Initial Concerns When Building a Sunroom or Patio Enclosure

Homeowners should begin by deciding the main purpose of their potential sunroom or enclosed patio. Either type of addition can be used for various purposes, such as extra entertainment space or a place to cultivate plants. To maximize sunlight, sunrooms and patios are often oriented southward; however, this may cause the room to become uncomfortable during a hot summer. As an alternative, homeowners may want to install a cooling system or build the addition facing northward. For sunrooms, another option is to tint the windows to limit UV rays and achieve a little additional privacy. To get even more ideas for what would work best in your home, ask the contractors you interview not only for suggestions but also for examples of their previous projects.

Lastly, homeowners should keep in mind that they will need permits before building the sunroom or enclosed patio. In most cases, a reputable contractor will obtain the correct permits and have a great deal of experience with all the building codes that must be followed.