Homeowner Testimonials

This book is awesome. It saved me the day that I had an emergency and needed to find someone quickly. I love it, and I think it's a great book. It showed up in the nick of time.

I love Best Pick Reports. I'm on the homeowners' board here at my condo, and it's kind of hard to find good people to do work for you, so when I got Best Pick Reports, it was like it dropped out of heaven. I called and got everybody on the board a book. Your people are very kind, very cooperative, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate everything that you do.

Our plumber is out of Best Pick Reports, which we received shortly after we moved here from New York. We didn't know any of our neighbors yet, and things were going wrong at our house. Calling a contractor can be a lot like a crapshoot; you just cross your fingers. But with Best Pick Reports, I read the reviews, and I know who to call.

I like Best Pick Reports. I gave a copy to a friend also. It's good to get this book because we all need services done; we just didn't know where to look.

Best Pick Reports helped me. It was because of the book that I found my contractor. If it wasn't for the book, I wouldn't know who to contact.

I like the book. Actually, I use it all the time. When I need a company, I look at Best Pick Reports first.

We recently used Best Pick Reports to find a contractor. We'd been sitting here, thinking, 'All right, who do we hire for this?' You've done the research, so we went to the book. It's good to have.

I got the company I hired from the book. That's where I got the information about them. They were excellent, so I'll always use that book when I need services. I trust Best Pick Reports' judgment.

We're remodeling our home's interior and exterior, and we use Best Pick Reports as a resource. It's very handy.

I used one of the people you recommended for paving. And I probably wouldn't have reached out to them if it weren't for your report; I'm very happy. I appreciate the help Best Pick Reports gives me.