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At Clearly Amazing, we offer the ease and convenience of a single source for a full menu of exterior cleaning and holiday lighting services. We deliver superior-quality services, consistent results, and an exceptional experience. Our team takes enormous pride in their work and views it as much more than just a job.

Clearly Amazing offers professional residential and commercial window cleaning; pressure washing; gutter cleaning and brightening; roof, siding, and deck soft washing; dryer vent cleaning; and holiday light installation.

About Maryland Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Companies

Nobody wants a house full of dirty windows, but who has time to get out the ladder, bucket, and squeegee? Many Maryland and DC homeowners depend on window washing companies to do the dirty work for them, but now for further questions: who to choose? And how do you know that the company will actually do a great job cleaning your home’s windows? Fortunately for the residents of Maryland and the Washington, DC area, EBSCO Research has determined the window cleaners worth hiring and named them Best Picks™. A Best Pick™ Maryland window washer can clean your windows as well as perform other services, including window screen cleaning, hard water spot removal, and minor window repair.

Many DC and Maryland window cleaning companies also perform pressure washing, a high-powered cleaning method for surfaces like concrete, wood, and the exterior walls of a home. Only a professional should use a commercial-grade power washer—misuse can damage the material you’re hoping to clean—so if you’re in need of these services, be sure you call the experts.

Choosing a Best Pick™ Maryland/DC window cleaner means getting a company that’s earned an “A” average grade from over 100 of its former customers. Companies must earn their way into the rankings—no one can buy their way in. This means you can trust that a Best Pick™ company is really the best.