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Champions Tree Preservation has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 244 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
5th year as a Best Pick Call
"Our main goal is to keep your trees healthy and green for years. In cases where hazardous trees need to be taken down to keep them from falling, we use the latest techniques for the fastest and safest removal possible. Each job represents a different challenge, and we have the training and experience to succeed at all of them."

Erwin Castellanos | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Champions Tree Preservation provides a variety of tree care services, including maintenance, planting, fertilization, drought relief, mulching, and disease treatment and prevention. The company also performs tree removals and plans and implements landscaping and green facade projects. Champions specializes in tree planting, tree preservation and consultation during construction projects, and removing hazardous trees.
Company History
Established in 1983, Champions Tree Preservation remains locally owned and operated.
Founder Erwin Castellanos is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.
Additional Information
The company owns its own fleet of tree service equipment in order to shorten lead times for each project.
Areas Served
Cypress, Katy, Conroe, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Missouri City, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Houston

“It was a great experience. Very, very positive.”

“We liked them. We think they're great. We had a great experience with him. I would grade the overall experience with an A. I have recommended them.”

“I liked that they did good work and were reliable. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“I liked that they've got the experience and the knowledge; they are very good when you call, and they are out within the next day or two to service whatever the problem is. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“I liked that, besides trimming the tree nicely, he was telling me about a tree in the backyard, and they also cleaned everything up real well. I would grade the overall experience with an A+. I have recommended them to several people already.”

“We've used them over and over. I liked that they are honest and hardworking. They do their job, do a good job, and get-in and get-out. I would grade the overall experience with an A. If anybody wanted somebody good, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

“I was very pleased. I have no reservations about recommending them to anyone else. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“It was good. Nothing in particular that I liked about them. Actually, I'd forgotten it because this was like two years ago. I would grade the overall experience with an A. Cleanliness was—well, they did drop some branches in my neighbor's yard; She got a little angry about that.”

“I liked that the owner is very much involved, and he helps in making all of the maintenance decisions. That's one thing I remembered about them. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“There were no complaints in their work at all.”

“I liked that they did a good job. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“They have done quite a bit of work for me over the past year. I've had a good experience. I liked that they were very responsive and very knowledgeable. I would grade the overall experience with an A. I've already recommended them to others.”

“I liked that they were professional. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“I've used Champions Tree for years. They have always been professional. He always gives me a quote and sticks with it. He was willing to work with us when we had a much bigger project. I've used a lot of different tree people, and he's usually top-notch. If you need it, he'll do it. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did exactly what I wanted and explained how to care for the tree. They gave me a lot of education on my tree; that's what I really liked. I'd rate them as an A+. I was really happy.”

“I was very satisfied. They came on time and got everything done. Everything was great. I'd grade the overall experience as an A+. We were very pleased with how everything looked when they cleaned it out, and it retained its shape.”

“They do a very good job. They always follow up and do a good cleanup job. I'd give them an A+.”

“We were satisfied with it. They did excellent work, I had no complaints, and I'd recommend them.”

“I like the people that do the job. They work and they're professional. That's good enough for me. I'd give my overall experience an A+.”

“They cut my trees. I've had them for a number of years. They're very reliable. They're an A+ company.”

“We've used them twice already and we'll use them again. They climb up in the trees to cut the branches instead of having guys stand down on the ground—they miss a lot of stuff. They literally climb up in the trees, get everything, and do exactly what I ask. I had them cut a tree down near the house. Everything I ask, they do. If they have good recommendations, I take them. We've used them twice. I'd give them an A+ grade. I would definitely call them back. We use them about every other year.”

“They were installing some small trees or bushes along our fence. A+ for them.”

“First of all, they always show up on time. Second of all, they clean up after they're done. I don't have to clean anything and I've got a pool. They even clean the pool. These guys have been doing work in my yard for at least eight years and at my other place at least two years before that. They're reliable, they're neat, they're hardworking, and they don't leave a mess. I like them a lot. I always give them an A+. I send them to my friends.”

“They came out and they explained what they thought needed to be done. They listened to me about what I thought needed to be done. They stayed and talked for quite a while to make us feel comfortable about the whole process. I'd give them an A+ rating. I don't usually make recommendations, but I would recommend them if somebody asked me about it.”

“They did tree service for me. I'd give my overall experience an A.”

“I liked that they did what they said they were going to do. They removed some trees. I'd give the overall experience an A.”

“They come when they say they're going to and they do what I sign up to have them do. Quite often, I've been at work when they've been doing the seeding and everything. They clean up well after themselves. I'm no arborist, so that's why I hire them. As far as I know, they're knowledgeable about what they're doing. I've had them come over several years to do trimming and taking down ones are obviously dead. I'd give the experience an A.”

“I like Champions Tree Perseveration Services. I have used them for years and I always will. I'm very happy with them. I'm a satisfied customer for at least twenty years.”

“They fed the trees and also did backyard landscaping. They were very professional and made sure I was happy. I would give them an A.”

“They're pretty prompt and they're good about keeping the trees alive and robust. I'd probably give them an A.”

“They were fine. I would recommend them.”

“It was as expected. It was good. I'd give the experience an A.”

“They get the job done and they do it right. I would give them an A- overall.”

“I had a very positive experience with them.”

“They did a great job. They cut it down, no damages, cleaned up, and left it cleaner than when they got here. I'd give them an A.”

“Champions was excellent. They cut a tree in the front of the house. The job was very fast, and it took them a couple of hours—not even a day. I would give the company an A+ rating.”

“That is the one we used, and they did a very good service. They were doing some plant reduction on some trees, the front of our property, and just general clearing along both sides. They did some sort of shaping at the front of the property and then general clearing on the sides of the property. I would give the company an A+ rating. They were excellent.”

“They've done a great job. One of the things that they've done is take some trees down and another thing is to thin the tree out so that the air will flow through it easier, and it won't succumb to the high winds. The owner of the place was there every day, and everybody worked real hard. They're the only ones I would know to call to come back, and I would recommend them to anybody. They're an A+.”

“I have no complaints at all. They did a fine job. They were on time, and they did what they said they were going to do. They did an excellent job. I would give them an A.”

“That was years ago. They are a wonderful company, and they do a great job. I would say they're an A.”

“I like to use businesses in the area of where I live. They cut down two cedar trees for me, and they ground the stumps out. They did a fantastic job. They cleaned up everything. They did everything they were supposed to do. They cleaned up real well. They were in and out of there real fast. I'd say they get an A.”

“They told us ahead of time what they would do, and then they followed the plan, were very courteous, and cleaned up beautifully afterward. They removed a tree and then some dead limbs from some very, very tall trees. I think that they had done work for us for years. They are an A-grade company.”

“They're excellent. They came out, gave me an estimate when I needed it, performed work to my satisfaction, and cleaned up after themselves before they left. They have pruned trees. They have taken out trees. They have dug out the roots and the stumps, and that's what they do. I use only them, and I've been using them for about 15 or 20 years. I would grade them as an A.”

“They feed my trees, trim them, and cut down a dead tree. The customer service is excellent. If you call them up, they're there the same day. We're living in this house eight years already, and I really can't say how I got in contact with them. An A grade is fine. They are very good.”

“They take care of our trees. They fertilize them. They trim them. They have cut them down when they're needed, and they also do my seasonal flowers. They're just really responsive. I got to know Robin and his dad over the years. I just text him and tell him what I want, and they just make it happen, no fuss. If something didn't look exactly like we wanted it, then they would send somebody out to fix it right up. I would give them an A for excellent.”

“They came, and they chopped down a tree. I wasn't there when it happened—I was at work—but the job took a day. I would give the company an A+ rating.”

“It was well done—they did the work. They trimmed the inside of the oak tree, and it was done pretty quick—45 minutes. It was really, really clean. With the job that they did on mine, I would give them an A+ rating.”

“I like their owner, I like their work ethic, and I like the work that they do. They trimmed trees and mulched up a bunch of the trees that they cut and spread it around our other trees. They do what they say they're going to do, when they say they're going to do it. I chose them because they did a good job, and you always go back when somebody does a good job. I would definitely recommend them. They're an A+ grade.”

“Champions Tree Preservation always does a good job for us. We've used them for years. No problem. They've just trimmed trees for us. They always follow up. They always do a good job and follow up for us. I would recommend them, and I already have. I would give them an A+.”

“They have done my trees for many years. They're very professional. They have very safe equipment. The guys are all very, very nice and respectful. They're very careful with everything, and they do what you contracted them to do. They're on time, they're punctual, and they clean up. It's just flawless. I would give them an A+. The most recent time was trimming all of my trees and shrubs. They also did some seeding of some of them.”

“They were easy to schedule with, and they're very knowledgeable. They did the work quickly. I think they had worked at my house before I moved in, so I just continued on with them. They were very personable and respectful. I would rate them as an A+. They took out a tree for me as well and then advised me on other ones.”

“They were very prompt, they showed up on time, they were efficient, they did the job, and they cleaned up. They did a really good job. They trimmed an oak tree and a couple of pine trees. I had this very large shrub, and they just took that down. I would say they're an A+ rating.”

“They took out a tree in the front. That was quite some time ago. I had a really good experience. The customer service was fine. They came in, they did the work, I wrote them a check, paid the bill, and business was done. I would give Champions Tree an A+. They were good.”

“They removed my tree, and they trimmed my tree. I'm happy with the work, and the last time I've used them was the first time that I used them. I trust them, and they have a good recall, so that's the reason why I called them. I would give the company an A rating.”

“We had them last year. They trimmed some trees, and basically, that was it. I might have found them in an earlier copy of Best Pick Reports. I haven't used them since then, but I would use them again. I would give the company an A rating.”

“They did their job. They were courteous. The guy in charge was knowledgeable and shared some information about one of our trees and how to care for it. They were doing tree trimming. We had used them before. I would give them an A.”

“They trimmed my trees a few months back. They've actually been cutting my trees for a few years now. They're just really quick. They come out and give me an estimate, and then when they say they're going to be there, they are. When they say they're going to be gone, they're usually done by that time. All they ever do for me is trim my trees. I think my girlfriend at the time found them years and years ago. I've just been using them ever since. I would recommend them. I would give them an A. I didn't have any issues.”

“They trimmed a couple of trees on my property. Their work was very good. They did what I expected, and they asked if I liked it. They did everything that you could do to make sure that I was happy. I asked my tenant who had dealings with them in prior time, so I found the company through a reference. They would be an A grade.”

“They trimmed some trees. They're good. I would recommend them. They came out as planned, on time, did their job, cleaned up, and they know what they're doing. My neighbor used them across the street so he recommended them. I would have to give them an A.”

“They were just polite, and they did a really good job. It wasn't that big of a job. I did have one big oak tree. They're very nice people. I would give those guys an A.”

“They did something for us last year. They're an A grade.”

“It was a while ago. I've been using them for years. The guy that runs the company comes out. He's a certified arborist and knows what he's talking about. His crew is very professional, on time, gets stuff done, and they get it done when they say they're going to get it done. They're on time and on budget. They do trimming, thinning, and in some cases, removal. I would say they're an A grade.”

“They did work over a year ago. I was very satisfied with their service. It was both tree trimming and tree removal. They're very professional and had all the right equipment, and they came very prepared. I would give Champions Tree Preservation an A grade.”

“It was great. They're always on time, they're professional, and they do a good job. I really like the owner, Erwin. They treated my trees with a fertilizer, then they treated for fungus, and then they put mulch and trimmed the trees. I'm a return customer, because I used them about a year ago, and they were great. I would say they're an A.”

“They're always professional and on time. They do a good job. We've used them for many years. They just trimmed five of our trees. They're always punctual and come when they say they're going to come and all that good stuff. They're an A, definitely.”

“I've used them many times, and I've always been very pleased. They come when they say they're going to come. They've just always done a good job. I would rate them as an A. I just had tree work done.”

“We've used them several times, and they're really good.”

“It's been a while. I liked working with Erwin. He's very knowledgeable, and he makes you feel confident and comfortable about his services. It was a tree removal and stump grinding last time. I chose them because of the volume of the amount of work and the trimming instead of just cutting things down. An A grade would be great for them.”

“That was about three or four years ago. They did very well. They just trimmed a bunch of trees. They get an A grade.”

“I liked the guy I talked to—the arborist—he seemed well informed. He explained things well to me. They were to take down larger trees that were either dead or had fallen on top of the structure. One was dying and was really big, and the other one was already fallen and already dead. I would rate them as an A.”

“They did work last year or maybe two years ago, I don't really remember. We had a big live oak, and they came out and trimmed it up for us. They did a great job. They showed up when they said they would, and they cleaned up when they left. Somebody here in our office used them, so that's how I chose them. If I ever get a big tree that needs work, I'll use them again. I would say they're an A because there were no issues. I've never had tree work done before, so I can't compare them to anybody else, but I'll call them again.”

“They did some work for me around Christmas. They were just knowledgeable and professional. They did tree pruning. I just heard that they had a good reputation, so that's why I chose them. I would give them an A.”

“The gentleman himself was really, really courteous. He wasn't trying to give me a hard sell, and he knew what he was doing. He was pretty smart. They removed a tree. They were recommended. I would give them an A.”

“I've used Champions many times, and they're very good. I would give them an A rating.”

“They were very good, they were on time, and they cleaned up everything. I had some moss and stuff on the side of a tree. Everything was nice. They were very good. They get an A.”

“I was planning on calling them back to trim again. I thought they did a great job. They're very professional. They had a representative come out and evaluate what was to be done, and then they scheduled it. They did it. They cleaned everything up. I didn't have to pay them until they were done. They trimmed two trees and also cut the roots so that it wouldn't interfere with the house. They knew exactly what to do. I'm a real estate agent, and I have referred them to many of my clients. I would give them an A.”

“They were just very pleasant, very nice, and very professional. I was very pleased. They fertilized the trees and pruned them. I would recommend them. They did a great job. They're courteous. I would give them an A. Everything is great, and I have no complaints. They were very good.”

“Champions Tree did a really good job. They're thorough. They cleaned up after they finished, and everything was done correctly. They took a big tree out of our backyard. This is the second time I used them. I would recommend them. I would give them an A.”

“They were prompt, they came out, and they billed what they said they were going to. They removed a tree, ground the stump, and then planted a new tree. I never saw anybody, and they took care of everything. They deserve an A rating.”

“Champions Tree Preservation is great. They're prompt, courteous, and clean. They're a perfect, great company with very professional and very knowledgeable people, and they do a good job. They trim, fertilize, and perform pest control services on my larger trees. When it comes to trees, they're the best in the business. I would give them an A+.”

“Champions Tree Preservation has done our trees twice, and we've been thrilled both times. They trimmed the trees and picked up all the debris. They didn't leave anything at all in the yard. They do a super job. We're very pleased with them, and we'll never change companies again. I'd rate them as an A.”

“They did very well. They did it exactly how I wanted my trees to be trimmed, and they cleaned up perfectly. You wouldn't have even known they were there. They were excellent—100 percent.”

“Champions Tree Preservation is absolutely wonderful, and we love them.”

“I think they're awesome, and I will call them again. I've given several people their name. I'd give them A+.”

“Champions Tree Preservation did an excellent job.”

“Champions did a very good job and cleaned up well afterward. We were very pleased. They were very courteous, and they stuck to their price. We used them one time, but we probably want to use them again, so we need to give them a call. I chose them over a different company because I happened to see them working on the street—they said they could do our tree, and they came on down. They're A+.”

“We've used Champions Tree Preservation a number of times, and it's been great. They have great customer service and great professionals, and they absolutely clean up well. They do fertilization, and we've also purchased trees from them. I'd give them an A+.”

“Their advice has been right on the money. They only did service on one tree, but they gave advice on the entire yard and landscape. They're very good at that. I really like that. Actually, I'm thinking about using them for regular service. Right now, I've only had them out two years in a row for the annual service where they come out to look and give me advice on the different trees. I had service done on different trees, but I really like the results that I've had from the trees that they've treated. They're A+.”

“Champions is really good at what they do. They're the only tree company we use. I'd give them an A+.”

“We like their arborist, and we like how they trim the trees. We've used them about every two years when we have our tree trimmed. They've done all the services—we've had them do root fertilization as well as the tree trimming. I chose them over a different company because they have a professional arborist who will keep our old tree shaped. Champions gets an A+.”

“Champions Tree Preservation did tree removal for me. They were very professional and very safety conscious, and they owned their own heavy equipment. I'd say they're A+.”

“We've used them for the last 15 years for tree trimming, and they're great. They're prompt, and they do a good job—A+.”

“They're prompt. I really like Erwin, and I like their service, too. They're professional, and they've got arborists, so that's important. They've trimmed our trees. We also had them appraise some trees when we had some damage. I chose Champions over a different company because we were looking for a company that had an arborist. I'd give them A+.”

“They trimmed my trees. They did what they said they were going to do, so that was good. I use them every couple of years. They're A+.”

“I liked that they were on time and cleaned up. They were nice, and I'd use them in the future. They trimmed my tree. The man that used to do my trees sold his business, and those people never would call me back, so that's why I called Champions. The next time it needs to be trimmed, I will use them. I do it every couple of years. I'd give them an A+.”

“Everything was good. I wasn't there when they did the work, but it was a great job. I'd say Champions is A+.”

“Champions Tree Preservation trimmed a couple of trees for me. They were very efficient, and they did what they said they were going to do. I didn't have any problems, and I didn't have to call them back. They get an A+.”

“I found Champions in the Best Pick Reports book—it's an easy way to find a service provider. It was an emergency situation where I had a tree that was dying, and they were able to save it. I have not had to call them back for anything. It's an A+ for them.”

“They did some work in the early summer. They are very efficient, and I thought they really did a good job of making sure they didn't damage anything on the house or drop things and ruin the lawn. I thought they did a really good job. We've used them before, so we're a repeat customer. I chose Champions Tree Preservation because we met with two or three vendors and decided we liked what Champions said. I'd give them an A.”

“Champions does tree care and fertilization for me. I'd give them an A.”