The Benefits of Window Tinting

Energy efficiency. This energy-efficient material can help lower heating and cooling costs by providing extra insulation. Also, installing window tint is much more cost-effective than replacing old windows with new ones, resulting in even more savings for the homeowner.

Slowed fading. Adding window tinting can help boost the UV ray blockage properties of the glass. By keeping out excess sunlight, window tint slows fading, helping homeowners to retain the beauty of furniture, carpets, and artwork, and protect their value for years to come.

Privacy. The addition of tint on windows increases a home’s privacy and security by making it more difficult to see inside, while still allowing a homeowner to look outside with an unobstructed view.

Design. Some interior designers use window tints as a design element because they come in various attractive shades and patterns and no drilling of holes for curtain rods is necessary. Also, placing window tint of similar shades on the inside of a home’s windows helps give the home a more unifying look from the street.