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"Red Oaks Shutters & Windows is a leading provider of high-quality hurricane protection in South Florida. Founded by Dave Barbour in 1990, we are a family-owned company that has continued to serve all of South Florida for over 25 years, gaining a vast amount of knowledge in the industry."

Alex Dominguez | Accounting Manager
Company Information
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Red Oaks Shutters & Windows provides window and door replacement services for residential customers. The company offers a variety of window and door options, including single- and double-hung, awning-style, casement, horizontal roller, architectural, and fixed windows as well as sliding glass, French, steel, fiberglass, and solid-wood doors. Red Oaks Shutters carries products containing hurricane impact-resistant glass.
The company provides a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was established in 1990 by David Barbour, who has over 35 years of industry experience.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
South Broward County, North Broward County, North Palm Beach County, South Palm Beach County
A selection of 59 homeowner reviews:
“Red Oaks is excellent. I'd give them the best rating—A+. They put in impact windows and assessed the existing hurricane shutters. They did everything they said they were going to do, they met every schedule, and they were pleasant to work with; they were wonderful. I'd give them an A+.”
“They're terrific. They come on time, they clean up after themselves, and they always do their job perfectly. They're excellent. I recommend them to everyone. They're an A+.”
“They did hurricane windows and several sliding doors. They were very accommodating and did everything perfectly. Everything was very good. I'd give them the highest grade—A+.”
“They did windows and sliding glass doors. The crew was very professional. I've seen the work of other companies, and theirs is top-notch. Red Oaks Shutters does A+ work.”
“They're very good. Their salesperson, Robert, stood out. They put in windows. He's the one who made it work, so he was absolutely fabulous. He's the best part of the whole organization. I'd give them an A. I'd almost definitely recommend them.”
“They're fantastic. l liked everything. They were on time and personal. The job was done in the day that they'd promised. The experience is definitely an A+. I would recommend them for sure.”
“They did some glass. Some window work. It was very positive. They made a mistake, and they fixed it, so that's what I liked. They were supposed to save the shutter that they took off, and they didn't; they threw it away, but they went and replaced it, so that was good. They were supposed to transfer the existing shutters on the window where we no longer needed a shutter. They transferred it over to the front door, but they threw away the one that they took off the window and never got it on the front door, but that didn't stop them from getting another one and putting it on. It was excellent with no complaints. Across the board, no complaints.”
“They installed a side door. I think that they did a good follow-up. They were on time. They did a good job. I'd give them an excellent rating overall.”
“I'm thrilled with Red Oaks Shutter. They've done work for us in the past, and they're continuing to do work for us in the future. I think they're a great South Florida contractor where good contractors are frankly far and few between. They're doing a huge window project for us right now. The windows are on order.”
“They're good. They put in a sliding window. I'd give them an excellent rating.”
“It was very easy. I had a door done. They pulled the permit, but then I had to go track everything down and get the inspections and schedule all of that. One of the best things was that they came in—it was like two days or three days—they did the whole thing, and they had the inspector come that day. It was all wrapped up. They did my windows and doors. I'd give them an A-.”
“They were great. The installer, Freddy, did a really good job. I'd give them an A+. From top to bottom, they were good. I've already recommended them.”
“They installed some hurricane windows and doors and back windows. They were just very thorough. They were conscientious. I had a couple of problems, and they addressed them and made them right. I'd give them an A+ overall. I already have recommended them.”
“They did the job on time and on the budget that they gave us, so I am pleased with them. They installed seven sliding glass panels on our patio. I'd give them an A. We have recommended them to a number of people.”
“They were very personable, very nice, and always came when I needed them. They did remodeling and some windows. They did fine. It's all good.”
“They quoted a job, and they did the job. I could trust them to do the job, and they did it well and professionally. There was not a negative thing about them.”
“They came. They did the work. They cleaned up. Everything went well. I had a problem with a couple screws, and a few days later I went back, and they gave me new screws. So I have no complaints. I'd give them an A.”
“They're a very good company. They had good service. I'd give them an A all the way.”
“I will call so that they can maintain the window—cleaning and all of that. It was a positive experience. It's OK. I had a good job. I had no complaints.”
“They just did what they said they would do. I chose them because they had specialized products. Overall, I'd give them an A.”
“They did a real good job, and they did it in the time frame they were expected to do it in. I'd give them an A-.”
“It was very positive.”
“It was very positive. I was happy with them. The wall in question is very well done, and I'm just satisfied with them.”
“It was just a positive experience.”
“The work was fine.”
“I liked them.”
“They did good work.”
“It was good. They did some nice work. We had one thing they needed to come back and fix, and they came right back and fixed it. They put in a door. They were good. We liked them.”
“They sent a salesman out to measure and give us accurate costs that would be paid. Then we had some delays, and they were very patient with that. They delivered a very good product, and I was very pleased with it. The people there were very nice. They did metal, decorative shutters. I'd give them an A. They were very good. I'd go back to them. I think their product will last.”