Traditional, Elegant Plantation Shutters | Best Pick Reports

Plantation shutters are a traditional, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing interior window treatment. They are also very useful as a thermal barrier and for providing privacy and light control. Cleaning shutters is easy; it generally involves little more than light wiping them down with a duster or slightly damp cloth.

Plantation shutters typically consist of one or two vertical panels per window; the panels are attached to a frame that is built to fit snugly within the window frame.

Louvers. Louvers are the horizontal slats in each panel that tilt up or down to block light or allow light to pass through. Louvers are available in various widths ranging from 1½ inches to 5¼ inches. The selection of louver size is not arbitrary: for example, larger windows are better suited to shutters with wider louvers. Choosing the right louver size is an important part of getting the desired look for both the window treatment and the room as a whole.

Stiles, rails, and tilt rods. Stiles are the vertical side pieces of a shutter panel. The louvers connect to the stiles with pins. Rails are the top and bottom horizontal pieces of the shutter. They connect directly to the stiles. The tilt rod is a vertical rod that connects to the inside edge of each louver. Moving the tilt rod up or down moves all the louvers at once.