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"Going into our 39th year of business here in Atlanta, we have the experience, the know-how, and the desire to provide our clients with the safest and healthiest homes and businesses. With our advanced drying processes and remediation techniques, we bring quick results."

Steve & Caryn Cameron | Co-owners
Company Information
Services Offered
Sunrise offers 24-hour emergency response for water extraction, complete drying, and mold abatement for residential and commercial structures. Mold inspections and water damage estimates are available for a fee. Sunrise works with all insurance companies to guarantee satisfaction.
The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all services.
Company History
Steve Cameron started Sunrise 39 years ago and operates the company alongside his wife, Caryn.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Additional Information
Sunrise offers full-service water and mold restoration using high-tech detection and drying equipment, including the E-TES system.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta
A selection of 408 homeowner reviews:
“Sunrise dried out carpets in my basement and put fans down there because we had a flood. They were here right on time, and we needed someone right then. They were very, very nice, and they did excellent work. They seemed to know what they were doing, and they did it. We'd give them an A+.”
“They've done work for us for many years, and they're always the first ones I call—the only ones I call. They're always very responsive and do a good job. You typically get the same people, so you know them and trust them. They've done everything from repairing flood damage or broken pipes to mold abatement. They do an excellent job. They get an A+.”
“They were very friendly, seemed professional, and did a really good job. They cleaned up after a plumbing backup in the basement. I'd give them an A+. They did a very good job.”
“They work in a timely manner. The technicians that we dealt with were very good. They were very efficient and thorough. They also came back to check on us afterward to make sure the job was well done. We really enjoyed them. We ended up having some carpet flooding in the basement and they were able to take care of all that. Little bit of water damage and carpet cleaning. I would give them an A+ grade. I would say A+ across the board.”
“My experience was fine. I think they did a very good job, and they were reasonably quick. They were just what you would want. We were totally satisfied. I'd say an A grade suits them best.”
“Sunrise Clean Care ended up doing the work for me, and I was happy with the outcome. I'd rate them as an A+.”
“They did work for us last year, and we were satisfied. They get an A grade from me.”
“We used Sunrise Clean Care. I'd give them an A.”
“I had a positive experience with Sunrise Clean Care. I would rate the company as an A.”
“We used Sunrise Clean Care. They did a great job, and I'm happy with them.”
“I think their service deserves an A.”
“I liked them, and I keep calling them. I'd grade them as an A.”
“They're fine. They were very informed and very efficient. I found them in the Best Pick Reports. They get an A grade.”
“It's good. They were prompt, they came on time, and they gave us a lot of information. They kept us informed through the whole process. We had a backflow from the sanitation, so they cleaned that out and dried it for three or four days. They get an A rating. It just so happened that they were working three or four houses down the street, so that's how we found them.”
“Sunrise has done work for me for years, and I have absolutely had a positive experience. They do an extremely thorough job, they clean up after themselves, and they're quick. One time, I had a really horrific flood, and they came in, cleaned it up, and brought in huge fans. They had to get the water out of the carpet and disinfect everything. They deserve an A+.”
“Sunrise Clean Care did an excellent job. They were always here on time, they were neat, they cleaned up, and they explained everything in the process. There was water damage, and they did mold removal. I would rate them as an A+.”
“I liked everything about Sunrise. I've used them for water restoration as well as carpet cleaning. I liked their quick response, and they did a good job. They get an A+ grade.”
“Sunrise was great. I'd give them an A+ for their excellent work.”
“I feel Sunrise Clean Care really took the time out to get down to the core of the problem. They didn't just try to do a quick pick and get out of there, and I appreciated that. They did A-level work.”
“We had an overflow of water in the downstairs, and Sunrise cleaned up afterward. They did a great job. They had to take out and replace some of the carpet padding, and it was all done without hassle on my part. They had the equipment, and they knew how to use it. They showed up when they said they would, and it was put back better than new. I'd give them an A+.”
“Sunrise has done a couple of different things for us. They helped us when our basement flooded, and they also came back and cleaned our carpets. They did a wonderful job both times. They're A+. They did everything superbly.”
“We had water in our basement, so Sunrise came out and put some fans down there. They called and showed up when they said they would, and everything went fine. They get an A.”
“They did some work for water damage. They probably came and put some fans in the basement when we had water at the end of last year. That went fine. They showed up and called when they said they would. They did fine. I'd give them an A.”
“Sunrise Clean Care did work when we had the basement flooded. It was fine, and I'm happy with their service. We found them in the Home Reports. They get an A.”

They extracted the water out of the carpet and floors; we had a toilet overflow. Their customer service was great. They were on time. They did everything that was to be expected. They were great. They did it well; I would give them straight A's.

I could not rate Sunrise Clean Care high enough. They were on time, very efficient, and very professional. We've been using them for years. They are A+. They're very good.

We had mold in our living room, and they removed and cleaned it out very well. I would give them an A. They did a great job.

We're having Sunrise Clean Care come back at the end of this week to do another job for us, so we were very, very pleased. They cleaned the carpet in two rooms after we had a leak. They're A+.

They showed up on time, and they did their work. It was cleaned up afterward, and they did a great job. Our situation was that I had an overflow of water in my downstairs area, and we had to get the carpet cleaned. They were able not only to get it cleaned but they took out some of the underlying padding, which had to be replaced, and they replaced the padding. It was all done without a lot of hassle on my part. They had the equipment, and they knew how to use it. They showed up when they said they would, and it was back better than new. I'd give them an A+.

They cleaned up after a flood, and it was a very positive experience. We had a leak, and they totally saved the brand-new rug down in our family room, or actually, our whole downstairs. The quality of their work was good. They cleaned up after themselves every day that they were here. I was completely impressed.

I’ve been using them in my rental properties for years, and they always do a good job. They are really nice people, easy to work with. They’ve come in when I’ve had some flooding and taken care of that for me. I feel completely comfortable using them. They are A+.

They’re very courteous. They took their time, and they just did a good job. They were very detailed in what they did. They asked all the right questions and performed a good job. I would give them an A+.

Fabulous. Our washing machine had overflowed and flooded the kitchen, the laundry room, the dining room, and the hardwood floor, and then it seeped down into the basement into the finished area.…And when you step in your dining room and into water, that’s not a good thing....I called Sunrise….Every morning, he would set up all his machines and the dryers and the blowers. It got it all dried, and I didn’t have any damage to my hardwoods. I was really pleased with them.

We had a hot water heater that had a leak. There was a small area where the carpet had gotten soaked. They pulled all of the water out, and while they were there, I just had them clean the carpet. They were terrific. I would use them in the future.

I always use Sunrise Clean Care….We had weather damage. They did the whole cleaning and drying, and they also did mold remediation. They were really good.

My experience with Sunrise was great. We had a small office water fountain, and it had mildewed. We didn’t know until we moved it. Sunrise made it much better....We were so impressed by their professionalism and how well they cleaned....They explained everything. I would highly recommend Sunrise.

Their customer service made them good, and their attention to detail. Their procedure and their equipment actually removes the debris and sucks it all up. I felt very comfortable with them, and I’ve used them several times.

I used Sunrise for my flooded basement. They were great.

They’re wonderful. They’re very professional with the way they are in your house and the care they take with everything. They’re efficient, and the job they do is good.

We had some water damage after floods. We just had one room where we needed some extra help, and they deep cleaned as well as deodorized, putting down stuff on the concrete—actually, underneath—to kill bacteria. We’ve been nothing but pleased with them. Their customer service is always top-notch.

When we had that rain that flooded everybody’s basements, they came in, dried out my basement, and took care of everything—the mildew spray and all that. They did a good job. I really liked them a lot. We saved all my dry-wall; they were able to save that and dry it out. I was pleased.

We’ve used them a couple times. I couldn’t recommend them higher. They took care of the problem, resolved the water, and prevented any mold problem each time.

It was Sunrise that we ended up using. Ten out of ten. They showed up on time, and did everything they said they would do in the timeframe they said they would do it in. The estimate was spot on the final bill. For everything I give them ten out of ten.

They were fine. I was pleased with the service.

Sunrise Clean Care did a good job.

They did great. I had not used them before. I sure would use them again.

My wife said they did a good job. They did a good job.

They were just here briefly. They just checked for mold inside a wall. I had to depend on something else to take my wall apart. They were really good with what they did.

They do a great job. I wouldn't use anybody else.

We're very happy with them.

We used them, and they did a really good job, so we were pleased with the service. It was one time. I would recommend them. They did a nice job. They were easy to work with, they were thorough, and we would use them again.

They provide excellent service. Everything was excellent about them. I don't have a lot of words for it—I'm just happy with their service.

They're very good. They did a good job. They were on time. That's pleasant.

Everything was great. Sunrise is superior, and I would use them again.

It was good.

They did excellent work. It was an excellent service, and the people were excellent, too. I would recommend them.

My experience with Sunrise was great. We had a water fountain, a small office water fountain, and it had mildewed. We didn't realize it until we moved it, so we called them to clean it, and they made it much better than what it was. They told us that nothing cleans mildew out of white carpet, but we were so impressed with them. They also said, 'Well, this is so small. What else do you want us to do?' They generally do more than just that one room, this one little spot, so we had them clean up the stairs to the second floor. We were just really impressed by their professionalism, how well they cleaned. We loved them, but we realized we don't have a lot of rugs. They explained everything. They just were great. I would highly recommend these guys.They send us quarterly little newsletters. They're really well rounded.

I used Sunrise. I believe they're the company I had to use, not for your typical cleaning, but for my flooded basement. They were great.

We used Sunrise Clean Care, and they were great.

We have done carpet cleaning, and I used Sunrise Clean Care. They were really great and were helpful. I like that, so have we no problems with them at all. The owner even came out, because we had a pretty unique problem with cats spraying on an insulation pipe material that was used in our basement. He came out, inspected it and all that kind of stuff, and worked out a plan to try to take care of that. They were great.

The job was wonderful. I have no complaints. It was exactly as I had hoped. It's been probably a couple of years now, but they did a very good job. I was completely satisfied with their service. As well as I can remember from that far back, I would give everybody an A. I don't remember them specifically, but I remember being pleased with the service.

I used them. It was a very good experience. I thought they were very responsible, and I was pretty pleased with them. I had one overflowing toilet, and they came in, and dried it out, and cleaned. I thought they were good.

I thought they did a good job. They've actually cleaned carpets in the past for me, too. They're just very nice people.

I think it was Sunrise Clean Care, and they did a good job.

From what I recall, they did a very good job. They did a very good job. I really can't remember any specifics. I just remember being very pleased.

It was good. I'm trying to think what they did. This is a couple of years later. I guess they were the ones that came out when we had some flooding going on downstairs. They did good. They did great. They fixed my problem, and they stopped the mold. And I didn't get any mold or smell or mildew or anything from whatever they did. The technicians were good.

I've always been pleased. I've used them once more. They're a local brand and do honest, good work. They did water damage in our basement and just regular cleaning of carpets.

It must have been a long time ago. I thought they did a good job. I thought they were very thorough. I would use them again.

We were very pleased. They had very nice people that came out, and they did a good job. They did what I asked them to do. I have used them before, so I would certainly use them again.

We did deal with Sunrise Clean two years ago. As far as I remember, they did a pretty good job. I don't remember what I had cleaned. Oh, now I remember what it was. It was where I had water. 'An overflow,' they said. I think they did a good job. My tub ran over. The maid let the tub run over.

They're wonderful. They're very pleasant, wonderful, nice people to work with. I've had them come in and clean my carpet. I've been very pleased with the job they did, everything about it, the amount it takes, but also the care they put into my furniture. They do a good job and all that. But they've also helped us out because we have had a couple of floods in our basement, where they have come and been able to dry the carpet and sanitize the carpet. They were wonderful. That meant more to me than the clean carpet before. I'd give them high ratings.

I contacted Sunrise last year, because I needed some water extracted from the basement. The basement, it had to be cleaned. They did help me with that job. They were very efficient, and the crew that they sent out seemed very professional. What we had was a sewer line that broke, and we had nasty stuff in our basement. And they cleaned it up, and they sanitized it. They did a very nice job.

I did use Sunrise Clean Care. Everything went great with them. They did clean up after themselves.

We actually used them, and they did a good job. They were very, very easy to work with, and you didn't need to do anything yourself, because they do everything. I think they were very good, and they were pretty thorough with their work.

From what I remembered, they came and did a good job and everything was fine. They exceeded my expectations.

I used Sunrise. It went very well. I was pleased. What stood out was just the way that he did everything in a timely fashion, and I loved the smell. I don't think I asked for a deodorizer, but I think it was just included, and it just left everything smelling clean and fresh. We were very happy.

They're in your book too, and it's Sunrise. I love Steve. I just think he's a real quality guy. He just does superior work. They're trustworthy.

I believe we used them. Sunrise impressed us.

It went fine. They were great. We have no complaints. We'll use them again. We had some water damage during the building process, and the builder had them come out and do some extraction.

They have been excellent. They do steam cleaning. I use them a lot when I have had water problems with my basement. They are great for that.