Atlanta Window Tints and Breakage

There are special types of security and safety window film on the market that are different from the energy-saving or decorative window tints. Security/safety films are manufactured to be more durable than traditional window film, providing extra strength to windows during storms and potential break-ins. These stronger window tints hold the glass in place if it shatters and can also keep excess water outside of the home in case a break in the window does occur during a storm. Additionally, these tints are easier to install than other types of protection, as no drilling is required; the tint can stay in windows 24 hours a day and not block a homeowner’s view.

Window films that are designed for decorative or solar-energy saving purposes may offer limited glass breakage protection as a side benefit, but they are not tested under the same conditions as security/safety films. Homeowners should review the manufacturers’ information on the specific benefits of any product they may be considering.