What to Expect During the Cleanup

When a water intrusion happens, try to determine the source of the water. If it is coming from a broken pipe inside, the water can generally be shut off at the main valve. Many contractors offering emergency services will be on site in 90 minutes or less after a call-in, but a one- to two-hour response time is within the expected range. Upon arrival, the technician should be able to provide you with an estimate, in writing, of the expected costs of extraction and drying.

The Cleanup Process
After removing the standing water, the technician will inspect all affected areas of the home to determine any area where there may be trapped water, and he or she will identify the best tools to promote quick and thorough drying. Toxic mold poses a serious health threat and, unfortunately, prefers cellulose-based materials; wet building materials can foster growth of a mold colony in as little as 48 hours under the right conditions.