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"We've served the Houston area for over 30 years, and we take pride in our installations and service. Our technicians are kept up-to-date on current technology, and before each truck leaves, we confirm it has the tools needed to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. That's how we deliver what it says in our name: 'Absolute Comfort.'"

Mark Shelton | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Absolute Comfort services and installs any type of HVAC system or equipment, such as humidity control and air filtration systems. The company performs air balancing, duct installation and repair, A/C energy audits, and carbon monoxide testing.
All repairs come with a one-year parts-and-labor warranty.
Company History
Absolute Comfort was founded in 1983.
The company is an American Standard Customer Care Dealer.
Additional Information
Absolute Comfort's 19-point preventative maintenance checkup is designed to prolong HVAC system life. The company states that its service trucks are fully stocked, enabling technicians to complete most repairs on the spot.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 240 homeowner reviews:
“They were the best. The technician knew exactly what he was talking about. It was the best service I have ever had. They were wonderful. I give them an A+, and I would recommend them.”
“Absolute Comfort did a great job. The tech did an awesome job, and he took really good care of me. I would give them an A+.”
“They've come to my house a couple times. They did great. They're very knowledgeable. Most recently, they came out to do a check on my systems. The technician was top-notch. I would give them an A+ overall.”
“The technician was very good. He's been doing my air conditioning for years. My overall experience was an A+.”
“The crew did an A+ job. I was very satisfied, and I would recommend Absolute Comfort.”
“My wife was super happy. I would give them an A+. I absolutely would recommend them. They did a good job.”
“My experience was an A. They're the best. They're good; I like them.”
“I guess I would give them an A+.”
“I would give them an A+ grade.”
“They replaced my condenser. I'll give them an A+, all the way around.”
“It was a very positive experience. I'll give them an A+, overall.”
“They're an A+ company. I've already recommended them to several people.”
“I had an A+ experience with them.”
“They did a good job. I would give them an A+, for the overall experience. It's only been installed for two months, but there are no problems so far.”
“I would give them an A+.”
“I would give them an A+, overall. I've already recommended them, in fact.”
“They had a good technician. I would give them an A+ for the overall experience.”
“They were checking the air conditioning, like a yearly checkup. I didn't really have any issues, so I guess giving them an A would be fine.”
“I had a positive experience with Rick. I'd give him an A. They are very good.”
“I had a positive experience with them, but I'm still waiting for them to come back out. I don't have any complaints, or anything like that. I was good, A overall. They did a good job.”
“It was fine. I guess I would give them a good solid A. They did fine. They did what they were supposed to do. I use them at my office, but my mother also uses them. They have installed a couple of things for me over the years.”
“It was normal. He came by here and he looked at the air conditioners. He replaced one of the condensers or something. They were pretty good. We've been using them ever since we've been living here. I would give them an A for the overall experience. I would recommend them.”
“I would give them an A.”
“They earned an A.”
“They did good. They were good. I guess I would give them an A.”
“I definitely had a positive experience, no doubt about it. My overall experience was an A.”
“They were good. I would give them an A rating.”
“My overall experience was an A. They were great.”
“I've only had one experience with them, so I would give them an A.”
“I would give them an A, for the overall experience.”
“I like the people and the service, and they worked with me to get the price down the best they could. They were prompt in getting here, they had all of their equipment, and they went over some things that they should've charged me for, but they didn't. They were teaching me what I need to watch for. I've used them for the last four years. They've done maintenance, and twice I had a malfunction—once in the air conditioning, and once in the heater. They came out, found the problem, and replaced the items. One of them was a circuit board that was kind of fried. Their customer service is very good—that's why I go to them and not other people. It was a recommendation by my oldest daughter, and she had used them to replace the air conditioning and heater in her house. They did an excellent job, so I thought I'd try them. They knew who my daughter was, so they came out, did the work, and I was very satisfied. I would give them an A.”
“They generally service my furnace and air conditioner. I like the convenience. They show up on time, and they do pretty good work. They do maintenance repairs. Their customer service is very good. They always call and set up the appointment, so they're pretty punctual. I'll give them an excellent.”
“They're always helpful and interested in how the system's working. It's suspect when people say that you need a new system, or you need to fix this and that. A lot of times, they just come in and say everything's running smoothly. They come in and do checks for me, and they don't try to find something to fix. They just check it out once a year, like when the heater's coming on. Their customer service is good, so I'm satisfied. They stay on top of things—they don't forget to call you when they're supposed to or anything like that. They do A work.”
“They took care of the problem, and we were very happy. We were having a problem with the heater cutting off, and one company told us we needed to get a new furnace. They came out and said there was just a wiring problem that they sorted out. They fixed it for a whole lot less than a new furnace. Their customer service was very good. They were prompt, they showed up when they said they were going to show up, and the whole experience was very pleasant. I'd rate them an A.”
“They were here on time, they found the problem, and they had it done within 30 minutes. It was a repair for a system that was not working right. Their customer service was good. They did what I expected—came on out and got it done. They had installed the original system, so they were doing a warranty-type repair.”
“It was fine. He was prompt, on time, and didn't try to sell me things I didn't need. He was just very congenial. They came out for maintenance, just an annual checkup. Their customer service was very good. They were running a special for both of our units. They had done work for us in the past. I'd give them an A. I really liked the technician they sent out.”
“The last time I had somebody out with the air conditioning was Absolute Comfort. They were there on time. As far as I can tell, they did what they were supposed to do. There was trouble with the air, and he just had to change out a tube or little part. They just came out, checked the air conditioning system, and made sure that everything was still running smoothly. Their customer service was good.”
“The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and was there on time. It was just maintenance. Their customer service was good. They explained everything they were going to do and then did it. I went with them because they'd installed my A/C.”
“The technician was friendly and fixed the problem. He changed the capacitor on the unit because it burned out. Their customer service was fine. I've used them for a while. I bought the unit from them, and the unit is under warranty, so I just used them. They're an A.”
“I had a positive experience. It was great.”
“They're very good. They checked my units to make them work well, and I haven't had any problems since they were here a year ago. They put some Freon in and cleaned things up. Their customer service is fine and they're very persistent with follow-up.”
“They came out timely, they did their work, and then they sent another person to do quality control afterward to make sure it was done right. They replaced my air conditioning condenser coil. I didn't really have to deal with customer service, and the workers were good. I was referred by a friend. They'd get an A.”
“For the most part, it was pretty much almost as good as it could be.”
“They're really good, so I had a positive experience. They were knowledgeable, knew what they were talking about, and fixed the problem on the spot. They gave us an alternative, cheaper solution to fix it. Our central air conditioning unit had been whistling for some time. He went up there and found out that it was because the filters needed to be changed. There was a slow leak in a pipe, but the pipe was OK once we changed the filters. I really only spoke with one guy, who was good. My wife made an appointment, they came on time, and that was it. They deserve an A.”
“They called before they came just to verify the appointment time, and they followed up. I think they've done a good job with the maintenance we've had them do. Their customer service is very good. The follow-up was good because we've dealt with other companies that won't follow up, or they change the time but don't tell you and show up unannounced. They've pretty much done what they've said they're going to do. The guy that came out, a pretty young kid, may have been in over his head. He was telling us we needed a new system, and I was curious what it would cost, so he said he would follow up and send me a quote. I never got one, which is OK because our system is going to be fine for another year. I'd give them an A-.”
“Absolute Comfort was cordial, kind, and on time. Everything about them was good. They did some air conditioning maintenance and also an installation. I called three different companies; Absolute Comfort responded very quickly, and I liked the people that I dealt with. I would rate them as an A.”
“We were happy with Absolute Comfort. We were thinking of changing out our entire heating system, and they pointed out that we had a more efficient, bigger unit that was perfectly capable of being repaired. The customer service was very good. They were here when they said they would be, they were prompt and efficient, and they didn't cause any damage to my bushes.”
“They're professional and very prompt. They installed a new A/C unit. Their customer service is excellent because they listen to the customer, and they pay attention to customer needs.”
“Absolute Comfort put the air conditioner in the house. I'm happy with the air conditioning and with them. I've never had to call them back—I only have them over once a year for inspection. I felt comfortable with what they did. They did the best they could do, so I'd give them an A for excellent work.”
“I wasn't home, but Absolute Comfort came in and took care of the problem we had. I had a neighbor that used them and said they were good, so I gave them a call. I'd give them an A+.”
“Everything is working. Absolute Comfort replaced the Freon compressor, and I think that was about it. I chose them because of a recommendation from a friend. I'd give them an A+. They were good.”
“They've done some HVAC work for me in the past, and they put in a new heater recently. I liked the quality of service. I chose them because we had an emergency that needed to be dealt with quickly, and they were there within a couple of hours. I would give them an A+.”
“It was very good. I'd give Absolute Comfort an A.”
“The work was done on a house I was selling. The service technician was very nice and very helpful, and I recommended them to the new owner of the house. I would give them an A.”
“It was an inspection cleaning they did for me. I liked that Absolute Comfort was cordial and straight to the point. They didn't waste time. I've had some work done here by them before. I'd give them an A.”
“Absolute Comfort did some work a few months ago—I believe they fixed our air conditioner. They came out here and did their job, and I would give them an A.”
“They put in a new air conditioning system, and there was no trouble. I heard about them from my husband. They came in, put the air conditioning in, and then they cleaned up and left.”
“They put in a new HVAC system for me, and the system has been working fine. I'd give Absolute Comfort an A.”
“They got out here and fixed the problem in less than 45 minutes. It was a small part. I had used them before. Most of the other companies couldn't get out in two or three days, but when I called Absolute Comfort, their technician was really close, and they could come right over. They get an A.”
“Everything was fine. I'm totally satisfied with Absolute Comfort—they're good.”
“They did some HVAC work in the past. We had them install one of our other conditioners when it had gone out a couple of years ago. Most recently, the air conditioner wasn't working—some part went out. They were pretty prompt, they got in quickly, and they got the problem solved. I'd give them an A.”
“Absolute Comfort was fine. They did air conditioning for me. Their customer service was fine, and I did not have to call them back about any issues. I'd tell others to call them. I would give them an A.”
“They did air conditioning work for me. They were really good and professional, and I never had to call them back for any issues after the work was done. I'd say they're an A.”
“I think Absolute Comfort Air did work for me a while back. They came out that night, and I believe they replaced a capacitor.”
“Absolute Comfort has done some work for me. They've been my service company for a long time, and I've never had a problem. They service my units every year—they replace parts, and they've done a lot of work. I had to call back once, but they came out either the next day or the day after that—it was fairly quickly. I'd tell others to use them. I'd give them an A.”
“Absolute Comfort did some work for me recently, and they were awesome. They replaced a fan motor in an A/C unit. They kept their word and did excellent work. I'd give them an A+.”
“I've been using Absolute Comfort for a while because I'm comfortable with them. They know what they're doing, and they're consistent and reliable. The last time they were here was to do a heater checkup for the winter. I'd give them the highest grade.”
“The same guy comes every time, and he's done quite a bit of work for us. He's recharged the unit and replaced a capacitor and a thermostat. He's really good to get along with, and he does good work, too.”
“Every time they've come out, I've had positive results—A+.”
“We were happy with the experience. It turned out that something was wrong with the fan, and they needed to replace it. Basically, the air conditioning had stopped working. The work was performed correctly, and I'd give them the highest rating—an A+.”
“The friendliness of the technician makes it a positive experience. He was extremely helpful. I would give Absolute Comfort an A+.”
“They're one of the best. They say what they're going to do and they do what they say. And when I say that, I mean when they make a commitment, they live up to it. I've used them for three years or four years, and they're going to be servicing our air conditioner from now on. They do checkups for us, and they replaced a unit for us in the past. I'd give them an A+.”
“Absolute Comfort did a repair on one of my A/C units, and the technicians were knowledgeable, very helpful, and very fast. They didn't try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't want or need. They explained what they were going to do, and they finished the job in a timely manner. A friend of mine who I work with had used them quite a bit, and he highly recommended them. That referral played a major role in choosing them for the work. I don't have a service contract with them, but I might consider that eventually. I would recommend them, and I would use them again. I'd say they get an A.”
“Absolute Comfort did A/C work for my outside unit. The whole experience of the technician explaining everything to me, being honest with me, telling me what I actually needed at the house and not suggesting anything I didn't need, and just giving me different scenarios made it positive. I would give them an A.”
“We have a service contract with Absolute Comfort. They were just out here the other day checking on my furnace for the winter months. I have been using them for three years, and they are really good. They replaced my central air conditioning system this summer, too. I would highly recommend them.”
“I've had Absolute Comfort for maybe ten years. They're excellent—very, very good people. They're responsive to my needs, and they're respectful of my space and time. As a matter of fact, they were on my mind because I just had my favorite inspector come out and inspect my heating unit. I'm just really pleased with him and the company. Some people you trust and some people you don't trust, but I trust this particular person and this company.”
“I've used Absolute Comfort for years. Dan is my favorite. He's awesome, so I always ask for him.”
“I use Absolute Comfort for my heating and air conditioning service. They do excellent work. I just call them twice a year to come out and check things. I'll continue to use them, absolutely.”
“They corrected the problem that another air conditioning company came in and created. It was a cleanup, basically. The previous so-called air conditioning company claimed that they knew how to fix units, but they put in some kind of half unit that busted a leak in the roof of my house. When I tried to get back in touch with them, they never returned any calls, so I had to get someone else to come in and clean up the mess. A friend of mine directed me to Absolute Comfort. The workers were very nice, and they came out in a timely manner. They were very good and explained to me exactly what needed to be done. They got it done, and I was very pleased with the work that they did. I would recommend them. I would give the company an A+.”
“Everything works fine. I'm satisfied with the service, and I have no complaints. The people were courteous. They did an installation of one unit. It took a little bit of time to do it, because the job required almost half a day. They were local and near my home, and I would recommend them. I would call them if I had any issues. I'd give them an A+.”
“They've been the only company that's been able to figure out my A/C system. After I found them, that was it. The workers are great. I only deal with Hector—he's a great guy. I would recommend Absolute Comfort. They're an A+.”
“They come in the spring and the fall to make any repairs that are needed. They fix it right the first time, and they check everything to make sure the air conditioning and the heating is working. They don't try to sell me something I don't need. They always show up in a timely fashion, and it doesn't take very long. I don't have them on a service contract—they just call me each time in the spring, and then I call them if something goes wrong. I have a two-unit system, and Absolute Comfort did the original installation. I would absolutely recommend them. I've never had any complaints at all. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were prompt and fixed the problem, and they completed the work in an efficient manner. It was just a repair. My husband picked them, and I just call them when I need them. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were prompt. They answered all my questions, and gave me information I asked for that wasn't directly related to what they were there for that day. They were friendly. They finished the work and responded to my initial request in a timely manner. They did some air conditioning work earlier in the year, and then they came back and did some servicing when I was ready to turn the heater on—just maintenance. The customer service was very good. I'd give them an A+.”
“It was easy to get an appointment. It's nice that when it's time for the service, they call ahead to make sure it gets done. The person who came to do the service was nice, and the work he performed was neat—everything was clean before he left. He explained to me everything he did. Also, he came up with some suggestions on how to prevent some further damage that could happen if we don't take precautions, which we are considering. So far, it has been a very nice service—they deserve an A+.”
“I think the technician was really good. He was really good about explaining things and making sure I had his number in case something else came up. The issue that they came out to repair was a solenoid that kept going bad. We have a heat pump, and it wasn't making the change from one to the other when it was supposed to. I'd give Absolute Comfort an A+.”
“My initial contact with them was for a repair of my air conditioning unit outside. He did what he was supposed to do, and he didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. I've had that experience once before with another company. The technician from Absolute Comfort fixed the problem and that was it. Then, he came back and looked at my heater just to set it up for the winter. Everything's fine. It had blown some capacitors in it, so they just replaced them. I've got no complaints. I'd give them an A+ on it.”
“They were good. They come when they say they're going to, and they always give you a heads-up to let you know that they're within 30 minutes of getting there. They did a heating check, and they're the only company I use for that. They're pretty much a contract-on-a-regular-basis type deal. I'd give them an A+.”
“They came out and gave a straightforward evaluation of my needs. I put in two completely new units, and they answered most of my questions, a number of which I knew the answers to already. They were very professional, and they cleaned up their work. They did a good job of putting the system in, and it's been working very well for several months. The installation of the system was the first time that I used them. I'd give Absolute Comfort an A+.”
“They did the installation. I just thought they did a good job of having a project manager come out and give an estimate. They stuck with the estimate and seemed to do the job as requested. I had no issues with the job. I thought they were good, and I didn't have any problems with their work ethic or anything like that. I would give them an A+.”
“I was completely satisfied. The gentleman that came over—I believe his name was Jim—was a very nice guy. He explained everything to me and seemed like an honest person. When I met him, he just seemed like an honest person, so that's why I did business with the company. I would give them an A+.”
“Absolute Comfort replaced the air conditioning unit. They came out, did the job, and got it done. I would give them the top grade.”
“The person that came to our place was friendly, professional, frank, and honest. The work had to do with both the cooling and the heating units. It's an A+.”
“Absolute Comfort installed a new furnace. They have been quick to respond to service requests. They've done several installations that have been pretty quick, and the equipment has worked great. I would give them an A+ for sure.”
“They were clean, on time, and efficient. They came out for a repair, and then we had them come back for the winter check. I would give Absolute Comfort an A+.”
“I like them. Their service is as good as any I've had so far for an A/C service, so they're good. It's an A+.”
“They put in a new heater for me. The speed with which they got the heater in made it a positive experience. They looked at it one day, and they brought the parts out the next morning. The air conditioner was out, and it was hot. The blower on the heater blows the cold air into the house, so we had to have a new heater. It wasn't that we needed a heater. We needed the A/C and the blower on the heater. They were great—loved them. It was the third or fourth time using them. Because they come out fast and get it done, I haven't had any problems with the work. I like them. I would give Absolute Comfort an A+.”
“I've been using them for quite a few years now. The technician is a really nice guy, and they send out the same one every time. I started with them doing just the preventative maintenance. I would give them probably an A+.”
“The quick service call that they came out for was very quick. It's been about four months since they came out, and they got the job done. I would give them an A+. I'll be calling them again pretty soon.”

They provide great products, and their advice, their work ethic—all of that is just exceptionally good. I would highly, highly, highly recommend them. They replaced a complete furnace and ductwork for me, and they did outstanding work.