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"We use the finest-quality materials and labor in every job, and we complete each project as if we were working on our own homes. In short, we are an owner-operated, friendly, hardworking company that will stand behind our work 100 percent."

Mike Rogers | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
American Windows & Siding installs vinyl and fiber cement siding; trim; shutters; vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and bay windows; and sliding, French, and front doors for residential and commercial customers. The company also offers roof replacement and gutter and gutter guard installation.
Minimum Job
The company requires a $1,000 minimum job.
The company provides transferable lifetime warranties in combination with complete lifetime labor warranties.
Company History
American Windows & Siding's three owners, Edward Dunn, Charlie Gunn, and Mike Rogers, founded the company in 1991.
Additional Information
All of American Windows & Siding's products are ENERGY STAR qualified, and most offer a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
MHIC #49743
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's
A selection of 256 homeowner reviews:
“They were on time, and they did a great job. The windows look terrific, and the siding worked out really well, too. American Windows & Siding is terrific. I cannot say anything bad about them—A+.”
“I had a wonderful experience. They did good work, they kept their appointment times, and they were very clean and thorough. I'd grade them as an A+.”
“I'd give my overall experience an A+. They were awesome. I've already recommended them.”
“They put in siding, a front door, and a sliding glass door in the back. They were attentive, and the materials were good. It was a thorough job. My wife says they're an A company.”
“It was an A+ experience. Everything was great.”
“They did a good job. I'd give them an A+. Everything was excellent.”
“My husband was the one who was here when they did it, it was quite a while ago though. It was excellent work; I have no complaints.”
“They installed gutter guards on our gutters. They did great work. I'd give them an A grade. They were very timely in terms of getting back to me and they actually arranged to do the work without me having to be at home. I was able to inspect it and they did a bang up job without me having to be there to supervise.”
“We had a really small job. I'd give them an A+ grade.”
“I had siding work done. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“I'd give them an A+, they were great.”
“They installed siding for me. They also put flashing on the basement windows. I'd give my overall experience an A.”
“I really liked working with Mike Rogers, the President of the company. He was very straight forward, knew what he was doing, and I felt very comfortable that the project was in his hands. They did siding work. I'd give it an A-.”
“They did fine. I'd give them an A.”
“I'd give them an A.”
“I would rate American Windows and Siding an A.”
“They deserve an A-.”
“I'd give them an A-.”
“I have no complaints.”
“They were responsive, they did a good job, and they were transparent as far as I could tell. I'd give them an A-.”
“That was done a year ago, they were fine. No complaints.”
“No complaints they were great.”
“American Windows & Siding did work for me six months ago.”
“It's been six months, I'm happy with it. No complaints.”
“I was happy with the job they did. They were efficient, they were on time, and the quality was good.”
“American Windows & Siding was great. They were professional from the estimate to the installation, and everything was clean when we came home. They did a good job. I would give them an A for their excellent work.”
“I liked their diligence and attention to detail. They replaced all the siding on my home, all the window shutters, and all the wood trim with vinyl. I'd rate them as an A.”
“American Windows & Siding was very good. They were straightforward; they didn't give a whole spiel, and I appreciated that they didn't haggle. They were prompt, on time, and very thorough, and they did a really good job. They did an installation, and they get an A grade from me.”
“American Windows & Siding did a good job. I would give them an A rating, and I would recommend them. They were excellent.”
“Their customer service and quality of the work were excellent. Everything has held up perfectly, so I would give them an A grade.”
“I'm very pleased. They replaced a window and a door for me, and they did a repair on my siding. They did excellent work. The technicians were excellent. The quality of the work was good. Everything is holding up very well—they earned an A+.”
“The salesman was very knowledgeable, and the crew was very friendly and very professional. They cleaned up everything, and they did a good job. They worked very professionally. Everything has held up. I would use the company again. I heard about them through the Best Picks, and I would recommend them. They're an A+ company.”
“They were fine. They were professional. I've used them twice. Their quality of their work is great. They're very thorough and respectful of my home. I would recommend them, and I would say they're an A.”
“They do good work. They did siding for me. I was satisfied with them. I have no complaints, so I would give them an A.”
“I would hire them again in a minute, because they did a great job. They did a lot of work. It was easy and convenient. They did what they said they were going to do, and they cleaned up really well afterward. I was really happy with them. I would recommend them, and I would give them an A.”
“I've used American Windows & Siding several times. They're excellent. Their work is good, they clean up after themselves, and I liked dealing with them. The people there are very friendly, and I enjoy working with them.”
“We had American Windows & Siding do siding and windows for us, and we were very pleased. They were very thorough and didn't leave a single nail when they cleaned up. I'd give them an A+.”
“American Windows & Siding has done a lot of work for me over the past five years. They've done siding work and window replacements for me, and my experience has been extremely positive. They're friendly and easy to get along with. They're absolutely an A+.”
“I got the work done almost a year ago, and everything worked out just fine. I supervised it and got it done. They did the roof, the siding, windows, and everything. It was A+. The workers were superior, and they most definitely finished the work in a reasonable amount of time.”
“I thought the quality of the work was very good. They had a team that's been there awhile, and they did very good. I found the workers to be very friendly and informative. I would use them again, and I've already recommended them to other people. They do not give you high-pressure sales—they just give you the facts. They also gave me some advice, as far as choosing product, and they did a good job. I'd say they were an A+.”
“I had a very positive experience. They were very efficient and on time. They did the work because of the weather, and it was a very beautiful experience. I would absolutely use them again in the future. A+.”
“American Windows & Siding did some siding, and they replaced a door and the window. The quality of work was good. It was my first time using the company, and they did what I asked them to do. I'd give them an A.”

We thought they were great, and we recommended them to several neighbors and friends. They did our siding and replaced all our windows. They were very thorough. Their salesperson was one of the best I've dealt with. I'd give them an A.

They put new siding on my house. The quality was good, and the workers were awesome—very good crew. I'd give them an A. I had a good salesman who worked with me and came through with all of his commitments.

American Windows & Siding did a whole lot of work for me, and it was an awesomely positive experience. They were very professional. They listened to my thoughts, they came when they said they would, and they cleaned up wonderfully. They were awesome. I was very happy with their work. I'd give them the top rating—A+.

I have new siding, so my house is all set. They did a very good job. If a friend wanted some details on my experience, I would tell them to definitely use American Windows & Siding. They were service-oriented, and I’d give them an A.

American Windows & Siding did a really good job. They were efficient, cleaned up, and got the job done. The technicians that came out were wonderful. They did a really good job—very professional. I would recommend the company. I would give them A+.

They were excellent. They had a wonderful work crew that cleaned up and were punctual. We’re very pleased with the siding. I would use this company again. We got it as a referral from a neighbor, and then we referred them to other neighbors. We were very impressed with the people that did the siding. I’d say A+—they really were super.

American Windows & Siding were very professional and on time. They got the work done quickly. The technicians were great and got everything done in a whole day. They said it may be two days, and they got it done in one. We've already recommended them to four or five people. I think they deserve an A.

I had a 100 percent positive experience. From the very beginning, meeting the representative to the last rake up of the last nail, it was 100 percent positive all the way. What made the workers fantastic was their attitude and their professionalism. They went above and beyond. We have a cat, and they made sure that they always had eyes on the cat. Although they had dirt and a bunch of stuff outside around the house, our front door and our back door never had blocked access. They welcomed us to come outside to watch them, take pictures, and ask questions. They were just really fantastic. I would give them an A+.

American Windows installed my fiber cement siding. They were quick, and they got all the details right. And that job had a lot of details. They were terrific.

We’re very happy with their work. They did the job on time, cleaned up afterwards, and they were personable and everything. We have a long-standing relationship with American Windows & Siding. We’ve been using them for over a decade for both siding and windows. I’d give them excellent ratings across the board.

They were great. The crew was absolutely knowledgeable, and they were hard workers. I’ve already recommended them to other people, and I’d use them again.

They did the siding. It looks good, and they did a good job. We’re very pleased with them and the work they did.

I was completely satisfied. They did siding and a lot of metal covering of pillars. They also put in a soffit, and all the fascia board and all that. It's a brick house. They re-sided our carport and one dormer, so the siding was probably not a big job. There was an awful lot of soffit work and fascia to do. The cleanup was good.

The siding work was fine. They showed up on time. The clean up afterwards was OK. It was good. I don't have any problems with them.

American Windows did the siding, and they installed a door and windows. I was happy with both jobs that they did.

They did a good job. I wasn't there when they came out, but I think the people I dealt with were fine. Overall, the customer service was good. I would recommend them to other people.

I was satisfied with the job they did.

American Windows & Siding did the work probably about a year ago. I was happy with their work. I would recommend them to other people.

They were excellent. I have no complaints. I thought they did a very good job.

I give them high marks. They did a really good job.

American Windows did some work for me in the past. I was happy with the work they did. They put aluminum siding on a while ago, and they did a reroofing. We had the roof done last year. I was happy with the outcome of everything. They were very professional. They got it done in a reasonable amount of time.

It's fine. Their customer service was good. I would recommend this company to other people. Everything has held up all right.

It was great.

American Windows & Siding did very well.

They did fine. I have no complaints.

The job turned out fine. They are very nice. They did a good job.

I was totally pleased. They did a fabulous job. They were great.

I was very pleased with the whole thing. The people were friendly and knowledgeable about what they were doing. I would use them again, and I have recommended them to others.

We are very pleased. We would use them again if we needed to.

The job was very satisfactory. It was absolutely fine, just great.

I think that American Windows & Siding is great.

They did a great job. It's a good product, and I'm happy. They get an A+.