Consumer Tips

Sometimes companies intentionally deliver low quality at a low price. However, during the sales process, these companies often focus on explaining the low price rather than the low quality. If homeowners are not aware of these discrepancies, they may end up paying too much money for a low-quality product or service. Consumers should educate themselves about what they are buying and always get the details in writing when comparing companies.

Prices that seem to good to be true usually are too good to be true. Many homeowners reported that they often regretted their decisions to select a company based on the low price. What seems like a good deal can often turn into a bad deal. Some of these companies provided low-quality work or inadequate materials, while others practiced unethical business practices, such as working without insurance, not paying taxes, or using unskilled laborers. Prices for the same work can vary; therefore, homeowners should get more than one estimate.

Homeowners should not assist contractors or lend them tools because if the contractor has an accident or gets injured, the contractor may be able to make a tort claim against the homeowner. For example, if a homeowner is holding a ladder for a contractor and it slips and the contractor is injured, the company could hold the homeowner liable.

Many homeowners reported hiring companies based on a recommendation from a neighbor or friend, but consumers should remember that one referral is only one referral. Bad companies can still have a few good reviews. Sometimes homeowners had much worse experiences than their neighbor or friend, even when they used the same company. In order to avoid this problem, Home Reports conducts extensive research with Atlanta homeowners and has more than 100 positive reviews on each of its Best Pick™ Companies.