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"As second-generation waterproofers, we pride ourselves on our personal attention to our customers. Our goal is to permanently solve the issue that the customer is having. We offer fair prices for quality work and use respectful and responsible technicians with at least ten years of experience."

Konstantinos Katsabanis | Owner & President
Company Information
Services Offered
Chicagoland Waterproofing offers a variety of waterproofing solutions for residential and commercial customers, including drain tiles, French drains, yard drains, window well drains, dry wells, sump pump and pit installation, egress windows, downspout extensions, and battery backup systems. The company also repairs foundation cracks and bowing walls; offers sewer rodding, camera inspections, and sewer repair services; and provides high-pressure urethane injection, foundation line seals, and carbon fiber strips.
Services Not Offered
Chicagoland Waterproofing does not repair roofs or window seals.
The company offers a lifetime labor warranty in addition to manufacturer warranties on sump pumps and battery backup systems.
Company History
Chicagoland Waterproofing was founded in 1974.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 120 homeowner reviews:
“Chicagoland Waterproofing came out to my home and inspected it. They discovered exactly where the leak was coming from, told me exactly what they could do, and did it. Since that time, I have not had a leak from that spot at all. I am very happy with them, and if I ever get any type of leak under my foundation, they will be the only ones that I will call. I would probably give them an A overall. The customer service was outstanding.”
“They provide great service, and they're very dependable. They did good work. They stopped the leaks that we had. It was a real problematic job, and they were very attentive to their work. I would give them an A.”
“It was great. Gus was really easy to get ahold of. He always answered the phone or called me back right away. They worked really hard and were very clean. I'll give them an A.”
“The service was excellent, outstanding. I would certainly give them an A.”
“Overall, they were prompt, they were on time, and they fixed it in a timely manner. I'd give them an excellent grade, and I would recommend them to customers.”
“I called Chicagoland Waterproofing last year. Everything was fine. They were on time, and they did the job. There's no leak. I'd give them the highest possible grade. Everything worked out good. I have no complaints. I'd definitely use them again or recommend them to somebody.”
“They were very, very good. I've never had water leaks since they came in. I'd give them an A.”
“I'd give them an A.”
“They were good. They just kind of made a trench in our basement around the foundation and put drain tile in. I'd give them an A. There hasn't been a lot of water or big storms yet, because this was done in November. I guess when a huge rainstorm comes, that'll be the true test, but so far, everything is great. They cleaned everything up.”
“It was good, honestly. They did a sewer check and repaired some cracks in the basement. They were fine. They seemed pleasant and knowledgeable. I have no complaints. I would have to say A. I don't have any memory or any problems with it, so in those regards, it would be an A.”
“My basement flooded, and I was very happy I chose Chicagoland Waterproofing because I also got an estimate from another company who said, 'You know it's a finished basement—I'm absolutely certain there's no crack.' Chicagoland came in and said, 'Yeah there's got to be a crack in there.' They found the crack. I'd give them an A.”
“I'd give them an A.”
“They were fine. They were good.”
“Everything was fine with them. They did work on my foundation. I had a leak at the top of my foundation, and they took care of it. I'd give them an A.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing wasn't pushy, and they weren't trying to sell things. They explained to me what they were doing and why they were doing it. They fixed a crack—a leak in our crawl space; they were doing waterproofing. I'd give them an A.”
“I liked Chicagoland Waterproofing's willingness to go back and make sure everything was set up correctly and working to my satisfaction. They put a sump pump in my town house. I'd give them an A.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing did several things for us, one of which was that they fixed something that no one else, in over 16 years, had been able to fix. So far, it works. I'm very pleased with them. They fixed a leak at the top of our foundation where someone had done some foundation work, cut into it, and repaired it incorrectly. They had to make something up, and it took them a while to figure out what to do, but they did figure it out. The boss or owner had to come out and look at it. They all agreed that it was a made-up solution because they hadn't seen it before, but they did it. We were very pleased with it. I'd give them an A.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing did a superb job. They were professional and knowledgeable, and they instructed me on what they were doing. I haven't had a drop of water in my basement since, so I'm very happy. Four cracks in my basement were leaking water, and they filled them. They get an A+.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing sealed a crack in the concrete driveway along the house so no water would penetrate the basement. Their customer service was excellent. I chose them because they're a local company, and I heard great reviews about them. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They are a good company. They were prompt, knowledgeable, and clean, and they did a really nice job of explaining everything. They did foundation crack repair, put in some new flood controls, and corrected some drainage issues. They were great—A+.”
“I didn't interact with them, but my brother did. There are no leaks at the house anymore, so I would say they did a good job. I don't have water coming in, so they get an A from me.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing came over, repaired it for me, and provided a lifetime warranty for that. They are pretty good—they're pretty awesome. They did the job in 15 minutes, and then they were all done. The other company would give me an appointment in three months, but there was no point; by that time, my basement would have been flooded completely. These guys are pretty quick—I called them, they were here the very next day, and they fixed it within a week. So far, I haven't had any leakage again. I would give them an A.”
“They did some evaluations and looked at some stuff, and they were courteous and on time. We've worked with them twice, and I would grade them an A+.”
“I would give Chicagoland Waterproofing an A+ grade.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing did what they said they would do—they were OK. I found them through a friend. I'd give their company an A.”
“They did a waterproofing job, and they gave me good service—that was it.”
“They waterproofed and water-sealed a crack in my foundation; they drilled the holes and put epoxy in there. They were prompt and very clean when they were done. When we called, we were getting a lot of rain—everybody was getting water—and they were the first to give us an estimate. I would give them an A.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing did a very nice job, and they were good.”
“They fixed the problem—they added inside drain tiles and a sump pump. They were responsive, they came when I called, and they came when they said they were going to come. I would grade them as an A.”
“They took care of foundation cracks. It was very fast, they came in, they came out, and I haven't seen any leaks—everything was as I expected. It looked like Chicagoland Waterproofing had been around a long time, so I went with them. I would give them an A.”
“They came back because it still leaked a little bit, but they'd told us that the first time around that it might not go well because it had rained a little the night before—they were honest with us and came back and fixed it. There are no more leaks, so I'm very happy. I would recommend them even more, so because they were honest. I would give them an A grade.”
“No more water came in after they left. We got their name from our architect, and I would give them an A.”
“They performed the job. They did what I asked them to do—they put in drain tile. I chose them based on a referral, and I'd give them an A grade. The workers did great.”
“The work was very well done. They put in interior drain tiles for flood control around the perimeter of the house. I chose them because my contractor recommended them, and I would rate them A-.”
“They did a drain tile system. I like that they did what they said they were going to do at the price that they promised and in the amount of time that they promised. I would recommend them—I would grade them as an A-.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing's crew was great. A crack in my basement foundation was leaking, and they fixed it. It hasn't leaked since. The workers did a really good job, and I liked their supervisor. They explained the whole process to me directly, and it was all a good experience. I'd give them an A+.”
“I'm a regular with Chicagoland Waterproofing, and they've provided me with good service over the years. The owner has always been very helpful for me. They did some crack repair for the foundation a couple of years ago, and they did work on my sump pump during the most recent visit. They deserve an A+.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing was great, and we had a really good experience with them. The owner came out and explained everything, and he was very informative. I'd rate them an A+.”
“I had a wonderful experience. They did a great job. I would give them an A.”
“They were great. They were friendly, and they got the job done. They put in a sump pump in the basement. I chose them because they were the best, they seemed the friendliest, and they got the job done. They get an A from me.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing showed up when I asked them, accommodated me, and as far as scheduling goes, they did a good job. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were prompt and took care of the issue efficiently and quickly. They were in and out of there in a respectable amount of time, and it wasn't too much hassle. They patched a hole in our foundation or a crack in our foundation. I would give them an A+.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing was very good. They did some waterproofing for me. Everything went really well with them. There were some cracks going on, and Chicagoland seemed professional. They were there when they said they would be there, and they made good on their appointments. I would give them an A+.”
“Chicagoland Waterproofing did what they said they were going to do in the time frame that they gave. They were very quick, clean, and proficient. I'd give them an A.”
“The guy from Chicagoland Waterproofing kept his word, and he did what he said he would do. He sealed cracks, directed the flow of water into the existing drainage tiles that were clogged, and built a small cement block that turned the water toward that drainage system. He was recommended by a very close friend who had seen his work and used him. I would give him an A.”
“Using Chicagoland Waterproofing was great—they were quick, efficient, accurate, and very easy to work with. It's what we were looking for, and I would not hesitate to recommend the organization to others. They waterproofed an impervious wall so that it leads to a nearby injection pump. I have not had a drop of water in my basement since they finished. It's definitely an A, a 100 percent, all good with nothing bad.”
“They fixed a foundation crack for me. They were on time, and they were very fast—they left my house within 30 minutes. I'd give them an A.”
“I liked that Chicagoland Waterproofing was pretty professional. I've never had any work like that done before. It's rained a few times since they've been here, and I haven't had any complications. The work seems to be pretty solid. The guys were nice, and the owner showed up a couple times, so that was cool. He was a nice guy. They were personable, friendly, and pretty quick. I'd give them an A.”