Typical Types of Windows

Wood. Wood is the traditional material used for windows. Wood windows can be elegant and attractive and are available in a wide variety of designs. The price varies greatly, depending on quality and design. Wood can be stained or painted to match the décor of the house. However, wood absorbs water and can rot or deteriorate if neglected. To keep wood looking its best, regular maintenance is required.

Vinyl. Vinyl windows never require painting and are virtually maintenance free. Vinyl windows also provide good insulation, are cost effective, and are available in a large selection of designs and colors. High-quality vinyl windows offer some of the best insulation available.

Aluminum. Aluminum windows offer good strength, are cost effective, and can be painted to match the color of your house. However, because aluminum is a metal and conducts heat, it is not as energy efficient as other alternatives. Additionally, aluminum naturally corrodes and pits.