Crumbling Wood Siding

Many Atlanta homeowners experience major problems with wood-composite siding only a short time after installation. When this siding was introduced in the 1980s, manufacturers predicted it would last much longer than it has and, in some cases, warranted it for as long as 40 years. Homeowners with cracking, crumbling, or buckling Masonite or wood-composite siding may be able to make a claim against the manufacturer. For information about making a claim, contact the siding manufacturer. It may be possible to identify the manufacturer by markings on the back surface of the siding. For information on filing a claim, call Louisiana-Pacific at 888-820-0325, Masonite at 800-330-2722, or Georgia-Pacific at 800-284-5347. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not recover enough money to cover the full cost of replacement.