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Atlas Restoration LLC has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 295 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
9th year as a Best Pick Call
"Atlas has served Chicagoland for 39 years, ensuring that you will receive exceptional service from your initial call to the installation by our highly trained team. We have a full array of the most efficient and cutting-edge waterproofing products. This enables us to custom design every repair around your specific needs."

Chris Heintz | Co-owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Atlas Restoration offers residential and commercial waterproofing and flood restoration services. The company also provides foundation repair and carpentry services, including basement finishing and deck installation. Atlas specializes in drain tile systems, urethane and epoxy crack injection, window well drains, primary and battery backup pumps, crawl space liners, humidity control devices, underground drain extensions, and exterior waterproofing.
The company offers transferable warranties on waterproofing and foundation repair projects.
Company History
The local company has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1979.
Atlas employs technicians certified in the Hydraway Waterproofing System. The company is a member of the Basement Health Association, the CHANCE Alliance Network, and the International Concrete Repair Institute.
Areas Served
Chicago, Lincolnwood, Deerfield, Evanston, Glenview, Highland Park, Libertyville, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Wilmette, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Elgin, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Mount Prospect, Palatine, Schaumburg, Streamwood, Aurora, Berwyn, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, La Grange, Lockport, Naperville, Romeoville, Woodridge, Addison, Batavia, Carol Stream, Elmhurst, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Saint Charles, West Chicago, Wheaton

“I liked their flexibility and the willingness to listen to my specific problem and come up with a custom solution that I wanted in the end. They did both foundation repair and waterproofing, but primarily waterproofing, for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A+. Cleanliness—they did everything I asked. Expertise—they were willing to do what I wanted. I had to explain what I needed them to do, and they did it. I have recommended them.”

“Atlas Restoration did an excellent job on my crawl space encapsulation. They did a great job. Wonderful employees.”

“Great experience with Atlas from beginning to end. They are professional and kind, and they truly know their business—A+.”

“They provided detailed, expert information during a walk-through of our basement and then worked with us throughout the estimate process. Our basement had seepage, and Atlas corrected it. The work was completed in a timely manner and was very well done. We are very satisfied.”

“Atlas is very prompt in returning phone calls. They have done several jobs for us. They are a very good and reliable company.”

“Atlas was amazing. They were on time and very professional. They cleaned up every day, and the job was incredible—A+.”

“I had a very positive experience with Atlas. Sales people very friendly and quite helpful when seeking advice. Back office was equally nice. Work seems to be fine, it is still quite new so it is hard to judge the waterproofing.”

“Atlas sealed our cracked foundation this past spring. Throughout a very rainy past few months, there is absolutely no evidence of moisture. The representative who came out to assess the project was very helpful and the technician that did the work was very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent work!”

“Great job!”

“Satisfied with work.”

“They're nice people who work hard and know how to do the job right!”

“They used low pressure injection to seal a couple cracks in the poured foundation where water was coming in. We've had a couple heavy rains since and so far no evidence of any water coming in. They did what they promised.”

“Excellent work, excellent service and great communication by all parties.”

“Fine work. Would hire again if needed.”

“Our sump pumps are running every two minutes and I called and asked if someone could come check them. The initial guy was a bit rude and said there could be nothing wrong with our pumps. He was going to send to production for someone to call me and nobody ever did.”

“I'm very satisfied with the communications with the crew and quality of work!”

“They were on time, they did a quality job, and they completed it when they said they would. I had some window wells replaced. This was in response to an issue I was having, but it was preventative. I chose them because the salesman who estimated the job provided fabulous service to me. An A grade would be fine for me.”

“The Atlas Restoration people were really good, and they did exactly what they promised. They were the most commonsense company that we worked with. We had some drainage stuff on the side of the house between the foundation wall and the fireplace, and everybody else wanted the water company to come in. These guys actually stopped the water from coming into the house. We had a very good experience with them. They get an A rating from me.”

“I liked that they were there. We had three feet of water in our basement, and they helped us get it all cleaned up, get all the walls cleaned, and get everything stretched so we could rebuild it. They're very good. They did waterproofing, too. It was a couple of different days. I think an A is fine for them because they did a really good job.”

“The basement is completely dry, so it was a good job by Atlas Restoration. The people did a good, fast job. It was only a one-day job. It was a water leak and a wet basement, and they fixed the foundation. I would give them an A rating.”

“They came on time, did a good job, and cleaned up well, and everything seems to be functioning properly. It looks good. They were respectful and asked us questions. They put in window-well drains and a sump pump in our basement because we had some water seepage coming through the window wells. They're definitely an A-worthy company.”

“It was pretty good. Atlas Restoration did a good job. Everything was left clean. I think what they did was a drain tile on the outside to help with water leaking issues. I had no complaints, so I'd grade them as an A.”

“They have been out a couple of times. They were really responsive and worked hard to get the solution. They put in a back-up sump pump. An A grade is fine for them.”

“It was quite acceptable. They were quick; one of the companies that I called was three weeks out. I had a flooding problem several weeks before. Two days before the carpeting was due, I had this little tiny leak, which had never leaked before. Atlas Restoration came out on short notice, which was helpful. I think it was three or four days, so we did have to put it off a little bit. They squeezed me in at the end of the day, and it was very helpful to complete the work that day. These tubes that they use to put the materials into the wall are supposed to be sawed off or taken off, so I do have a little bit of pick-up work to finish up. That's the only negative that I ever had with them. They were very knowledgeable, and they left me with all the materials they needed to. There was no problem. I believe an A grade would be appropriate.”

“Atlas Restoration did the work that they promised they would do, they did it efficiently, and they did it for the price they quoted. They were digging a new window well in my house. I had some water coming in, and they fixed that problem. I'd grade them with an A.”

“I liked that they showed up when they said they were going to, and they gave me a price and kept to it. They did all the stuff they were supposed to do. They did floor support for some water issues. They get an A from me.”

“Atlas Restoration did a great job. The sales rep was very cordial and very professional, and the people came on time. We haven't had any kind of leak since, so I would recommend them. I would call them back if I needed something else. They're excellent.”

“I was impressed with the gentlemen who came out. They did what they said they were going to do, and they did it on a schedule that worked for us. We had a couple of cracks in our basement, and they sealed them and did the epoxy coating. We got a couple of other estimates, but I thought Atlas Restoration was reliable and would do well. I would give them an A.”

“The guys from Atlas Restoration were great, and they cleaned up. They did drain tiles in the basement because we had trouble every time it rained—the basement flooded. They get an A grade for doing excellent work.”

“Atlas Restoration fixed a crack in my basement. They were very prompt and got it done quickly. I would use them again.”

“They're the people that seal the cracks—Atlas Restoration. They did the job, and I was happy with it. The young man was professional and did good work, as far as I know. We were happy with our experience with them. There were no issues, so I'd say they were excellent.”

“They put drain tile inside the walls of the house to alleviate any seepage that might happen in heavy rains. They were on time, and they did a good job cleaning up after they were done with all the labor. I'd give them an A grade.”

“Atlas Restoration had a very excellent service. I think the company is very responsible. They fixed a leak on the wall on my shower room. It was very good quality. The technicians that came out were very nice and very helpful. This was my first time using them, and I'd highly recommend them—A+.”

“Atlas Restoration waterproofed my basement. They were very professional and nice, and they met all their deadlines. I would definitely use them again and recommend them. I think I hired them because they were in Best Picks. There's been no seepage, which was an ongoing problem for me, so that's been taken care of. They deserve an A.”

“We had a settling crack that they filled. They just were very thorough and seemed knowledgeable. I liked the fact that their work was guaranteed. I chose them because my sister had used them. I would give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration sealed over some crack in the basement. It was properly done. I know they did a good job. It was excellent—I have no complaints.”

“Atlas Restoration worked on our basement, and it hasn't flooded since. We had a crack, and water was coming in, so they sealed the whole thing. We've literally had some monstrous rains, but we haven't had a drop in the basement since. It's wonderful. I'd absolutely give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration was very good and professional. Everything is nice and secure—no water has come into my basement since they did the work. They assessed what they had to do, and then they sent somebody out who was very good. Everything was nice and clean at the end. They're excellent.”

“Atlas Restoration did a very fine job—they're an A+.”

“They fixed four cracks in a basement. They couldn't fix one because of the pressure of the water at the time, but they gave me a temporary solution, then came back when they were able to do it. I was highly satisfied. They were prompt and extremely clean, and they did exactly what they were supposed to and solved my problem. They deserve an A.”

“The basement was leaking. Atlas was called to fix the crack in the wall, and then they had to dig one of the window wells where everything was coming from. They had to tear out the carpeting and the drywall from the floor to four feet up. I got them from Best Pick Reports. It wasn't timely because everybody else was leaking, too—some were flooded six feet deep. It took them a while to get to us because they didn't have enough manpower and equipment, from what I understand. They were overwhelmed. I'd rate them as an A.”

“I had a great experience with Atlas Restoration. They came in, they did their work, they did everything they promised, and then they left. It was perfect. That was my first time using them. We had water coming in our basement. They finished the work within a reasonable amount of time. They get an A+ rating for sure.”

“They were excellent. We had some leaks in the basement, and they filled in some cracks in the wall. If the need arose in the future, I would consider Atlas. This was my first time using them. I went with Atlas because I had seen them working in the area. They cleaned up very nicely—actually, it looked better than before. There was one little issue, but I haven't contacted them again, so I don't know how they're going to respond to that. But that was unforeseen, and otherwise we had a very good experience with them—A.”

“I had a positive experience because my house isn't leaking anymore. They were very efficient. The workers that came out were professional. I think they were flexible too. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did everything they said they were going to do. They did some crack repair in the basement. They did the work as quickly as possible. The work came out adequately—very good. I'd give them an A or A+.”

“Atlas Restoration was always on time. They always did a thorough job and cleaned up. They did a good job. We actually had a floor joist crack, and they helped fix the floor joist. The time frame the work was finished in was good. They did a good job cleaning up. The workers were very knowledgeable about the little quirks we ran into, because we have an older house. It's been a little while since they did the work. I think that they were honest with us and didn't try to lead us down a path that we didn't need to go down—A+.”

“They were very professional and helpful—I felt I could trust them. They sealed a crack. The technicians were good. I would give them an A+. I would tell a friend or a relative that it's OK to go with them.”

“Atlas Restoration did a couple of things for me. They did work in the interior basement because it was having some problems. I think some of the cement was crumbling a little bit, so they redid that throughout the whole house. There was a little bit of a leakage coming in from a patio at the front of the house, so they tore out all the concrete and redid that. That was my first time using Atlas, and I would rate their work and service an A+.”

“They did good work. I had a positive experience with them. They did some waterproofing here at our business, sealing a wall. They also did some drain tile work at my home. They did a job at my office, so I chose them to work on my home. I'd give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did some waterproofing for me, and I would absolutely use them again. What was great was that they have a lifetime guarantee for the crack in the foundation that they fixed. We can sell our house 20 years from now, and that will still be guaranteed.”

“I liked their quality, reassurance, and the fact that it hasn't leaked yet. I had a positive experience. It was very good. I would give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration repaired some leaks in our garage. The quality of work was fine. This was the second time I used their service, and it's been a couple years since they did the work. We were very satisfied with their work. I would rate them an A.”

“I had window wells waterproofed by Atlas. I'd give them an A. It was a positive experience. They came out, gave me an estimate, and stuck to it. The cleanup was very good.”

“This was my first time using the company. Atlas Restoration did waterproofing. There were no issues, no concerns. I would give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration waterproofed my basement, and it leaked once, but then they came out and fixed it again. It just rained really hard. I would use this company again. It was a grade-A experience.”

“It was fairly simple. A bunch of guys came over and quickly fixed the basement ceiling and a vinyl barrier in our crawl space. This was my first time using them. I would let others know that Atlas have a good product. I would give them an A.”

“They were very professional, and Atlas Restoration did what they said they would do. They corrected my drainage problem, so I was very happy. I would give them an A+. I'd share my good experience with others and highly recommend Atlas. The technicians cleaned up after themselves very nicely too.”

“They did a fine job, and they're now on board to do another job. They sealed the basement for me and left me with a positive experience. If the company's work wasn't good, I wouldn't have them back for another job. The time frame in which they finished the work was very fine.”

“They were excellent. They fixed what was wrong, and every time we've had any second questions or something comes up, they've not hesitated to come back out and address the problems. I would give Atlas an A+. I would tell a friend or relative that they were great. It was a big project, and they handled it perfectly. I couldn't have asked for anything better. So far, the quality of the work they did is good.”

“They seemed to do a good job, and they did what they said they would do. The time frame was fine. The cleanup was excellent. I would probably use them again. I would give them an A+.”

“The quality of the work was wonderful. Atlas Restoration completed the work in a reasonable time frame. I'd give them an A. I would tell other homeowners that I thought Atlas was good and did what they said they were going to do.”

“I had a very positive experience. They were clean, they were professional, and they did very nice work. The time frame was very good. Their customer service was good—A+.”

“I used Atlas Restoration for the first time. They are definitely the company I would call again. Their expertise makes them special. They know the problem, they have a very good solution, and it works. I would give them an A+.”

“We used Atlas, and we were happy. We were happy with the quality. The work was really good, and it was finished in a timely fashion. I have no complaints—A+.”

“I used Atlas Restoration. They did a good job. I'd recommend them. The workers were very friendly. They came and did what we asked them. There was a little discussion there, but they were willing to go a little extra to do what we asked them to do. I would give Atlas Restoration an A grade.”

“Atlas Restoration did a good job. I would probably use them again. They did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“I had a really good experience with Atlas Restoration when they put the drainage system inside of our basement. They were excellent. They were very polite, and we've had no issues with any water problems since—everything's held up really good.”

“I'd have to give them an A+. I had a crack in the foundation, and I had water seeping into the basement. The workers from Atlas came out, and in a couple of hours, they'd made a repair that hasn't leaked since. I didn't have to clean up after them, either. Everything went very smoothly.”

“Atlas Restoration fulfilled everything they committed to—they were reliable, they were on time, they were clean, they were friendly, and they communicated with me throughout. There weren't any flaws with the project. They get an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did a good job, and it worked. We had cracks in a solid concrete basement wall, and they filled the cracks where moisture was coming through. They drilled holes in the concrete about six to eight inches apart and pumped some kind of chemical compound into that. There was no moisture after it was treated, so I'd rate them an A+. The workers were good for me.”

“Atlas was quick in getting back to me when I called into the office to get an appointment set. I had some seepage coming through the window well, and they put new panes in through the window well. They measured what needed to be done and did the work pretty quickly. The man in charge was very professional, and he did a nice job—he kept everybody working. An A+ group, definitely.”

“I would give them an A+. They sealed where the leak was coming, and they cleaned up very nicely as well. We had no problems with them at all.”

“Atlas Restoration did a great job. I liked the workmanship. We had leaks, and they waterproofed the basement—the walls and the window wells. We haven't had any big rainstorms yet, but so far, so good. We want one of those big, heavy rainstorms before we decide to finish our basement, but I'm sure it's fine. I'd have to give them an A+.”

“They were true to their estimates, they were very professional, and their work was effective. I had cracks in the basement that caused seepage, but I haven't had a leak since. They were great. I would say they're an A+.”

“Atlas fixed some leaks in the foundation. Everything went very nicely, and they were very professional.”

“I'd recommend Atlas. They went into great detail to explain what they were going to do and what the previous company didn't do. There were three cracks in the basement wall. One was leaking, and they said that the other one was going to leak, so they cleaned it out. I was there when they cleaned it out, and they were right. The third one, he said, 'That'll hold.' They did a phenomenal job—A+.”

“They did a repair for leaking. Everything is fine, so that should put them at about an A rating. I've even recommended them.”

“Atlas did an outstanding job, and Best Picks was a godsend. We lived in Virginia, and the work was for my father-in-law's house. It was an epoxy injection. They did a great job on it, and it took care of the problem.”

“They sealed some cracks in our basement foundation last year. I was happy with all the paperwork and the way they explained everything, which is why I went with them in the first place. While they were working, I went down and asked what they were doing, and they explained everything along the way and gave me the paperwork with the guarantee of everything. Their time management was good; it was as quick as it can be for that kind of repair. So far, we haven't had any problems. I've checked during rainstorms, and there doesn't seem to be anything leaking.”

“I'd say an A+ for their company's work. They were professional and courteous, and they got the work done. We had some cracks in the basement, so there were some leaks. I haven't had leaks since. It's been great.”

“I'd highly recommend Atlas. All of their service is excellent—from their service people to the owner of the company. The quality of the work is excellent, too. They installed some sump pumps for me and also did water prevention. It was finished up in a decent amount of time.”

“They gave me a clear and precise quote, they came in and did the job on time, and it's working fine. They were putting in some drainage around the foundation. Their customer service was excellent, so I'll give them an A+.”

“I was very pleased with Atlas. I thought they did a great job. The system hasn't truly been tested yet since we haven't gotten any big rains, but I was very pleased with the professionalism of the guys that were doing the work. I believe I'd give them an A.”

“It was a very good experience. They sealed a crack in the basement wall. It was an excellent quality of work. I would definitely use them again.”

“We liked Atlas Restoration and thought they did a good job. They dug out our old window well and replaced it. It looks good. I remember that one of the guys seemed really knowledgeable and talked me through everything and offered me the different choices that I had. He really seemed to be on top of things. He had a couple other guys working with him, and they were very polite and nice.”

“Outstanding work. They did the epoxy seal for two cracks in the foundation. We just finished the basement, and we've had several storms and no water leaks. The guy from Atlas was very informative and explained the whole process. He was respectful of the mess that was created and cleaned up well and took my family into consideration with the amount of noise created.”

“Atlas Restoration did the water sealing. I had no complaints, and the work was excellent. They were very clean, neat, and punctual, and they did everything on time. And their work is doing its job.”

“They were very professional when they helped seal part of my basement. They came out, gave me a quote, and explained everything very well. Everything involved was very accurate—everything they said they were going to do and the amount of time it was going to take—and I haven't had any issues since. That should get an A rating.”

“Atlas did fine with a small job for us. They had to seal a basement. It was a long time ago, but I haven't had any other leaks since. That gets an A grade.”

“We called them and another company, and they came out and gave us an estimate to fill some cracks in the basement. It was my mom's decision since it was her house, and she liked the one guy from Atlas better than the other.”

“They're clear about everything. They explained what the work was going to be like, and they delivered on time. All that was very good. The workers were very neat and left the place clean. When they came again for another job later on, they did an awesome job on that, too. It was basement work for flooding, to control water out of the area, and it has held up. I'd definitely recommend them.”

“They repaired a leak in the basement, and the work's held up. The workers were fine, and I believe they cleaned up after themselves. They completed the work in good time. They get an A+ from me.”

“The project went very well. They were in and out, they did the job without a lot of mess, and it's worked perfectly. We had a couple of cracks in the foundation where we would get seepage during the heavier rains, and they came in and fixed it. Quality work. We're very happy.”

“We had flooding in the basement. We had window wells that needed to be fixed, and we had another sump pump that needed to be put in. Also, we had some drain tiles that needed to be installed and fixed. Atlas assessed where we had problems and fixed them, and they made some recommendations about some other things to be improved at the same time.”

“I had a leak in the basement where water was coming in the house at the main pipe. They waterproofed around the main crack in two different locations and sealed a crack in the foundation, all below ground level. It was a minor leak; it would leak when it rained, so we would notice it then, but it wasn't any kind of flood or anything. I liked them because they did what they said they were going to do. I check on their work frequently and I've never had an issue.”

“Atlas Restoration is very experienced at what they do. They fixed the issue that I had with my home, and their work has been perfect. I had a cracked foundation, and they repaired that. A+ from me.”

“The problem was something with the pipes, and they got it fixed. It was a long time ago, but I haven't needed them to come back out. The workers were fine—give them an A from us.”

“They put in well drains and took that to the sump pump they added in. It went very well. I had no communication problems with the crew. They were hardworking guys who cleaned up after themselves. They earned a recommendation from me.”

“Atlas Restoration has done a very, very good job. I had a crack. It bothered me that there was a crack, and they repaired it very nicely. The workers were very good. They explained everything, did a nice job, and cleaned up well. I would recommend them. I was very happy with their work.”