EIFS or Synthetic Stucco Inspection and Repair | Best Pick Reports

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) use synthetic materials to cover exterior home walls.  EIFS is common in the Atlanta area, and was popular with builders because it looks like real stucco, is easier to install than real stucco, and has better insulation characteristics.  However, EIFS can absorb and hold moisture much more readily than can traditional hard coat stucco.

Since EIFS blocks the flow of moisture, water can get into the EIFS and the wall. Once water is in the wall, it leaves very slowly.  This water can rot structural wood, which causes permanent damage to the structural integrity of the house.

Water inside a wall encourages termite problems in three primary ways:

Since Atlanta termites need water to survive and prefer rotting wood, a home with damp, rotting wood is much more likely to be infested than a home with dry wood.

Water trapped inside the wall may eventually flow all the way to the ground and diminish or eliminate the chemical barrier put in place to keep termites out.

Because EIFS is often installed all the way to the ground, it provides a pathway for termites to tunnel into the home and prevents visual detection of an active infestation.

Industry experts recommend that all Atlanta EIFS homes be inspected for moisture in the walls.  If water is found in the wall before it creates a termite problem, repairs are relatively inexpensive.  If a problem exists and is not addressed, repairs can be much more costly.  Once water is detected, the source of the water must be identified and repaired.

Atlanta building codes changed in 1997 to protect homes.  Some Atlanta termite companies will not put an EIFS-clad home under contract unless the home has a six-inch gap between the EIFS or other foam insulation board and the ground.  Also, some Atlanta termite companies may charge a premium for EIFS-clad homes to cover their increased costs and liability.

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