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"I founded Arborguard in 1981 after getting my master's degree in urban forestry from Duke University. I've loved trees all my life. Trees are my passion. Our success depends on our customers' loyalty. Now one of the largest tree services in Atlanta, we've maintained high customer satisfaction for our entire 36 years in business."

Spence Rosenfeld | Founder
Company Information
Services Offered
Arborguard's services include pruning, fertilization, dead wood removal, emergency storm service, insect and disease control, and select tree removal. The company specializes in tree health care programs that reduce hazards, extend tree life, improve tree health and appearance, and increase property value. Arborguard also performs carbon sequestration and pollution removal studies for LEED Certification points.
Company History
The local company began in 1981.
Arborguard was the first tree care company in Georgia to be accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association.
Employee Information
The company has over 50 professional employees, including 20 ISA Certified Arborists. All employees go through an internal certification and training program.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta
A selection of 115 homeowner reviews:
“They're fabulous. They did trimming and large tree removal. They quoted a price, they were neat and thorough, they showed up on time, they were efficient, and they did the work faster than I had anticipated. I'd give them an A+.”
“They removed trees on my son's property. They were quite good at what they did, and they were pleasant.”
“They're perfect. I loved it. The service was good, and they cleaned it up. They pruned three great, big magnolias for me that were really tall and fat, and they did a good job. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They trimmed some big branches. The crew showed up on time, and they worked efficiently. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They treated my trees, and they were responsive. They're an A.”
“They did some tree service work for us. We had some problems with two different trees. We have one tree, and one bush about destroyed from insects. I think there were bagworms on one, and then we had a cypress tree that we had some internal brownness. They came in and helped on both of them. They showed up timely, and what they told us was right. I thought they did a good job. They get an A from me.”
“I only used them once, and I'm planning on starting to use them regularly. They came out and looked; I've got an oak that's going to need some work done on it. As soon as all the leaves fall off of it, they can come back and take another look at it. From what I can tell, they gave me an honest estimate. They're knowledgeable of what they were talking about and I didn't have any problems with them. They earned an A.”
“They removed a tree from our front yard and trimmed a tree. They responded to my request. They were one out of six companies that responded. I'd give them an A.”
“They took out a couple of trees and did some pruning. I liked everything. They were very professional, and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. They did good work and they were on time. It'd be an A for them.”
“They fertilized my yard for me. They've always said what they were going to do and then done what they said. They worked pretty efficiently. I'd rate them as an A. They did good work. Highly likely I'd recommend them.”
“There were some trees that were showing, but one tree especially was showing more stress. They treated other trees and created a program for the health of those trees. It's going to be every, twice a year. Those are mature trees and I would hate to lose them. They came over and told me that the previous owner had put too much dirt on top of the roots, which were going to kill them. I read later, it was true, so they removed the dirt that was in excess, and they provided nutrients for the trees. One of the trees started looking much better, so that's where we are right now. Time will tell. I would give them an A. He was very responsive. The arborist seemed to be pretty knowledgeable and he gave me a lot of advice. Not only advice on those trees, but other trees in general. It was pretty good actually. I already recommended them.”
“They did a good job. They took down a branch and trimmed up a big oak tree. Well number one, they were very thorough and they cleaned up well. I did not have any surprises. I would grade them as an A.”
“They transplanted a tree, moved it from one place to another in the yard. It was good, great experience. They were mostly the only one that I found to do it, because I needed the tree. I'd give them an A.”
“I chose them through the Best Pick Reports. They pruned trees for me, and they took some down. I would give them an A for excellent. They do a great job.”
“They were prompt, timely, and knowledgeable. I had used them for another property. They were treating a fungus on my tree, and they resolved the issue. I would give them an A+.”
“They were on time. They were on budget. They cleaned up real well after their work and after grinding out the stumps. They removed four trees. They ground out seven stumps. I researched them through the Best Pick Reports. I would say they're an A+.”
“I had tree trimming done, and they're coming for a second tree trimming. They did a great job. They were accurate, timely, and communicative. They get an A. It must've been the previous year that we had it done.”
“We used them to cut a tree down because it was too close to our house. I'd give them an A.”
“It was convenient—a quick and painless process. They did trimmed and cut back on one tree. I would say they're an A.”
“I was very pleased with the work they did. They did their job, they cleaned up, and they left. They took out a bunch of magnolia trees and then topped off some other trees. I would give them a B+. There aren't really any suggestions I would give to them.”
“I liked their professionalism, and I especially liked the fact that they don't want to remove trees unnecessarily. I didn't want to take down any trees that didn't need to come out, so I really enjoyed working with them because that's their concept too. We did a lot of pruning, and we set a tree to be removed in February. I was pleased with their approach. I found them from the Best Pick Reports. I would give them an A.”
“I think they took a tree down for me. It was good. They were quick.”
“I found the gentleman who came out to be very knowledgeable, efficient, and clean. It was good. I would give them an A.”
“I have had excellent experiences with Arborguard. They have taken care of my trees for many years, and they even went to my school grounds and evaluated their trees for safety. I've always been impressed with them. They've done a great job. They cut down a tree that died, and I would rate them as an A+.”
“I liked everything about Arborguard, especially the way they left the yard. When I came home, everything was done to perfection, and there was nothing left—it was perfect. They're excellent.”
“I have Arborguard come out and check all my trees for disease and insects, and every once in a while, I'll have some trees pruned. Their arborist is excellent. I'd give them an A+.”
“They trimmed a tree that was brushing up against the top of our house, and we love it now. It was great—A+. They also took care of a couple trees on the corner of our house.”
“Arborguard Tree Specialists did an excellent job. They were very professional, and I would use them again. They deserve an A—definitely.”
“They pruned the tree last year, and now we're in the process of cutting it completely. Arborguard was very good—A+. They were very prompt, and they gave very professional advice.”
“I liked that they were very knowledgeable about trees and about our particular problem. They were very frank about what to do and what not to do. They should get an A+ rating.”
“They pruned the trees and cut them up. Their scheduling was fine. Arborguard Tree Specialists is an A+ company.”
“I always call them for anything to do with trees. They took down a maple tree, and they're going to be planting another tree in its place in a couple of weeks. I've been using them for years, and I believe I initially called them because they were recommended by somebody else. They're very professional and very knowledgeable—they know their business. They do grade-A work.”
“They were on time, and they cleaned up the street after they left. I heard about the company through Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A.”
“Arborguard Tree Specialists did great. I would say they deserve an A grade.”
“They took down part of a tree in my backyard. They did what they said they were going to do, and they did it very professionally and in a very timely manner. An A is the way to go for them.”
“They cut down trees for me. They were quick and very courteous, they did a great job, and they cleaned up. I'd definitely use them again, and I would rate them as an A.”
“Arborguard removed a tree that had fallen on our property, and everything was fine. They were very good. I might have chosen them from Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A.”
“We have a large lawn with a lot of trees. A chap from Arborguard came around, and we talked about what might be done in the way of reducing the shade. The gentleman didn't think trimming would be much help, and I agreed with him. We would have had to do extensive trimming and even take down some trees, and the homeowners' association frowns on taking trees down unless you have a really good reason. I thought the young man was very knowledgeable. I told him that we were not allowed to take down trees, so we examined all the possibilities and decided together that they weren't going to do the job. They get an A.”
“Arborguard was great. They gave me a very frank, professional survey, and the work they did was excellent. We had some trees that had some dead branches, and they were getting too large for our property. They showed me exactly what they were doing, and then they cleaned up beautifully. We're really impressed with how professional they were. I'd give them an A.”
“Arborguard is really well versed in tree care. I feel like they're an example of good stewardship of the environment. I've consulted with them as to whether a tree is diseased and needs to come down. We still have the tree. I chose them because they said that they were in the business of saving trees, not just removing trees, and I'm confident that they are. I'd give them the highest mark.”
“I'm so happy with Arborguard. They're wonderful. I felt like they had my own personal interests at heart. I'd give them an A.”
“I can recommend Arborguard. They came highly recommended, and it seems like our whole street uses them. We had some storms, and Arborguard came in and took out twelve giant Leyland cypress trees. That was a big project, and it took them a couple days to get everything done. I was just amazed. These are trees they couldn't climb, so it took them a while. But they cleaned up, and by the time they were done, you never knew the trees were there. All our neighbors have since used them, and one of their guys came out to do stump removal. We were blown away, and I'd give them an A+. It was extremely positive.”
“Their attitude, the work they did, and the fact that they were on time were all positive. They did tree trimming, and they got everything done that I wanted done. They accomplished the job in a reasonable amount of time with a good quality of work. Their customer service was excellent, and I would recommend them to another homeowner. They deserve an A+.”
“They were professionals. They had an arborist that came out, and then they trimmed some high-value trees. I would rate Arborguard an A.”
“Arborguard was able to help with the tree service. They did tree trimming, and they had to remove some trees, too. They did the job that they stated that they would do, they did it on time, and they cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend them to another homeowner. I'd give them the top grade—an A+.”
“They trimmed and pruned between 25 and 30 trees for me, and the quality of the work they did was positive. Once we got the schedule set, they were out here. They got the work done, and I didn't have to mess with them at all. They're an A+.”
“Arborguard was there to treat several trees, and they did fine. I felt they were knowledgeable about what we needed them to do, and they did a fine job. The quality of the work is great. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“Arborguard came out to look at our trees, and they knew exactly what was wrong with the trees when we called them. They told my husband exactly what he needed to do and what they were prepared to do, which they did. In fact, we're having them back again this year. They deserve an A+.”
“They're honest and professional. They didn't remove any trees, but they pruned and removed limbs from some trees to get the limbs away from our house. They did it in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend them to another homeowner. We'll give them an A+.”
“They cut a tree down for us in our backyard, and it was a good experience. My husband interacted with them, but I did not. I heard no complaints, so I would say they get an A+ rating. I would recommend them to someone else.”
“Arborguard trimmed my tree and put some stuff around it. They were real good, and I would recommend them. I just liked the way they handled everything. They did a good job. I would use them again; I'm going to use them probably every year. I'd give them an A+.”
“I felt like the main guy, whose name was Mark, was knowledgeable, and he seemed competent. It seemed like they had good business practices. Honestly, we haven't really had them do anything, aside from treatment of the trees. We haven't had any trees removed or anything yet, but just for surveying the trees and doing root treatments, they've been very good. I'll grade them an A+.”
“They were able to help me. We had a tree that was hit by lightning, so we had them install a lightning rod and take dead wood out of the tree, and then treat the wound. Their service was positive, and they cleaned up after themselves. I would give them an A.”
“We did use Arborguard, and we were very pleased with their performance. They took some limbs off a tree, and it was just a positive experience. I would recommend them to someone else. I'd say they rank an A.”
“I have used Arborguard in the past, and I've been pleased. They did some basic maintenance and cleaning up of some trees. I didn't have a tree fall, but I had some branches fall during the tornado. I had a positive experience, so they get an A.”
“They cut down some trees for me at our rental house. They did a great job—exactly what I wanted them to do. We had a tree that was all down, and I had them cut it up into pieces of firewood for me. They did that at no additional cost, actually. It was a great job. I definitely had a positive experience. They communicated with me on the job and did exactly what I wanted; I had no problems at all. They're definitely an A+.”
“They came out when they said they were going to, and they followed through and did the work when they said they were going to. In that industry, that's unusual 50 percent of the time. They did some pruning, and they also put some growth inhibitor on the tree. Basically, they could've talked themselves into a lot more business by me not understanding about the growth inhibitor, but they told me that it was a possibility, rather than having the whole tree pruned. They were very honest about it, and I know that they could've made a lot more money by not telling me certain things. They deserve an A+.”

I love Arborguard. They're great. They did a beautiful and very professional job on my trees. I've had them out several times, and they were extremely cordial and polite. I'd give them an A.

Arborguard was awesome. It was a great experience. They tested our trees and told us whether or not they were healthy. It wasn't just about cutting down some limbs—it was about the health of the trees and what we should do to care for them. They were very easy to consult with. They're an A+.

Arborguard cut down a tree for me. They also did a treatment for the soil that made it better for the trees. There was a potential split, and they put a cable between two branches to keep the tree from splitting. It was a big pecan tree, and we wanted to protect it. They were really informative and helpful. They've done well—A+.

There was a monster hole inside one of the trees, and I wanted to get an idea about what its health might be and what its lifespan might be due to the hole. They looked at it for me. I'd give them an A.

Arborguard was great. They showed up on time with a professional crew, did what they were supposed to do, and left the place spotless. I would recommend them to anybody. Grade A—those guys were great.

I have had Arborguard before, and they're very good. They did tree removal. The workers who did the work were very good, and they were very professional. I'd give them an A. There were no problems with anything at all.

I used Arborguard Tree Specialists a few years back. I'd give them an A grade. The workers who came out were good, and they finished the work in a reasonable time frame.

I'd recommend them. They did a good job, and they were punctual and professional. I'd give them an A grade.

It was quick and easy. They took care of everything, and it was done well. I would give them an A.

I've used Arborguard, and they're very good. They trimmed our trees. They did treatments and an assessment, too. They're very professional and knowledgeable.

They were able to help me out. I first contacted them a while back because I wanted somebody to evaluate the hardwood trees in my yard. You see a lot about the big rains and winds and trees falling over, so I just wanted to be careful about that because I have really huge maple trees. I called them, and they were very nice and came out and did the evaluation. They ended up pruning all my big trees, and they went up and cut out some of the dead limbs and tried to make the weight in them even. Now they come back annually to put some injection stuff in the soil around my trees to keep them healthy. Then last summer, in the middle of the night, I had a maple tree taken out in a little wind burst kind of a thing, and Arborguard came and cleaned that out. They're just the nicest people—very professional and very willing to answer any questions that you have. Everybody in the office and the people that come out are just very helpful and very nice. I feel confident in their services, so I keep using them. I've recommended them to my neighbor, too. I'd give them an A.

They did a fine job. They treated a tree for me and told me what I needed for the space where my tree fell down. They should get an A.

We were very, very impressed with Arborguard Tree Specialists. In fact, we had them twice. They did a great job. They were on time, they were neat, and they were professional. They just did a good job. They were polite and easy to work with, and when they told us how long it would take, that's how long it took. They're excellent—grade A.

They helped right away after we had a terrible, terrible storm, and a tree was going to fall on the house. It was a mess. I had an infestation in an oak tree, so I called them, and they saved the tree. They get an A rating from me.

They removed a tree and cleaned up after the work was done. I had previously used them for our lawn service, and I was happy with that, so I used them for the tree as well. I'd grade them an A.

We had a tree fall on our house, and that was the reason that we ended up getting the first roof redone and then the second one after that. Arborguard was good. They were much more specific about what they were going to do. They were clear about it and seemed to really be professional about everything. They required a 15-ton crane and then a 70-ton crane, so the tree had torn up the yard badly. The tree had actually fallen on my neighbor's house, and part of it had fallen on mine. He was the main one in communication with them, but any time that I was talking to them and figuring out how we were going to split the bill between the two of us, it was good. I'd give them an A. They were good. I'd actually use them again if I needed to.

Arborguard trimmed my trees. I would use them again.

Arborguard is excellent. They maintain and nurture my trees, and they’ve taken them down when they needed to come down. Arborguard has cut dead parts out of my trees and advised me on tree health, or whether the tree is leaning. I’d give them an A+.

I was concerned about a tree that I had and the condition of it when I had it planted. Arborguard looked it over and told me what the problem was and suggested I make changes, which we did. It helped the tree—it’s still alive today. I’d give them an A.

Arborguard is my favorite company. They’re wonderful. Their people are experts, and they give expert advice. The follow-through on everything is quick. They’re always very professional, courteous, and helpful.

Arborguard took down a gigantic water oak, and they did a fantastic job. They were professional and didn’t harm a thing, even though they had a really challenging tree and site. They were great.

They do an excellent job. They are absolutely top-notch. The trees are doing great.

We had Arborguard do some big jobs for us. When we first moved in, we had some trees—some white oaks—that were dying because a builder damaged some of the roots, but Arborguard was able to save the trees. Now they trim them and do root fertilization for us. Arborguard really knows their business. They have real arborists.

Great job. My husband is a real tree lover, so they were judicious about what trees they took out and what trees they could save. They also helped ones that we thought were dead, but they said they weren’t and would come back and treat them. That was good because we didn’t want all our trees taken down. They were knowledgeable too; it’s not just a man with an axe.

They did a nice job....Real pros—no problems....Great. This was a real tree person. He showed me all of the different varieties of trees. He talked to me about what we should do in the future, and I was really impressed with the guy.

Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very thorough. Their arborist knew how to treat our diseased trees and how to trim them and prolong their life. They did a great job.

I love them. I’m really happy I’ve had them. They treat my dogwoods, and oaks, and maples, and my rhododendrons once a year with some sort of deep root thing. I just think they’re wonderful. They like to save trees, and so do I.

They did come and fertilize our trees. The three trees that we have in front really sprouted a lot more branches. Great job. The trees are much more full, and there’s more new growth lower on the tree. I was very happy.

I thought the arborist was very knowledgeable and honest about what needed to be done and what didn’t need to be done.  And I really appreciated that. They did an excellent job. They took some dangerous branches down. I just felt secure going with him and with his advice.

They’re great.  They did some trimming and treated a tree that had some bug problems.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  They answered all our questions...and cleanup was just super.

Top-notch people....They’re really into doing it right and not just cutting trees down. 

We've used Arborguard. In fact, we found them in Home Reports. When they first came out here we didn't realize that, once you get them, they have a warranty for life. We've used Arborguard since the early- or mid-nineties. Their service is very good. I'm pleased. One of the unusual things they do is that they always send you an evaluation form after you deal with their staff. When you send the form in, they send you a thank you card, thanking you for using that form. I'm always impressed with them. I know they're a very good company.

Arborguard Tree Specialists did a stump grinding for me. They did a nice job. They got it all out. I would recommend them to others.

A long time ago I used Arborguard because I saw them in Home Reports. That was an interesting situation because it was a really big tree in my backyard, and the other companies I called wanted to uproot the tree and lift it over my house, but Arborguard came up with a really unusual idea to cut the dead part off of the tree and just kind of let it drop a little bit, then cut some more and let it drop a little bit, etc. That saved me thousands of dollars, and I didn't have a whole tree lifted over my house.

Arborguard did top-notch work. I had some sick trees, and they put together a plan to treat the trees and get them back on the road to recovery. They're probably going to come back out in a year. We started the project last summer, and they came out in the fall and then again in the spring. The trees are looking a lot better now.

They took out two trees and did a good job. They cleaned up well after themselves. I would use them again if I needed to.

They've pruned up some major limbs on some larger trees on our lot. Nothing required flat-out removal. The trees look great, and their cleanup was first rate.

It was very good. They check back with us annually. I am very pleased with their service.

I thought they did okay. I didn't have any issues. I'd say they did a good job. I would grade them an A.

They did a fine job. They were very thorough, they cleaned everything up, did a great job, and were very knowledgeable.

They did pretty good. They advised us on a problem we were having with a tree. It turned out all right, so we're happy.

Everything was good. It's been a couple years now, so I don't remember any of the details, but everything worked out and it was good.

They cut down some trees a few years ago. They did a good job. We would use them again. It was a positive experience.