Health Benefits

The benefits to the body of soaking in warm water have been known for many thousands of years. Natural hot springs are still sought-after destinations for those seeking the health benefits of minerals in the water. While hot tubs and spas don’t contain the naturally occurring minerals of hot springs, they can still contribute to one’s overall wellness in several ways.

Hot tubs and spas contain adjustable jets that direct water to certain parts of the body, acting as a sort of massage. Soaking in warm water raises the body’s internal temperature, which in turn increases circulation. The buoyancy provided by the water relieves pressure on joints, such as knees and hips, that carry quite a bit of weight throughout the day. This combination of warmth, near-weightlessness, and massaging jets of water is sometimes called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy has been shown to aid in relaxation, help reduce or eliminate episodes of insomnia, and temporarily relieve joint pain and body aches. As an added benefit, hot tubs and spas are typically a draw for visitors, thus increasing time spent with friends and family members.