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Power Home Remodeling Group has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 154 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"For 26 years, Power Home Remodeling has been the most trusted name in exterior remodeling—trusted because we care about our products being energy efficient and cost effective; trusted because we value integrity, honesty, and true craftsmanship; and trusted because we believe in total customer satisfaction."

Adam Kaliner | Founding Partner
Company Information
Services Offered
Power Home Remodeling specializes in exterior remodeling services, offering roof and siding replacement, window and door replacement, rooftop solar panels, and attic insulation.
Roof installations are backed by a 50-year full manufacturer warranty. Power Home also offers a lifetime labor warranty on all products and services.
Company History
Established in 1992, Power Home serves customers in 17 states nationwide.
Power Home is a recipient of two Bronze Stevie Awards for customer service. The company was ranked third on Qualified Remodeler's 2017 Top 500 list and is ranked on Fortune's list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. Power Home was named Roofing Contractor magazine's Roofing Contractor of the Year, and received the National Roofing Contractors Association's Gold Circle Award Honorable Mention for service to the community.
Areas Served
Ambler, Collegeville, Glenside, Harleysville, Lansdale, Norristown, North Wales, Pottstown, Royersford, Coatesville, Downingtown, Kennett Square, Phoenixville, West Chester, Bryn Mawr, Malvern, Philadelphia, Wayne, Chalfont, Doylestown, Feasterville Trevose, Langhorne, Morrisville, Newtown, Perkasie, Southampton, Warminster, Broomall, Havertown, Media, Springfield

“Power Home took the old roof down and put a new one up. It was great—it's beautiful. They were good, polite, here on time, left on time, and cleaned everything up. They're an A+.”

“Power Home put a roof on and did the gutters too. The guys knew what they were doing, and they did their job really well. Everybody was polite, and they cleaned up. They deserve an A+.”

“They did a nice job, and were very, very friendly, as well as the job—they installed a new roof and a window in the front of my house. They did roofing before. I had not had my roof done before. I'd give them an A+. I'm happy with both the window and the roof work. Quality was excellent. I wasn't here, but I was sure they were on time; my husband was here.”

“I had a great experience with them. They just were knowledgeable, professional, on time, courteous, and double checked everything to make sure I liked it. They were quick, efficient. I couldn't say a bad thing about them. They put a new roof on my house. They also did new gutters and downspouts. I'd give Power Home Remodeling an A+ overall.”

“So far, everything has been perfect, and we haven't had any problems. And they cleaned everything up, and they did everything they said they were going to do. They did a roof, gutters, and downspouts. They did the facing around the—they didn't replace any windows or doors. I would give them an A+. They were here.”

“The only downside was that our roof was worse than we thought. That wasn't their fault; they did a great job. We had to have the roof redone. I would grade the overall experience with an A+. Customer service—I had an issue, and they came out and reassured me that everything was well—that was a quick response. Punctuality—they were here earlier than we expected.”

“It was a good crew, they did good work and got it done on time and was accommodating. They did roof, tear off and replacement, new gutters and fascia. No they did not do windows and gutters. I would grade them an A- on roof, and B on the gutters, siding and fascia. There was an issue in the beginning, there was some rain and there was an issue as to whether or not the contractor was going to actually show up and do the work on the day that it was is actually scheduled, so they got a late start in the morning. It was good, the roofing in particular—I think the siding and fascia work, I don't think they were as diligent in cleaning up. I think the onsite supervisor had a good relationship with the crew, and they certainly worked hard. I would likely recommend Power Home Remodeling Group.”

“Very good, that's why I keep calling them back. Their work make it so good. They've done the roof and the window siding—I don't know the proper word for around the windows. All I know is the roof, and they worked on the windows. A—very good. I don't know anything from a roof to a roof. The roof looks good, in other words. I'm not going to rate something; I don't know anything about. It looks good. A lot of people that saw it—the neighbors say that is really a good roof; 'That is really a nice roof.' And I go 'Yeah, I know it is. Whenever you call them, they're on time. They answer you properly; they say they're going to call you back. I'll just say one and two, and they do call you before that. It's just really good. They clean up everything they have to do. I don't know anything about the improvements, but only about how I see it. For my opinion, everything they did was perfect, as far as I can see. My husband is well satisfied. The neighbors that look at it—we don't even ask them—they'll come up and say that's really a nice job and stuff like that.”

“They were great; everything was fine. Everything was just good. They did what they said they were going to do, they did it on time, and like I said, everything was great. We had siding done, we had a roof done, and we had some windows on the house. We had siding on the whole house. We had four windows done. Everything was an A.”

“It was pretty good. The work was done really quick, and if we had any issues they came back out and fixed any issues we had. They pretty much replaced the whole roof, we looked at having windows done, but that was just not an option right now. I would grade them an A. So far, the work looks great; I wouldn't really be able to tell outside of that—it looks better than it looked before. I would grade them an A; everyone that I talked to was really nice and very professional. They were right on time, and they stayed really late during the day to clean up, so they definitely did a good job with that. They cleaned up really well, and if we found any other debris, they came back out and clean up what we found. Power Home Remodeling seem to know what they were doing and have been doing it for a while.”

“They were professional, it didn't take long they did it in a day. They replaced my roof. They just did the roof. I would grade them an A. Their customer service was great. They were very friendly.”

“Their attitude and the work made it positive. They did roofing—they replaced it. It took them one day. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did a new roof for us in the spring. I'd give them an A+.”

“We had a lot of different people in here working because we had a lot of work done. Each person we encountered was very nice, very professional. We had our roof replaced in our house, we had our attic re-insulated, and we had all of our windows replaced. I'd give them an A+.”

“Just the way they did everything. Everybody had a job to do, and they followed it. It was quick. We got a new roof—a fifty-year roof, new gutters, and down spouts. This was the first time I used them. They deserve an A+. I have recommended them already.”

“I liked how they followed up; their quality of work and their product holds up really well. They did our roof. They did our insulation. They did our siding. They did windows. They did our back sliding doors. They just did our front door. I would give them an A+ overall.”

“We just like their attention to detail. If something was wrong they would make sure they fixed it right away. We had both windows and doors done by Power Home Remodeling Group. I would grade them an A+.”

“The sales people were quick, efficient. They did the roof, insulation, gutters, the shutters, the windows. They did a few trips. They replaced the roof. They did gutters all the way around the house, and they did thirteen windows. I would give them an A+ overall. They put the insulation in the attic. It was the solar stuff.”

“It was positive because they were efficient; they didn't leave a mess, and they did everything they said they were going to do. They did a full roof for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A+. I didn't have issues with Power Home Remodeling.”

“They did a roof for me. I like that they told me what time they were going to be here—and they were here at that time—and how long it would take. And they went through everything they were going to do that day, and they did it. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were very upfront and easy to deal with. They did roofing, windows and gutters. They replaced the roof for me. It was six or seven windows that they replaced. They came at separate times to do the work. I would give Power Home Remodeling an A+.”

“I have a new roof. It's the first time I've used them. They came to my door. It took them about a day to do it. I'd give Power Home Remodeling an A+.”

“They did roofing. I'd give them an A+.”

“Just the whole operation made it positive—well planned and well executed. They put on a new roof and did insulation; that's all. I'd give them an A. They were very good. They seem to be very experienced.”

“I had a very good experience with them. They were very prompt and clean—thorough and did the job well. Power did the roof. They put gutters on for me for the whole house. It was front and back gutters, and the whole roof. I would give Power Home Remodeling an A. They cleaned up well.”

“They did a roof.”

“There was a roofer, I don't recall the name, but they put on a completely new roof, and also soffits and gutters. It was fine. I don't recall how long it took. I'd give them an A. I'd be likely to recommend them.”

“It's fine. Everything's all right. No issues. A across the board. They put on a new roof and they put guttering and soffit on the garage. I'd recommend Power Home Remodeling.”

“Nothing in particular that I liked about them. They put a roof on for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A.”

“Their customer service was good. The people that came out were good. Everyone that came out were friendly all around. I had both the roof and the gutters done. They did the whole house; they replaced my roof. Overall I would grade them an A. I'm still cleaning some stuff up from the roof.”

“Everybody was friendly, knowledgeable, knew what they were talking about. They did a couple of things. They did my roof and gutters. I'd give them an A. They were on time.”

“They came in one day, and the next day they did my roof. They cleaned up everything after they got through, that was good. I'd give them an A. I'm 83, I haven't gotten up on the roof to inspect their work. I'm sure they did a pretty good job. They were right on time. I don't know what the competition would be like, since I don't get this done until every 25 years or so.”

“The service that they provided and the quality of the product. I would grade them an A. They replaced my roof; they didn't do anything else.”

“We have no issues with anything they have done. They replaced the roof and insulated the attic. They installed a brand new roof. I would grade them an A; I would be very likely to recommend them.”

“They did replacement of the roof. I would grade the overall experience with an A-.”

“We had an issue after the work was completed, and we called them, and they were out pretty quickly. All in all, the service was good. The work was performed as expected, even though we had the issue, but they were back out to remediate. I have no issues, certainly would recommend. They did siding work, new gutters, and new shutters. The siding was in the front of the house, but everything else was throughout the whole exterior.”

“They did siding work. Just the fact that, if there are any issues, they come right out and address them. They replaced the roof, they replaced the siding on the whole house. The siding, I think, may have been three days, and the roof may have been two days. They get an A. The quality from what I can determine is pretty good. The customer service is good.”

“They were very informative. They explained how they were going to do it, what they were going to do—things like that—before they actually started. They did my roof—replaced it. They did it in one day, and then they came in and fixed the gutters for me. I'd give them an A. I kind of expected them to follow-up, I never really heard back from them.”

“Power Home put a new roof on, and I was very happy with everything. I'd give the overall experience an A. The quality of work is phenomenal, and the customer service was great. I would recommend them.”

“I'd give them an A+—that's why we called them back again. We've had multiple jobs done by them. We originally got windows, and we called them back for a roof. They're local, they bring a lot of people to do the work, and they're very knowledgeable—I could go on forever.”

“They were just a great company to deal with, and they do great work. We had a roof and flashing put on, and we also had a new door put in and trim replaced around our garage door. I'd give Power Home an A+.”

“It was all excellent, and they cleaned up. They're an A+.”

“They redid my roof. I'd rate them A overall. Their work is quality, and I believe that what's on top of the house is wonderful. I love that it's conveyable when I sell my house.”

“They did the roof and insulation. It was excellent. Everything was good, so I've already recommended them.”

“Overall, I'd give them an A+. We replaced the roof and did attic insulation. It was quick, on schedule, and exactly what we expected. There were no surprises.”

“They're an A+. I had no complaints at all. In fact, because of the new roof they put on, this summer I had to use my air conditioning very infrequently. When they put it on it was a breeze. They did a great job.”

“They did some roofing for me. They'd get an A+ overall, and we've recommended them.”

“I'd give the overall experience an A+. It was great. Their cleanliness was fine. They did our roof. I'd expect that there's some things that they missed, but that's no problem.”

“They did some roofing for me. Overall, I'd rate them A+.”

“They did some roofing and gutter work for me, and they get an A.”

“I had no complaints with them.”

“I thought the work they did was well done. They cleaned up afterward, and the people were easy to deal with. They'd get an A from me.”

“They put insulation in. I liked what they did, so I had no complaints.”

“I'd give them an A overall. I had some windows put in, and I had a roof put over my porch. I would recommend it.”

“They get an A overall. I got new windows, doors, and a roof. I'd recommend them very much to anybody because I was quite pleased. They sort of came in and came out. They seemed to fit, they explained everything, and they seemed very honest.”

“Overall, I have no complaints. The attic was a mess, but that was inside. They did roofing and attic work for me. They were good.”

“They did my roof. They were prompt, and they did what they had to do. They came out a couple of times, and I just decided to pick them. I would give them an A.”

“They were very fast and clean, and they explained what they were doing pretty well. I chose them because of the warranty and the amount of time it took to complete the job. They put a new roof layer on top and new gutters on. I would give them an A grade.”

“They were prompt. They had good material and knowledge. They were doing roof repair and insulation. I would rate them as an A, I had no complaints.”

“They were great. They got it done on time, and they were clean. I would give them an A rating.”

“I like them.”

“We were happy. I would give them an A for no complaints.”

“They did everything quickly and got everything right. They get an A grade.”

“I believe they were on time. I thought they were really good. I think there was an issue with the way something was originally measured, but they were able to make it work. Everything looked very nice at the end. I would have to say they're an A.”

“It was good. They did it and cleaned up behind themselves. I had no complaints, so they're an A.”

“Everybody was cordial and professional. They gave all the facts and showed me what was going on. I have them in now, and I really like them. I chose them because they gave me more information and showed me the quality of the product. I have no complaints at all.”

“Power Home Remodeling was very efficient. I get excited when it snows because the roof has been fixed, and the water doesn't stay on the roof and form icicles. They put extra protection on it, so water doesn't get under the shingles. They get an A++.”

“They did the work faster than I expected, and they took pictures and told me everything they were going to do. They were really thorough in describing everything. I got a new roof. They had to take off all the panels and put on new shingles, and they did the gutters all the way around. They did a grade-A job.”

“Power Home Remodeling was good, and it was easy to get someone to come to the house. I really needed a roof, and they quickly replaced it. It was very nice. I'd give them an A.”

“I chose Power Home Remodeling Group because of their reputation, and they fixed my roof. I would rate them as an A.”

“It was great. They did a fine job. They put a new roof on the house. They came, and in one day, they were finished. It seemed there were a lot of different things that they used that I've never seen used before, and the way they put it down and everything seemed to be a little bit different than what everybody else is doing. They just seemed to know what they were doing. It was clean as a whistle when they got finished. The only thing sitting here was the dumpster, and it was full, and that was gone the next day. Everything was fine. I was really surprised that they got everything done in one day—that's kind of unheard of. Usually, the guys are there a couple of days. They didn't take breaks; they just kept working. I'd give them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling did some work for me in the past. We had a new roof put on. It was a great job overall. They were here first thing in the morning. Team employees came in, made sure the surrounding property was covered all the way to the side of the house, and they did our entire roof—start to finish—from sun up to sun down. They got it done in one day. They did good, quality work. It was fantastic. I think there were four or five employees going around checking for nails—anything sharp—with magnets and checking on everything. So, they did a great job cleaning up. I would definitely give them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling put a new roof on for me. They were excellent. The work was superb, and they finished it in a reasonable amount of time. I would give them an A. I can't recommend them highly enough.”

“Power Home Remodeling did good work. Their professionalism is what stood out the most about working with them. The roof is holding up well. The workers were professional. They were good; they were hardworking and got the job done in significantly less time than I thought they would. I would grade them an A.”

“They did a great job. I had called them back because some of my tiles had fallen from the edge of the roof, and they came right out. It's a very good company. It was last year when we had that really bad storm, so they came back out to replace them. They do good, quality work. When the job was done, a lot of people came over and checked it out, and they were impressed. The technicians were very clean. They cover everything—your bushes, your patio; everything gets covered, and no roofer does that. Then, when they're done, they pick up the covers, and there are no nails in your garden. They did a really good job with that; I was really impressed. I would give them an A.”

“The quality of Power Home Remodeling's work was very good. They put on a new roof. I was impressed. They finished in a reasonable amount of time. They had good customer service, and they kept me updated on the work they were doing and the pricing. I would use them again. Everything is holding up fine. I think they did an excellent job. I would give them an A.”

“They were fine. They put a roof on our house a year ago. I would say they were very neat about the job that they did. Our property was left with no damage. They were very nice people to work with. They answered all of our questions, and we were happy with the service. The roof itself is holding up quite well so far; it's supposed to be a lifetime roof. I would grade them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling was fabulous. They put on a complete new roof. The technicians were great; they were respectful of me and the property. They worked efficiently, and they worked hard. What really stood out for us is that they covered the whole house, so when they took the old stuff off, it just stayed right in this covering. This made it easier for them, but it was also made the cleanup easier, which I really felt was fabulous. Then, at the end of the day, they went around with a huge magnet, and we didn't find one nail. I would give them an A+.”

“We were in need of a new roof. We have a roof for our house, and we also have a roof on our porch. We got several estimates, and they sent a representative out. The first impression I had was that the representative who came out took a lot of time with us, which was nice. He answered all our questions, and he gave us a very informative talk about what they do and how they do it. He took the time to go up and measure things right then and there. He was really nice, so we were happy with the representative, for starters. Our first impression was really good. Then we went with them, and they came out when they said they were going to come out. They put the roofs on. They were very efficient. Their crew was very hospitable. That's the best word that I can come up with, but they were very customer friendly. They had a foreman in charge of the crew, and then they had a person above him. Whenever we had any questions, we just went to him. This foreman above the crew came out and checked everything and worked with them on and off. They answered all our questions, and any problems we came up with, they just took them and corrected them. Then, something happened that never happened before in my relationship with anybody in home services. After the roof got on, we had a bad rainstorm maybe a week or two later, and they called back. They called back to find out if we saw any problems after the rainstorm. 'Did anything occur—like any leakage? Or, did anything blow off that nobody was expecting?' There was a call back, and they said that it's common for them to do that. Their office staff, when you called in, was very friendly. It was just a good experience from start to finish. My situation is that I don't mind recommending this outfit to anybody else. I think that they have done several roofs in the area. They have a sign that they put out in front, and you can take it down when you want to. They were really very nice. I think they do windows and everything too. We didn't have to have that work done because we already had it done years before. I guess you would say they're kind of a full-service situation—something like that. They handle pretty much everything in home improvements. I'm thinking they do roofing, windows, siding—those are the three biggies that they're into. They're an A+.”

“The first thing Power Home Remodeling did for me was replace a very old and worn out window. Then last year, I had ice dam damage done to the roof, and they redid part of my roof in the spring or summer. In my opinion, they do excellent work. I think the materials were a lot better than what other people were doing as far as the roofing was concerned. For the windows, they went through a lot of demonstrations for me before I even signed any contracts, and I was impressed by the quality of the windows and stuff they put in. I think it's the quality of the materials that impressed me the most. I would grade them an A+.”

“I had a positive experience with Power Home Remodeling Group. They replaced four windows in the first floor of my home. They did good, quality work. The worker was competent, and he was on time. I'd give them an A.”

“It was good. What was most memorable to me about working with Power Home Remodeling was that the job was done pretty quickly. They put on a new roof. It was good, quality work. It's been a rather dry winter and spring, but I've had no issues. I felt good about the workers who did the job. I found that they were knowledgeable and very hardworking. They finished the job in one day, and they didn't leave a mess or anything. Customer service was good—they got my appointment set and all questions answered. I would grade Power Home Remodeling an A.”

“They put on a new roof last year. They do good, quality work. They did everything they said they would. I would give them an A.”

“It was fine. They put a new roof on our house over a year ago. The work was good. I felt fine about the technicians that came out—they were great. They were friendly and hardworking, and they did it all in one day. I would use this company again. I would grade them as an A. Excellent work.”

“Power Home Remodeling Group did a whole new roof for us about a year ago. Cleanup and everything was really good. They showed up, did exactly what they said they were going to do, and didn't leave any debris behind. I would rate them an A. I would use them again for any services.”

“I thought the work Power Home Remodeling did was great. They redid my roof, and I'm very pleased with the results. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. They were hardworking when they came out and performed the work. My roof isn't leaking, and they cleaned up after themselves. I would give them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling Group put in a new roof. They were hardworking when they performed the job. The customer service was very acceptable. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time, and they cleaned up after themselves. We'd give them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling did a very thorough job—it was very quick, and it was very good quality. They put on the new roof and replaced wood that was rotten. They cleaned up well after themselves. Basically, for my roof, they removed all the shingles. They put a big sort of tarp across my house and in my yard and kind of collected all the shingles, all the nails—this and that. After they were all done, they went through with a magnet, basically, to try to get the loose nails. It was very quick, easy, and pretty good quality, so I was pleased—so far, so good. I would give them an A.”

“We got new windows and siding, and they also put a new roof on; there were three jobs. The most recent was the roof; they did that a year or two ago. The siding was, like, a year before that, and the windows were probably six years ago. They did a complete roof for me. Everything turned out very good. We're very happy. They do good, quality work. The technicians were hardworking. They came and worked all day until they got the job done. The roofers were here from early in the morning until about six at night. I'd give them an A.”

“They were very good workers. They worked quickly and well and cleaned up afterward. They put a new roof on. The quality of work was good. I would recommend them to others. I would give them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling did roofing. They were clean, they picked up, and they did good work. They showed up on time. I didn't have to call them back for any problems or anything. I'd say they're an A. I would refer them to others.”

“They replaced the main roof on our house. They did great. It is holding up for me OK, and everything looks great. I would say they're an A. Everything was excellent, and I would use this company again.”

“I had a roof done. The work was good quality. The technicians who came out were respectful and things like that. I would say they were excellent—an A.”

“We had a whole roof replacement done by Power Home Remodeling. They were very good—very respectful of both me and my property. They cleaned everything up nicely. We didn't have any communication issues with the crew; they were very polite and very helpful with everything. If we need to, we will probably use this company again. I would say they're an A. We have already referred them to others.”

“They did the roof right at the beginning of summer about a year ago. They were very professional about it. They were on time and showed us what they were doing every step of the way. We had no communication problems with the crew. They were here, and they finished all the work in one day, actually. I would say we're satisfied. Overall, they're an A.”

“We had windows done a while back, and then recently, we had them do a roof. I was amazed at how quick they got in and got it done. It was done right. They got here, I think, around seven in the morning. By 11:30, they were done and out of here. They're an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling Group replaced all the shingles on my roof. I didn't get to know the workers. They seemed fine though, and they were good. They did it all in one day. I would refer them to other people. I would have to give them an A because I haven't had a problem yet, and that was about almost a year ago.”

“They did a complete roof for me about a year ago. They're good. I have no problems; I think they were all resolved. The workers who came out were great. They cleaned up and perfected everything. They were amazing. We didn't have a problem with their work. I would rate them an A.”

“Power Home Remodeling did a roof replacement for us last summer. They did an excellent job of cleaning up. A lot of times, you get contractors who leave your place a mess, but they did an excellent job of cleaning up—even to the point where they tried to pick up all the nails. They had some kind of metal thing that picked up the nails that may have fallen and surrounded the house. I didn't have to call them back for any problems—not at all. I would refer this company to others. I would say I would rate their service as an A. It was excellent—no complaints.”

“They did an excellent job. They did eaves, a roof, and custom windows. The windows are excellent. They did gutter helmets and downspouts as well. They did a lot of work on my home. I would give them an A. I would recommend them to anyone, and I would call them again when I need more work.”