Homeowner Testimonials

I use the book, and I appreciate it. That's where I got my roofer from. I'm very impressed with Best Pick Reports, and I will continue using it. I recommend other folks around to use it also, and I've referred people to companies I found in your book.

It's a really great list of companies. I use Best Pick Reports, and that's how I got so many great referrals.

It's easy to navigate through and find contractors. It's the kind of book you need in a hurry when you need it, and all the information is clear and well-organized.

It is very good to have your book. I selected my garage door company by using Best Pick Reports as a reference, and I made the right choice.

We just moved into this area, and Best Pick Reports is what I'm using to find my contractors. I think it's wonderful.

We receive it regularly, every year. It's very informative, very good. I find it to be helpful. I'm in the process of setting up a ductwork cleaning, and that's going to be the project for the next month or two, so I'm using your book as a reference.

The book is nice. All you have to do is open it up and thumb through it, and there are the names to call.

I really like it. I've never had anything but really good luck with the Best Pick Reports companies I've used. You get a great random sampling of folks who have used those companies, and that's why we've had a positive experience.

I saw Best Pick Reports recently, and I recognized some of the business in there, but not a lot of them. It was good. There are a lot of smaller businesses I've never heard of that made their way into the report, and that helps me because I like to try to pick local companies.

To find people who consistently do good work is nearly impossible. Finding out about Best Pick Reports was like a lifesaver.