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"At Remodeling Concepts, it's about satisfying every customer. We know that our success is in a job well done, and a happy client is our best prize. We have a passion for serving with unmatched attention to detail, and we're able to treat every client like our only client and give them the attention they deserve."

David Martin | Owner
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Remodeling Concepts is a full-service home renovation contractor that installs and replaces a variety of residential and commercial roofing types, including asphalt and metal roofing. The company also installs and replaces siding, windows, and doors. Other services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, home additions, deck installation, and flooring installation.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The family-owned company was founded by owner David Martin in 2004.
Remodeling Concepts is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The company was named one of Remodeling magazine's Big 50 in 2014, Qualified Remodeler's Top 500 from 2014 to 2016, and Suburban Life's Top Spring Contractors in 2014 and 2015.
Areas Served
Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County
A selection of 97 homeowner reviews:
“They remodeled and fixed some home damage. The tree fell on the house, and they came and fixed the roof. The experience was extremely excellent, and I'm going to call them back. They did a great job. I would be very likely to recommend them to a friend.”
“They did solar panels for me. The roofing was real good. I think the job is wonderful, and if somebody asked I would give them a reference. I'd give them A+ because I had no complaints at all. They did a wonderful job in a short time, and it looks real good from outside.”
“They replaced my roof, and then I had a leak where the sump pump went to the wall so they replaced the seal plate and some joists on the corner of the house. They were foundation pieces. I liked that the owner showed up at my house on the day they started the roof to make sure everything was started right. Then when I had a problem with the gutters and I thought it was whatever, he came out. We found that I had some leaves in the gutter that weren't flushing through. He said it wasn't them. It wasn't the roof but he came out and took care of the inspection, so the follow up was very good. I'd give them an A+ for the overall experience. The guy went and picked up every single nail that he could find, and we were ditching the yard, and he kept going over and over because we had torn up the ground. We found a few nails after that, but there was no way he could have gotten them all. He went over three or four times, but that to me is going above and beyond. He truly did it well so I do appreciate that a lot.”
“I particularly like the guy who was overlooking the project. I was more concerned about the nails being around the ground. He kept a check on it and, in fact, he came the next day in the rain on his own accord and swept it. I'd give them an A+ for the overall experience. I already recommended them to my brother, and he got it done through them as well.”
“They were great. They put a roof on my house in an emergency situation. Overall, they were attentive and did very well. I'd give them an A overall.”
“I didn't have any problems with them. I'll know when the spring and fall comes. They explained everything they were going to do, and they did everything they said they were going to do. I didn't have any problems with them at all. I'd recommend them very highly. I call him the project manager, the guy who runs the show, and he impressed me right off the bat. I'm in the dirt business myself, and I've dealt with a lot of project managers. He's an older gentleman and seems like he was totally in control of everything. If he had a change, he'd come and tell me right away. Let's put it this way, he impressed me very highly. The crew that were up on the roof all of the time, they had a couple of older guys there too, and I'd say they did a very professional job. He impressed me. He's like me. He didn't need a computer to tell him what he needed to do. I'd recommend that crew to just about anybody. The gentleman that ran the show and even the head roofer up on the top explained to me everything they needed to do. They had to make a couple of changes and before they did, they'd ask me. I'm very happy with what they did.”
“Those guys were absolutely above and beyond. If I had any questions, they were right there to answer. If there was an issue, instead of doing something ninety-five percent, they did it a hundred and five percent. I can't say enough. They did a roof job. If we could go above an A, I'd go above an A for a rating. I'd give them an A+. They stayed beyond. It was dark one night. I'm not sure what the issue was, but they said, 'We're going to get it done. We're not going to leave you hanging here.' They stayed. It was dark. They took floodlights out. They were just superb. I'd recommend them anywhere.”
“They were fast. Everything was cleaned up perfectly. They were on time. They were polite. They did roofing work. I'd give them an A+.”
“They did my roof, and I'm considering having my bathroom done. I'm just not ready yet, but they were great. They were on time. They did everything in a great amount of time. The young man that was in charge was wonderful. I would give them an A+.”
“It was great. They were very polite. The foreman of the job was extremely nice and pleasant to deal with. They went over and above to make sure that my attic was sufficiently covered so that it wouldn't get all of the debris on my personal belongings. They seemed very, very efficient at keeping all the contents of what they even brought out of the attic, which was two big bags of trash. It seemed to work out really well. I haven't been up in the attic since to see what it looks like, but I'm sure it's pretty good because they seem very diligent in making sure that the tarp was covering everything. It was just roofing work done for me. It was all the way down to the rafters so it was a mess. They took a lot of precautions, like putting a tarp up down from the roof to outside of my front door. I'd give them an A. Everything was great. I would recommend them.”
“They're fabulous. Their commitment to do the job properly stood out. They show up when they're supposed to. They give you the estimate. They live within the estimate. They're just really good to deal with. We have a commercial property. They had to do some roof work and other work. I'd give them an A overall.”
“They were very professional. They were on time. They did a great job. Overall, I would give them an A+ all the way through.”
“They came when they said they would, and they didn't take that long to get things done. They were in and out and did what they were supposed to do. They did some reinforcements, and then they replaced some of the shingles on the roof to get it ready for some solar panels. I'd give them an A+.”
“They just did a good job. They did roofing, siding, and windows. Overall, I would give them an A+.”
“They did exactly what they were supposed to do in the time they said it would take, no problems. I'd give them an A+.”
“They showed up on time, and they got the work done in the time that they said they were going to do it, and they all looked good. They did roofing work. Overall, I would give them an A+.”
“They showed up when they were supposed to, and they were done in record time. They did roofing for me. I would give my overall experience an A+.”
“They did roofing work for me. I'd give them an A+ overall.”
“I liked the professionalism and the speed in which they got things done. They did a lot of work for me. They replaced all of the windows in my apartment complex. They put all of the new windows in my house. They put roofs on for me. They replaced other windows in some of the rental other properties that I managed. They've done a little bit of everything. They've done insulation work for me in the attics of some of my buildings. So they've been very good. I'd give them an A+ overall. They're great people. I have recommended them.”
“I don't really deal with them much. We don't have any problems.”
“I was very happy with them. I didn't have any complaints with the roofing work.”
“They had quality products that came on time. They cleaned up after themselves. They did a new roof, skylights, and new windows. I'd give them an A for the overall experience.”
“They did my roof. It was timely. They were very clean and efficient, as far as cleaning up after themselves. The work was good. They did windows for me. I'd give them an A. I was very happy with the work.”
“It was good. They were professional. They did the roof very quick and siding. It came out beautiful. They did everything that they said they were going to do. I'd give them an A. They were quicker than they said.”
“They did the work before they put the panels on the roof. They did a very good job. It was a roofing job. There was a leak in the roof, and they came in and knocked it right out, I gotta say. They came in for a day, and within the day they just about did everything. It's pretty straightforward. I'd give them an A. I would recommend them.”
“They were efficient and did what they had to do. I think they did it in one day. They tore off a roof, did the repairs, and relaid the shingles. I would give them an A.”
“They were quick and seemed like they knew what they were doing. They put half a roof on. I'd give them an A overall.”
“I had a roof done. They got it done pretty fast. They actually stayed on schedule. It was a little while ago when it was done, but I didn't really have any issues. I'd give them an A for the overall experience. It was fine. They cleaned everything up. It was good. I have recommended them.”
“I'd give them an A.”
“They do good work and they make sure to follow up to make sure things are done right. They did my roof before, but that was a couple of years ago. I'd give them an A-.”
“They were dynamite. They cleaned up. They took care of business. They didn't play games. I mean on and off almost nineteen square feet. I'd give them an A. I'd definitely recommend them.”