Homeowner Testimonials

This book is great. As a new homeowner, I don't have a lot to go on when looking for companies. I get some recommendations from friends, but Best Pick Reports lists people I know can do the work for me. I appreciate this book a lot.

I trust Best Pick Reports because you interview so many people for each company. It's pretty comprehensive, and that helps me find what I'm looking for.

It gives local homeowners a review of people who have done work in the area. It's kind of a quick snapshot into a lot of the contractors out there. I like it a lot. There are lots of folks in those industries, so Best Pick Reports streamlines making a choice a lot quicker than just trying to go through a phone book.

Best Pick Reports is like my security blanket. I know if I need something, it's there.

We're remodeling our home's interior and exterior, and we use Best Pick Reports as a resource. It's very handy.

I've used EBSCO for research for years; they've impressed me at my job, so I knew the book would be good. We've been pleased with everyone we've used. We find the book very useful and will continue to use its recommendations.

I love Best Pick Reports. I'm on the homeowners' board here at my condo, and it's kind of hard to find good people to do work for you, so when I got Best Pick Reports, it was like it dropped out of heaven. I called and got everybody on the board a book. Your people are very kind, very cooperative, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate everything that you do.

I like Best Pick Reports because the contractors are organized by area, and I like calling people in my own area. I have definitely been pleased with your book.

I keep a copy at home and at the office. I would give the book an A grade. I think it's great.

I saw Best Pick Reports recently, and I recognized some of the business in there, but not a lot of them. It was good. There are a lot of smaller businesses I've never heard of that made their way into the report, and that helps me because I like to try to pick local companies.