Problems with Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) | Best Pick Reports

In a well-designed and well-constructed house, EIFS-related issues are limited. However, water can get into the EIFS and into the wall behind the EIFS, due to construction defects; damage, such as that caused by woodpeckers; or dried, cracking caulk on window seals. Once water is in the wall or in the EIFS itself, it leaves very, very slowly. The presence of water causes many problems and can be difficult to detect. Trapped water can rot structural wood, which causes permanent damage to the structural integrity of the home. If the damage is bad enough, the structural wood must be replaced. Trapped water can also rot wood windows and other wood framing. In some cases, the damage is so bad that the windows must be replaced. Additionally, water inside a wall encourages termite problems.