with Universal Home Experts because they did a good job. I would recommend their services.”

“It was really good, and it's been working fine. I would use them again. They earned an A.”

“I would rate Universal Home Services as an A.”

“I would give Universal Home Experts an A grade.”

“They came out and did exactly what we asked. They did it quickly, so we were pleased. We had used them before and had a good experience. I think that was our second go-around with them. I would give them an A.”

“I had a positive experience with Universal Home Experts.”

“It was OK. He did a nice job. I would grade Universal Home Experts as an A-.”