Beyond the Alarm System

While having a home security system professionally installed helps protect valuables, there are other measures homeowners can take to protect themselves and their homes.

Lights. When choosing the right home security system, consider adding exterior lights that work in conjunction with motion detectors. When movement is detected in the yard, the lights will turn on automatically. The brighter the yard, the fewer places for potential intruders to hide. Homeowners may want to consider installing an automatic timer or a photocell on any exterior lights. These controllers turn the lights on and off automatically and can be used when home or away.

Locks. Regardless of your neighborhood, it is never a good idea to leave doors or windows unlocked. To minimize forced entry into any home, homeowners should keep these shut and secured at all times. Even second-story windows can be used as access points into a home. Also, do not keep spare keys in obvious locations, such as under the doormat or above the door. Experienced burglars will know to check these places.