Selecting Your Tile and a Northern Virginia Tile Contrator

A wide variety of tile is currently on the market, at just as wide a variety of price points. As one would expect, more aesthetically pleasing tile is generally also more expensive. However, cheaper tile is typically just as resistant to water as expensive tile. While variance in price may sometimes reflect one kind of tile’s superior durability or another functional characteristic, price is often tied to aesthetic elements and the extra labor they may involve. In other words, more expensive tile is not by default a better choice in every application.

Many tile contractors bid their jobs with a “tile allowance,” so the homeowner does not necessarily need to pick the type of tile before the process begins. The tile can be selected later, and the price of the job is accordingly adjusted. However, many homeowners have an aesthetic preference or budgetary concerns and will want to know more about the different types of tile available. Additionally, different tile materials are preferred in various parts of the home according to their porosity, the characteristic that describes the tile’s tendency to repel or absorb water.

Tile contractors vary greatly in ability. Judging work quality is relatively difficult for most homeowners, since good prep work is essential for quality tiling but is hidden by the tile itself. Learning about tile installation will help you ask the right questions and choose the best contractor.