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Hercules Roofing, LLC has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 114 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"At Hercules Roofing, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate. We work to install roofing systems that meet industry specifications, and when we leave a jobsite, we always make sure the customer is satisfied. Do your research, and see that Hercules Roofing does it right the first time."

Gil Stein | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Hercules Roofing's in-house service department specializes in all types of residential and commercial roof repairs. The company's maintenance division installs roof coating products for all types of flat roofs. Hercules Roofing also installs skylights.
Services Not Offered
The company does not install or repair gutters.
In addition to honoring manufacturer warranties, Hercules Roofing offers a 7-year warranty on shingle roofs, a 10-year warranty on tile roofs, and Polyglass warranties of up to 30 years on materials for new tile roofs.
Company History
The company was started in 2005.
Hercules Roofing is a Henry Gold Seal Authorized Contractor and a registered Polyglass contractor.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and are background checked.
Areas Served
Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Jupiter, Lantana, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach

“They were very efficient; excellent customer service, finished very quickly, and it's been about four months. We had a hurricane and there hasn't been a drop anywhere. I would grade them an A+. They are great. They are very punctual; they showed up before I expected them. The cleanup was great. They were just terrific; I have a very difficult roof, with lots of peaks and valleys. Hercules Roofing did a really good job.”

“It was a great experience, overall, from the quote process all the way through to the end. They were very clean, and they didn't drag it out for a long time. When the county inspector, state inspector—wherever he's from—came to do his inspection, he actually went back to his vehicle and asked my wife if he could take some extra pictures because of the craftsmanship; he doesn't normally see it that well. A+.”

“I've been with them for 10 years and, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't trust anybody else. I'll tell you why, they're very honest, and they're prompt, and they give me a report as the project is going along, and when it's complete. And if there's any comeback—nobody's perfect—but if there happens to be a required comeback six months later—because of whatever situation—they come back immediately, and they never charge me anything extra. Absolutely A+. I never got up on my roof, but I would suspect that, since I don't have any leaks or problems; I would guess the work is very good. The owner himself will come by and check things out or give me a full report during and after. If they say they're going to be there at 12:15, and they come at 12:18 or 12:25—in Florida, that's punctual. I had my businesses in Iowa and in Iowa, they tell me 12:15, 'Oh, you can set your watch, they're going to be there at 12:15.' Their previous job took another 15, 20 minutes. I usually don't get—they never tell me an exact time; they'll tell me a range. They'll tell me, 'Well, we'll be there between 12 and 1,' or 'we'll be there shortly after lunch.' If I want to ask them 'What time's lunch?', then I do, but usually I don't care. The first time I used them, I was a little bit more careful, but they've done a couple of different projects for me, and at this point I would not trust, nor would I call, somebody else—because I've had A+ total. In summary, A+; I'd absolutely recommend them. They're a very good company. They're a very, very good company. There are some companies that are not so good; I don't have to tell you. They're a very good company.”

“They definitely did work for me on the fascia. It was great; I liked everything about them. I'd grade them as an A+. I've recommended them already.”

“They did a great job. Just nice people. They just did a good job, and they were honest. What they said they were going to do, they did. They did great. They're fine. They're A.”

“Everything was great. My roof is intact. It's all good. Everything was good. I had no complaints, and I would recommend Hercules Roofing.”

“The service was very good. I would grade them a B, there were no issues. The quality of work was excellent—no issue. The customer service was good. I would recommend them.”

“They were terrific. It was just the way it was presented, the person who sold me the job, it became like a good thing to do; it was a good experience. I'd give them an A. Very pleased across the board.”

“I think that Hercules Roofing was very responsive when I called. Coming out to do the estimate, they gave me a complete written estimate for the work. They came out. Once I approved the estimate—very timely after that, and the final bill was exactly what the estimate was. A+. I've used them before, and I'm very happy to recommend them.”

“I liked their customer service, and the quality of their product. I would grade them an A+.”

“They were efficient, and they did it fast. I don't have any complaints. I'd give Hercules Roofing an A for the experience. The customer service was very good.”

“They did what they were supposed to do, and they did it on a timely manner. If I have to use another roofer again, I certainly would use them. I would give them an A. I didn't find anything that wasn't clean, and everything was fine. I have recommended them already.”

“They followed through and did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They generally just did a good job. They were timely and responsive. They just got the job done to our satisfaction. I'd grade them an A overall.”

“Gil was very nice to work with. It was an A for me. They were very nice. All the people who were there were very nice. There was some junk all over the yard, but I guess that was to be expected. I did recommend Hercules Roofing.”

“I had a very positive experience with them.”

“They're good.”

“I think they did a good job. I had a leak, and there was mold, and I guess they fixed the roof; I didn't climb up and check it, but I don't have a leak anymore. They did a good job. I'd rate them as an A. I don't know anything about roofing, and I didn't climb up and look.”

“They did a good job. No complaints. No issues. Everything went OK. I'd give them an A.”

“I'd give them an A.”

“Gil and Wayne are both very responsive and very expeditious in getting stuff done. It'd be an A.”

“They came out when they said they were going to do, they fixed it for the price they said they would fix it for, and my interactions with them were top notch, and I would highly recommend them.”

“Hercules Roofing is awesome. They did a roof repair. They were professional and responsible, and they did the work quickly. They earned an A+ grade.”

“They put a new roof on our house. The quality of work was excellent. Dealing with the owner was also excellent; he was easy to work with and communicated well. They deserve an A+.”

“I was quite pleased. Hercules Roofing replaced a leaky roof. It was the speed and accuracy that were so great. They got the job done very fast. It was perfect. They deserve an A+.”

“I had an excellent experience working with Hercules Roofing. They replaced my whole roof. They were on time and efficient, and they delivered what they promised. I'd give them an A.”

“I had an outstanding experience. They were trustworthy—A+.”

“They're awesome. They've done various things for me. They haven't done a whole roof, but they did repairs and patching. Had I known about them when I put my roof on, I would have used them. I'd give them an A+.”

“Their response was very quick, and they were very accommodating. They repaired some roof damage. I'd grade them as an A+. We were selling the house, but the feedback that we got from the realtor was excellent. We interacted with the owner, and that was excellent.”

“Hercules Roofing got there when they were supposed to, they finished when they said they would, and they fixed what needed to be fixed. They repaired a portion of the roof that was leaking. I would give them the best grade—A+. They did everything just the way it was supposed to be done.”

“They took off the old roof and put on a whole new roof. Gil Stein is a very straightforward, easy guy to do business with. What he says actually happens. The job was near perfect. There were no questions or problems about anything connected with it, and the results were very pleasant. I'd rate them as an A+ company.”

“They're excellent. They replaced my whole roof. They did everything they were supposed to do. They seemed professional. I was surprised at how fast they got it done. It took a couple of days, but they were very effective and they put about a whole bunch of people on the roof and they just got it done. It was good. The guy who runs the company was very attentive and very professional. I would have to give them an A+ because I don't know anybody that does what they're supposed to do better than they do. They put tarpaulins all around the house so that when they picked them up, they cleaned up everything, and they definitely arrived when they were supposed to arrive.”

“It was excellent. They were quick. They were clean. I'd grade them A+.”

“They're a great company to work with. They put a whole new roof on, and they did an excellent job. I would say they're an A company. Everything was good.”

“I received excellent work with no problems, and I'm very likely to recommend them.”

“I had an excellent experience working with Hercules Roofing. They replaced my whole roof. They were on time, efficient, and delivered what they promised. Give them an A from me.”

“Hercules Roofing was excellent.”

“They were excellent. They replaced a flat roof. They were professional and honest, and they got us a long-term warranty. They were excellent—couldn't be better. I'd grade them as an A.”

“They put on a totally brand new roof. They were on time, they finished the project very quickly, and we've had no problems with the roof. Everything's been great. I'd give them definitely an A+.”

“We had them twice. Once we had was a leak in the corner of the roof that was fixed, and the other time they fixed the flashing around vent pipes. They earned an A+.”

“They just did everything I asked. It was patching. The previous owner had a solar panel, and Hercules Roofing took it off and resealed the roof properly. I'd give them an A+ rating.”

“The quality of work and the system they put on was good. I'm a contractor so I know the system that they sent out was a very good system compared to what most other contractors could give you. They removed tile roofing, and there was some damaged decking that they replaced and repaired. Then they put down a polytech for the top, which is kind of like peel and stick that actually seals around any penetration so good you don't have any practically leaks down the line from nail penetrations. I'd say they're an A+ company.”

“They came when they said they were coming, they fixed my leak, and they charged me what they told me it would be. That's positive. I grade them as an A+ company.”

“Everything was good. I have no complaints with them. They got the job done. I didn't have any more leaking, so that's the key. I'd grade the work as A+.”

“It was just a repair. I'd give them an A+.”

“They just really just replaced some fascia board. It was pretty small job. I liked that they showed up, they did the job completely, and gave me no problem. I'd have to give them an A+ grade.”

“Hercules Roofing did a Spanish tile roof. Everything went well. I don't remember anything negative. I would say they get an A+.”

“Just everything went smoothly I thought. It was roofing. They get an A from me.”

“They replaced a roof on my mother's house. Everything stood out. They're a very good company. I'd say they're an A company. I used them on my own house just recently as well.”

“Their work was positive. I'm not living in the house anymore, but they did the job right. I'd rate them as an A company. The quality of work looks like it was okay.”

“Customer service was very pleasing. They had done some roof patching in some of the properties I manage. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They did a good job with the roof. They came, they finished it, and they left. I'd give them an A.”

“I liked that they did not try to sell me on more roof repair than it needed. There was a leak in the roof. They get an A.”

“They're very quick to respond. I had an emergency leak, and they were able to fit me in very quickly as far as getting an appointment and fixing my roof. They put the roof on and they've also come out and repaired it. There were extenuating circumstances that damaged the roof. There was vibrational damage from construction and so they came. It wasn't a problem with them or their product, and they handled everything very professionally and in a timely manner. I'd say they're an A company.”

“They changed my whole roof. There was good communication. They took care of what they said they were going to take care of, they didn't leave a mess around my house, and they cleaned up well, so it was a good experience. They get an A from me. There were just a couple times where things were a little unclear, but they did get back to me right away. They were there when they said they were going to be there, and they finished when they said they were going to finish.”

“The workmanship made it positive. They repaired my roof. They earned an A.”

“We put on a new roof. If there were any kind of requests or anything my husband and I had, they listened right away. They deserve an A.”

“They showed up on time when they said they would. They did some type of roof repair. I'd give them an A rating.”

“They seemed very knowledgeable, and the owner talked to me at length about roofing in Florida. They came when they said they'd come, and they gave me what I considered to be a good assessment of the condition of my roof. I don't play golf, but I have the misfortune of living right next to a golf course so we get incoming golf balls. Roofs in Florida generally have tile covering, so when they came I had like 60 tiles that were broken and had to be repaired. I was very pleased with their knowledge, professionalism, and the care they took. I learned about them from their banker. I was in a bank and I asked him, 'Hey can you recommend a good roofer?' and they did. I'd grade them as an A.”

“They replaced a skylight. They did what they said they were going to do, and it hasn't leaked so I'm happy. They get an A.”

“They did a good job. They fixed the leak. It's not leaking. That was the only thing they did for me. Give them an A from me.”

“They reroofed over my sunroom and my patio. They came when they said they would, they did the work, they cleaned up, and it was done. I'd give them an A rating.”

“It was just a patch job of about 15 barrel tiles. It wasn't a whole roof. It stood out to me because they did the job. Repairing the patch was the only thing they did. I would give them an A.”

“They did some roof repair. They were timely and professional. They deserve an A.”

“They had to replace some tiles in the front of my roof, and instead of putting mismatching tiles they went to the back of the roof and got some of those tiles to put up front, which was very professional. They'd have to be an A. Everything was fine.”

“We had a good experience. We were just very happy.”

“They did a coating of my metal roof. They were professional, they were nice, they were easy to deal with, and they were on time. I'd grade them as an A.”

“They did just some repair work. They came when they said they were coming and completed the job. They earned an A.”

“It was fine. I grade it an A.”

“I had a couple of leaks they fixed. The roof doesn't leak anymore. I'd rate them as an A.”

“I grade it as an A overall.”

“They're fine as far as I'm concerned. I've had no complaints”

“They did a good job. They were doing the roofing while I was out of state. They get an A from me.”

“They called to schedule, and they were in touch to be on time. They just did a roof inspection so there was no follow up needed. I'd grade the company as an A.”

“I had a positive experience with them.”

“They did some patching work on the back of my roof. They were fine. I'd give them an A rating.”

“Hercules Roofing gave me an accurate estimate. They worked quickly, and the roof doesn't leak, so I'm completely satisfied. I'd give them an A.”

“We always use Hercules Roofing. They did tiles. They were just very nice. They were here on time, and they did a good job. I'd rate them as an A company.”

“They repaired a flat roof for me. Everything's okay. It wasn't a reroof or anything like that. I guess I'd give them an A. Like I said, it wasn't much of a job but that's okay. They cleaned up after themselves, but that's what I expected.”

“We had some tiles that were loose on top and some that were broken and needed to be repaired, so we had them repaired. I liked that they came on time, and they were clean. I'd say they're an A.”

“We had a small compromised section of roof in the front end of our house. They were quick, efficient, and did exactly what they said they would do. They get an A.”

“Hercules Roofing did architectural shingles. We had lots of leaks, but now we don't have leaks. I'd give them the letter A for the grade.”

“They did my roof. They did a good job, and gave a good estimate. They earned an A.”

“They fixed our roof. They were courteous, prompt, clean, and they did a good job. I'd say they're an A company.”

“It was a repair of a leak. I trusted him, and he did a good job. It doesn't leak anymore. It's an A job, I would say.”

“I was happy with Hercules Roofing's work. They were just very professional and quick. They gave me a quote quickly, they were able to do the work quickly once I said okay, and they were certainly responsive if I had any questions. I just had a very overall pleasant experience with them. I don't have any negative. They've done work a couple times. When they first came out, they had to repair a whole portion of my house. I had like a swimming pool in my dining room. It was a foreclosed property, so I called them out here on a recommendation from someone else. I was actually was out of town when they did the work and I was comfortable enough to do so—he was great. He sent me pictures actually to show me what he was doing, which not a lot of people would do. We talked back and forth that way. So they actually just replaced a section of the house and then he patched some areas elsewhere. He put down a coating on the dining room roof where the swimming pool was. Then I never had a problem. He also did some repairs, so I didn't have any leaks anymore. I'd give them 100%. They were great. I really was very happy with them. I actually called them recently to take a look at something else. I have no complaints. I would totally recommend them.”

“It was okay. I think they did a good job. They seemed professional.”