Types of Window Film

Solar control film. Solar control films are used primarily as a shield against the sun’s heat. Transparent solar film rejects up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays, and when color tinted, it filters as much as 95 percent. In summer, this keeps rooms cooler and relieves the pressure on the home’s air conditioning systems, resulting in lower energy bills. Many types of films also trap heat in winter, keeping the interior warmer and more comfortable. Most solar control films are available with a scratch-resistant coating to protect the surface of the glass against minor injury.

Security/safety film. Security films are designed with powerful adhesives to hold window glass together securely and prevent shards from flying if the glass breaks. As they are thicker and stronger than standard window film, most security films can withstand wind, flying debris, and some direct impact, such as a blow from an intruder; but they may not be able to withstand a deluge of water, as occurs with flooding.

Decorative. Etched glass effects have become very popular in recent years, but the process is expensive and permanent. Many window films have been developed recently that provide the look of etched glass but at a significant savings. These films have become very popular with designers because they can be rimmed and applied in a variety of textures and design configurations. Also, because they are not a permanent installation, they can be removed if the homeowner’s design plan changes in a few years.