Putting Together the Home Theater Puzzle

A low-quality home theater system, or one that isn’t suited for your particular room, can turn even the most classic film into a mediocre cinematic experience. The sound will be muddy, the picture fuzzy, and your guests annoyed. By choosing a reputable home theater contractor, however, you can ensure that every aspect of a movie is presented to you and your family with as crisp of a presentation as you would find on the silver screen. 

When selecting a home theater system, it’s important to remember that its performance will only be as strong as its weakest component. If you have a mind-blowing set of speakers, for example, but poor cables connecting them, your speakers won’t be living up to their potential. For this reason, make sure not to skimp on speaker wires and connecting cables. One option for homeowners not looking to spend over $1,000 is to purchase what’s referred to as a home theater in a box, or HTIB. An HTIB is precisely what it sounds like—a full home theater system, minus the television, sold as a single unit. While most HTIBs are of slightly lesser quality than systems assembled from individually purchased components, HTIBs are generally cheaper than custom systems.