The Basics

Many sunrooms are built with traditional ceilings, but in some sunrooms, sunlight passes through a glazing and heats the room. This glazing can be either plastic or glass. Glass is more durable than plastic, and homeowners often find it more aesthetically pleasing. Plastic is lighter, easier to work with, and cheaper.  It also scratches more easily and expands and contracts with the sun more than glass does, which may increase chances of leakage.  Homeowners can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both glass and plastic glazing with their contractor.  Another option homeowners may want to consider is tinting the windows in their sunrooms to limit UV rays and to add a bit of privacy.  

The ceiling in a sunroom or patio enclosure can either be made of glazing or built as a traditional ceiling. Benefits of having a glazed ceiling include letting in more sunlight and getting an open view of the sky. Before building a glazed ceiling, make sure to review the previous work of the sunroom contractors being considered, because glass or plastic ceilings are more prone to leakage than a traditional ceiling.