Methods of Cleaning Siding

Siding may become dingy with dirt or mildew after installation. Homeowners should take necessary steps to clean their siding regularly.

Removing mildew. Wood siding is susceptible to mildew growth. Mildewed siding is a health risk, and the stains are unsightly. Mildew can usually be eradicated with a solution of three parts water, one part bleach, and a small amount of laundry or household detergent. The solution should be sprayed or softly brushed onto the siding, left to sit for five minutes, and then rinsed off. Commercial solutions are also available.

Pressure washing. Pressure washing can also be used to remove mold, mildew, and dirt from wood and other types of siding. Sometimes called chemical rinsing, pressure washing cleans the surface with a high-pressure application of water or a water-chemical mixture. It is possible for pressure washing to force water underneath siding through any seams, which could lead to rotting wood, stains, and insect infestation. Homeowners considering pressure washing may want to hire a professional for this job.