Causes of Water Issues

Basement and crawl space water problems are almost always caused by water pressure against the walls, foundation, or floor of the basement or crawl space. According to the experts, this water pressure can result from a number of different sources, including poor grading or defective gutters/downspouts.

With proper grading, the land slopes away from the house. Over time, the slope of the grading surrounding the house may change as loose dirt settles. If large amounts of settling occur, water can actually reverse direction and flow toward the house. Additionally, some homeowners and landscapers unknowingly reverse the slope of the grading while modifying the landscaping around the house.

Defective gutters and downspouts can dump gallons of water onto the ground adjacent to a house. As discussed in the gutter installers section, the excess water may lead to waterproofing problems.

Whatever the cause, excess water that applies pressure to the outside basement wall, foundation, or floor will force its way into the house. Although the most common entry points are small cracks in the cold joint between the basement wall, the basement floor, and the footer, the exact entry point is irrelevant. If water pressure is present, a waterproofing problem will develop.