Trenching Through Atlanta Tree Roots

Some companies often hack through tree root systems while replacing sewer lines and water lines, installing irrigation systems, installing utilities, and even installing some types of fences. If you find yourself in need of such work, make sure the company you use either avoids the tree root systems altogether or takes precautions to minimize damage. If a trench must go through a tree’s root system, consult with a certified arborist before digging. A tree’s root system typically extends out from the trunk a distance equal to approximately three-quarters of the tree’s height.

Some plumbers have special machines allowing them to replace a sewer line without digging a trench through the landscape. These plumbers dig a hole at both ends of the old sewer line. Then, they run a strong cable down the existing sewer line. At one end of the cable, they attach a bursting head and the new sewer line that is to be pulled through. At the other end, they attach the cable to a hydraulic winch. The hydraulic winch pulls the bursting head and the replacement sewer line through the old sewer line, breaking the old pipe and expanding the cavity for the new sewer line in the process.