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Bruin Corporation of Framingham has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 192 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Bruin helps people live more comfortably, save money, and help the environment. At Bruin, we are committed to supplying you with the best products and installing these products with qualified personnel. We are a sustainable business that will be around to service your home for years to come."

Darcy Reardon | Director of Sales
Company Information
Services Offered
Bruin Corporation of Framingham installs and replaces vinyl and wood windows in addition to installing entry, patio, and storm doors for residential and commercial customers. The company also installs gutters, roofing, siding, trim, fascia, and insulation.
Bruin Corporation offers a ten-year labor warranty on all Harvey window products.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1980 by Bob Olson, who has over 40 years of industry experience.
Bruin Corporation is a Harvey Elite Dealer and a Harvey Master Applicator.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Additional Information
Bruin Corporation installs windows and doors by Harvey, Andersen, and Pella.
HIC 104714, CS-053402
Areas Served
Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Quincy, Malden, Medford, Newton, Somerville, Billerica, Lexington, Marlborough, Maynard, Waltham, Andover, Beverly, Burlington, Lynn, Peabody, Salem, Woburn, Framingham, Hopkinton, Medfield, Natick, Needham, Sharon, Stoughton, Wellesley

“They are a reliable company that offers quality products. They have great workmanship, and I would highly recommend Bruin.”

“They were excellent.”

“Communication was great and very easy. They were fast and on time. The job was done quickly. Five stars across the board.”

“I had a very positive experience with Bruin. They put in some windows for us. They communicated ahead of time, came when they said they were going to, and did the work efficiently and quickly. The quality of the product is excellent. They're A+.”

“They did a spectacular job. They installed windows. I'd give them an A+. They were really great.”

“They're wonderful. I've used them several times, and I'm satisfied with them. They did roofing and door installation. I'm really happy with them. I found them very nice and cordial. I'd recommend them very much. They're very nice to work with—A+.”

“They're a good company. They're excellent. They installed windows. They did what they said they were going to do, they finished when they said, and they kept the area clean. It was good. I'd give Bruin an A.”

“It was very positive. They installed some windows for us, and they did an excellent job. They were very professional. It was nice to deal with them, and we certainly would consider them again. They're A+. Everything was really good. It is extremely likely I would recommend them.”

“Bruin did door installation for me. They're very clean, courteous, timely, and responsive. I would give them an A. Their customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend them.”

“It was awesome. They were good to deal with. They were easy to deal with, and they held up on their word. They replaced my sliding doors and windows. How about an A. I recommend them.”

“They replaced windows and installed a bay window and a front door. I thought they were very accommodating. They arrived on time, they did the job in the time that they had quoted, and they made any adjustments that I asked for. They asked me for input periodically throughout. And, all in all, I thought it was an excellent job. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They were very punctual. They were on time. They finished ahead of time. It was a great experience. They installed a door and a window. They earned an A+.”

“Bruin Corporation replaced the front door and a storm door. They're very good, conscientious, and clean. They did a good job and showed up on time. I'd give them an A+.”

“We liked them. This was our second time using them. The first time I really appreciated—we had a nine month old when they were doing all the work, and it was the middle of winter. They replaced some of our windows, and they were very respectful of her needs and potential problems. They were very efficient and respectful. They also did gutter installation for me. They fixed two of the problem areas in our gutters. We haven't had problems since. I'd say A+. I've recommend them. I've definitely already given their number out.”

“They installed windows. I'd give them an A+.”

“They're great. They installed windows. They're A+. It was good. Customer service was great.”

“They replaced several windows, a front door, and a sliding door. I'd give them an A+.”

“I contracted with Bruins. We had a very positive experience with them. They put in windows. They were very professional. They came in and did the job. They kept clean. They were efficient and on time, and they were done in four hours. It was A+ work. I'd recommend them again.”

“I thought they were very professional. They just did window installation. They had done work prior to that as well. As far as I know, A+.”

“Bruin Corp did some window work. They repaired some windows for us, and they did a good job. It was all as advertised and efficient and personal, too. I would give them an A+.”

“They replaced two windows. They're A+. They were very helpful.”

“I liked everything they did. They were quick, and they were clean. It was a good experience. They replaced two windows. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were on time and did a good job. They put in a furnace. I would grade them as an A+.”

“They did door installation for me. They came, they were efficient, and it all worked out great. I'd give them an A.”

“It was fine. They did door installation for me. I'd give them an A. The customer service was okay.”

“I just thought they did a good job of getting the estimate in and getting the work done when they said they were going to get it done. They did door installation—a front door and a garage door. I'd give them an A-.”

“It was fine. No problems. It was pretty neutral. They did door installation for me. We can give them an A.”

“They did the front door. They were just easy to work with and respectful. Overall, it was A-quality work.”

“They put in a back-screen door. The job was done quickly and correctly, and the thing works just the way I wanted. I'd give them an A-. I didn't have recourse to them really. They came, they sold me, and then they came back and installed it.”

“Bruin installed a new front door. they just came in and did the work on time. They were pretty much working in a timely manner, so we really liked them. I'd rate them as an A-. Everything's been great.”

“They put a new door in for us. They were quick, clean, and accurate. I wasn't here when they put the door in, but they have put other doors in for us, and they're just very efficient and very good. I'd give them an A.”

“They did gutters, and they've done my windows before. They're just efficient. They come when they say they're going to come. They call when they say they're going to call. They're good. They're an A.”

“They did do some work for me. I had to have the come back, but they did it. They installed windows in my house. I'd probably give them an A-.”

“They did windows and a door. They just did a nice job. I'd give them an A.”

“They were very efficient, did a good job in a timely fashion, and put my living room back in order after they got through. I had them do windows 25 years ago, so this past year I had them back again. It was strictly replacement windows. I would use them again. I'd give them an A.”

“I definitely had a positive experience with Bruin. They installed windows throughout my condo establishment and also installed a new front door and screen door. Very pleasant personalities, very responsive, and accessible. They came up with a good plan for me, and they kind of rushed the order a little bit for me to get everything in before the cold weather. My mother was moving in, so they accommodated and got it all installed. We had a warmer winter. A for them.”

“They did windows and two doors. They were easy to get in contact with. They were responsive and timely. I'd give them an A-.”

“They installed a sliding patio door where there previously was a window. They did a nice, neat, and clean job. Everything functioned well, and the workers were very professional. I'd give them an A. I definitely would recommend them.”

“They did some work on the windows. They did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They did great work. I would use them again. They did some windows for me. Just very prompt and very responsive. They did a nice, quick job—great experience. I recommend them, and I will use them again.”

“They did storm doors and a bay window. Everything made it positive—they were easy to deal with, good installation, and a good product. The workers were fine; they were great. That was about it. They're an A.”

“They were fine. They did a spa window.”

“Bruin Corp put in some windows. I live in a townhouse, so I didn't have a lot of choice in who did the windows, so it was pretty much went in. The folks were very nice. I told them where I lived, they knew exactly what I needed, and we got the work scheduled and done. I'd give them an A-. I would recommend them to somebody in the townhouse complex. They're approved by the condo association.”

“They were very responsive. This is the second time we've used them. When I called them, they called me right back. There was a little lag time for the window to get in after it was ordered, but they were pretty responsive the whole way through. I'd say A.”

“We've used them many times and, we've been very satisfied with their work. They did window installation for me in a couple of different places. They seem to stand behind their work, so I would say an A.”

“They did a very good job. They did a good job putting the window in. Just the overall—the men were polite, and the window was good. Everything seems good. It's A-quality work. They cleaned up very well after.”

“They put in a bay window where French doors were. I didn't dislike anything that I know. I don't know what I liked, because I don't get a bay window installed everyday that I could compare it. They did a good job—I liked that. I'd give them an A. I don't have much to compare them to. Everything was fine as far as I know. So far so good.”

“Bruin did a window replacement. It was on time and clean. They cleaned after themselves, which was nice. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a window. It was good.”

“They were doing windows. They were very good. I'd give them an A rating.”

“They installed a window. I would say the one things that stands out is the window was not going to be installed for two months, and every time it rained it leaked, and they put a lot of effort in to get it moved up and got it done way quicker than we expected, which my wife and I really appreciated. No complaints, but nothing else remarkable. I'm just going to say A. I already have recommended them.”

“They did the roof. They also did a storm door. It was pretty quick. It was very fast, quick, and easy. I'd give them an A. They did good.”

“It was a roofing job. They replaced a skylight. I liked everything about it. I'd give them an A. The cleanliness was good. It was a rough start to get going. There was a lot of cancellations and rescheduling, but other than that, once they got going, they did everything in one day.”

“They replaced some windows, and they replaced my entire front door—transom, side lights, everything, so it was a fairly big job. I liked all the workers that came. They were all very nice, professional, neat, and clean. They tidied up afterward. They did a very nice job. They earned an A.”

“I had a couple of windows replaced. They were on time. They came in, and they were quick. They did a fairly good job I'd have to say. They were clean, and it was good. I'd give them an A.”