Homeowner Testimonials

That's where I started calling my people from. It's been very helpful, and I like the comments from other folks. If it's me, and I'm looking for a contractor, I want one that I know has been in this area for a while. These companies will be here if I need to call them down the road. That's a benefit with your book that makes me feel comfortable.

We use Best Pick Reports religiously. I have no complaints about it at all; I'm very happy with it. Every year we review the contents, and then every time we need to call for outside help, we see who you have evaluated.

I've used EBSCO for research for years; they've impressed me at my job, so I knew the book would be good. We've been pleased with everyone we've used. We find the book very useful and will continue to use its recommendations.

It's been very, very helpful as a homeowner because if you just search online, online is great for finding national companies, but it's terrible for finding someone local. I want to be able to find the guy in my community. That's where your publication comes in; it fills that void, serves a need.

I think Best Pick Reports is great. We always keep it in the case that we have something come up. It's helpful, especially moving to a new area and really not knowing who to call. That's why we keep the tear-out of names and numbers on the side the fridge.

Best Pick Reports is what we use to pick people a lot of the time. My wife and I had only been in our house about a year and didn't know a lot of companies, so when the book just came in the mail, that was pretty cool.

We're new to this particular area of Houston. When we needed work at the house, we said, 'Let's take these people in this book and just try them out first.' We did, and we were ecstatic. We were pleased with your publication. When we do anything else, we'll look at that book first.

I'm very thankful for Best Pick Reports. When I have a major job to do, like a deck or a floor or something, I always look through that book first. I always use them because I trust them to be neutral and honest.

I love the book. It started showing up in my mail, and it's been great. I was quite impressed with it, the homeowners' feedback. I've actually plugged in with quite a number of people in the area that have also said many of the companies that are published in Best Pick Reports were very good.

I got the company I hired from the book. That's where I got the information about them. They were excellent, so I'll always use that book when I need services. I trust Best Pick Reports' judgment.