Basic Sprinkler System Maintenance

Some basic maintenance is required to keep a sprinkler system running in top condition. The system should be flushed periodically to ensure there are no clogs in the line or any of the sprinkler heads. Looking for broken or misaligned sprinkler heads and getting them repaired as quickly as possible keeps water waste to a minimum. Also, one must check the spray pattern emitting from the heads; fine misting or dribbling can be signs of too high or too low pressure, either of which can be corrected by placing a pressure regulator at the water meter.

Winterizing is one of the more crucial types of maintenance that the sprinkler system will require during the year. Water that remains in the system during the hard freezes of the cold months freezes and expands, possibly cracking the piping or damaging internal parts. In the fall, the water to the sprinklers should be shut off at the main valve and the entire system carefully flushed. Most sprinkler companies offer this service for a small maintenance fee and will also return in the spring to restart the system and make any necessary adjustments.