Homeowner Testimonials

Your book is how we found our fence company, and I was very happy. I have saved my copy so that I can use it for my upcoming projects.

We use Best Pick Reports religiously. I have no complaints about it at all; I'm very happy with it. Every year we review the contents, and then every time we need to call for outside help, we see who you have evaluated.

Best Pick Reports really helped me out. I've used people listed in the book and had a good experience working with them.

I use Best Pick Reports, and I've never had problems working with the companies that I've found through that book.

Best Pick Reports is good. It's a good reference for finding contractors that are in the area

I think it's a very valuable resource. Many people have rated all of those companies, so it's a great reference. I will absolutely refer to Best Pick Reports for any upcoming projects.

We like the book very much because we feel like any services that we may need, we've got Best Pick Reports as a reference. We're really happy with it.

I really appreciate Best Pick Reports doing this. You're really trying to make sure the people you recommend are good folks. I can have more confidence that when I call a contractor, it's not somebody who's just paying to get their name in. That's great.

I love this book; I get all of my workers out of it. Whenever I have a home problem, I go to Best Pick Reports first. I didn't use the book to find a lawn service, and I've regretted it.

It's nice that you keep your sections fine-tuned with just a couple of providers. Those companies are all going to be top-notch. There's always so many contractors to choose from out there, so I'd rather have somebody with good resources narrow it down for me. That's what I like about Best Pick Reports.