Homeowner Testimonials

We've had some friends who've said, 'Hey, who would you use?' and we've said, 'We've got this book.' We've shared Best Pick Reports with friends several times. It's definitely good material.

I love the book. It started showing up in my mail, and it's been great. I was quite impressed with the homeowners' feedback. I've actually plugged in with quite a number of people in the area who have also said many of the companies that are published in Best Pick Reports were very good.

I like Best Pick Reports a lot, because I don't really know who to call when I need a contractor. The phone books really aren't any help, and online you don't know who's writing the reviews. I really appreciate having an independent voice.

That's where I started calling my people from. It's been very helpful, and I like the comments from other folks. If it's me, and I'm looking for a contractor, I want one that I know has been in this area for a while. These companies will be here if I need to call them down the road. That's a benefit with your book that makes me feel comfortable.

As a homeowner, I'm always looking for somebody that can give me a view on service providers. I think it's important to have that. Best Pick Reports is a good tool.

I think Best Pick Reports is a good reference tool for homeowners like myself. That's how we found our roofers.

We recently used Best Pick Reports to find a contractor. We'd been sitting here, thinking, 'All right, who do we hire for this?' You've done the research, so we went to the book. It's good to have.

I saw Best Pick Reports recently, and I recognized some of the business in there, but not a lot of them. It was good. There are a lot of smaller businesses I've never heard of that made their way into the report, and that helps me because I like to try to pick local companies.

That's where I found the company that did stone work for me. I think absolutely it's a good reference. I was new to that particular area of town, and it's hard to know who to trust these days, so Best Pick Reports was of particular value.

I think the book is a good source of information when I'm looking to do some home improvements.