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"At Superior, we don't focus on volume; we just focus on doing good, quality work. We make every attempt to do the job right the first time, so we don't have to go back and fix our work. I have built my business with a lot of personal involvement, and I plan to be here for the long haul."

Ron Herring | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Superior Roofing Company of Georgia focuses on re-roofing and repairing shingled roofs. The local roofing company also provides and installs custom skylights as well as chimney caps, pans, and shrouds.
Services Not Offered
Superior Roofing does not work on specialty roofs, such as metal or slate.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
Ron Herring, who has 32 years of experience in the roofing business, founded Superior Roofing Company of Georgia in 1990 and has owned and run it ever since.
Superior Roofing Company of Georgia is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster.
Employee Information
Superior Roofing is a state-certified drug-free workplace.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta
A selection of 257 homeowner reviews:
“They're great—excellent. I would refer Superior Roofing to anybody. They fixed the leak, and then they did a very thorough check of other things and made sure my roof was good to go. They did a great job. They were really professional and polite in their response time. They were very, very concerned about customer service and making sure the customer is happy. I loved everything about them. I'd give them an A.”
“They're on time, they showed up when and where they were supposed to, and they're very trustworthy. They did a repair for a leak that we had. I'd give them an A+. We haven't had any issues.”
“Superior did a full roof replacement. They were very responsive, customer friendly, and very easy to work with. I'd pretty much put an excellent grade on everything.”
“They were responsive, cleaned up their mess, and they were nice. They ripped off my roof and put a new roof on. I'd rate them an A+.”
“They were easy to work with. They did a repair. I'd give them an A+.”
“They replaced the vent pipes that come out of the roof and typically, they have to be sealed. They replaced the seal. I don't know what that's called, but they replaced the seal. They were very efficient. They came to my house and they were in and out in under 30 minutes. They get an A+ from me.”
“They were very good. I would recommend them. No complaints. They were very good.”
“They did do some work. I liked the availability of them to get back with us and return our calls. It was not actually roofing. It was doing some work around the chimney and fireplace. I would say an A. I'm very likely to recommend them to a friend.”
“I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the work that was performed by that company. They did do a good job, and I was satisfied with it.”
“They replaced my entire roof. They were very helpful in making my decision and they were knowledgeable about anything that I had a question about. I enjoyed the process. It was not a chore. You know sometimes when you have things done at your home, you work hard to get it done, but I didn't have to do anything. I recommend them.”
“They replaced my roof, shingled it, and replaced a few boards. They were quick, pretty easy, and they were friendly. I'd give them an A. It wasn't memorable, only because everything went very smoothly.”
“They replaced the entire roof on my home. I liked the level of customer service. I'd give them an A. They were on time with everything. Everything showed up when it was supposed to and they cleaned up after themselves which was great.”
“They are excellent. I heard about Superior Roofing from Best Pick Reports, and I had them do some roof work for us. I would give them an A grade. They had to come back three times, but the way they approached it and the way they handled it was very good. We speak very highly of them, and we would recommend them. Even though they had to come back three times, we would use them again. They made it all right in the end, so they were excellent.”
“They did it in one day, and everything went well—I have no complaints about them. I highly recommend them to other customers. They were proactive and made sure they contacted me. They came to see me, and they did a thorough inspection on my roof. I heard about them through my insurance company. I would call Superior Roofing an A+.”
“Superior Roofing did the roof repair on my rental property almost two weeks ago, and everything went well. So far, so good. I am very pleased about the seam. They followed through on everything they said they were going to do. Hopefully, after today's rain, everything is well. Everything else was excellent. They got right on it. I'd definitely give them an A+.”
“The people from Superior Roofing did an excellent job. We liked them. We have no complaints about our roof replacement—we were very happy.”
“The work was excellent. I liked their attitude and their professionalism, and they did an excellent job. I'd call it A-grade work.”
“My job was wonderful. It was done to my satisfaction, and everything was fine. He did what he said he was going to do, and he did everything in a timely manner. They get an A from me.”
“A painting company damaged my vent ridges, and I had to have them replaced by Superior Roofing. I was very satisfied. They're very good. They came out promptly, they advised me, and they even sent copies of pictures that they had taken to the painter to show that the painter had done the damage. They were excellent—they're an A. I found them out of Best Pick Reports.”
“We had no issues. The gentleman that came out and did the estimate was the gentleman that came out and did the work, and he was extremely honest. I needed some of the shingles replaced, and I also had a section of the roof that was sliding off, so they nailed some of the shingles to put them back in place and replaced the ones that were mismatched. I did a lot of research, and I chose Superior Roofing because I was able to talk to a live person and because they returned phone calls when they said they would return phone calls. I've had a lot of bad experiences with other companies. They say, 'Oh, we'll get back to you,' and you never hear from anybody. I would say Superior Roofing definitely deserves an A.”
“They did a superior job, as the name says. We're very pleased with their work, and we recommended them in our neighborhood email. One of the people in our neighborhood wrote back to my husband and said that Superior Roofing was everything my husband had said they were and more. Then, our neighbor next door called them and got them to do his roof, so we know two others in our neighborhood that have used Superior Roofing. They're great, and they're great people. They did a very good job. I'd give them an A.”
“Superior Roofing was great. They did a repair. I found them in the Best Pick Reports, and I think they're A+. I liked everything—the honesty, the work, the promptness, the quickness; everything.”
“I had Superior Roofing put an attic fan in, and they did a very good job. They were very prompt, they got in here and got out, and they cleaned up really well. I'd give them an A+. I had no problems with them at all. I was very satisfied.”
“I like that Superior Roofing did the work and did a good job. They came when they said they were going to come. They had enough workers, so they completed the job in two days. Since I live in an old house, there was a lot of old roofing up there. They had to remove four roofs—that was a big part of the job—before they could put the new roof on. They earned an A+ from me.”
“I appreciated that the people from Superior Roofing were easy to deal with. They showed up when they were supposed to—in fact, they were a little early. The crew was very professional. They got everything done in a day and did exactly what they said they were going to do. They re-roofed my house, and they also took care of my detached garage. They changed the way the roof was laid, so it should actually perform better than it did previously. They also replaced some of the vents and sealed everything up. They did a great job. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were great. I really liked their owner and their professionalism. Pretty much everything they said, they did. They seemed to be pretty honest, and the roof looks great. I'd recommend them, definitely—they get an A+ from me.”
“After Superior Roofing did the work, it was fine—no more leaks. I heard about them through my home warranty service. The customer service was just fine. We never had any issues or had to call them back. I'd recommend them. An A+ suits them fine.”
“They did a great job. They come when they say they're going to come, they're on time, and most importantly, they never leave any mess. They go back over the job and then back over the ground to make sure there are no nails or anything. The technicians are professional. They know what they're doing. They do it once, and it's done. I heard about them in Best Pick Reports, so I called them and talked to a young man who was the boss. He was very nice. He put my roof on in its entirety, and then I called him back about my daughter's roof. I had them go over to her house to do some patching and to see what needed to be done and make recommendations. I'd give them an A+, definitely.”
“The work Superior Roofing did went very well. It was done well and on time, and everything was fine. It was worth an A+.”
“Everything was great with Superior Roofing when they came out to do work for me.”
“Superior Roofing replaced some tile on the roof. I didn't get up there, but based on the photos I've seen of their work up there, I was satisfied. I'd grade them as an A.”
“They put a new roof on, and they did a good job. They were professional, nice people. I think we had heard about them before, so we called them for an estimate. I'd give them an A.”
“Superior Roofing did a good job. They're very fast and convenient. When we had to get some holes fixed, they did some patchwork on the roof. I'd call them an A-grade company.”
“They repaired a leak in the roof, and overall, it was very good. They did their job on time and in an efficient manner, and there were no hassles. The customer service was good. I'd tell anyone to check them out. Superior Roofing deserves an A.”
“They were very good. They fixed my roof. The customer service was fine, and I'd be happy to recommend them. They deserve an A.”
“My experience with Superior Roofing was good. The roof's not leaking—I liked that they fixed it. They were the second company that came, and the first one didn't fix the problem. We were still getting a lot of water in through the ceiling. If someone asked me about Superior Roofing, I'd tell them that they're good. I'll give them an A grade.”
“I had Superior Roofing replace my roof, and they were fine. It was completely what I expected. I would recommend them. They're an A in my book.”
“Everything was done fine—everything went great. I know we had a leak in the roof, and Superior Roofing came out and fixed it. I would give them an A—I had no problems.”
“We had a leak, and Superior Roofing repaired it. We haven't had much rain, but so far, we're happy with it.”
“Superior Roofing did the work for me, and it was fine—everything was great. I thought they were fast and efficient. They did what they said they were going to do, and they had a good product, as far as I know. I called a few people out of the Best Pick Reports, and I chose Superior Roofing because I thought they responded better and did measurements. They deserve an A.”
“I loved Superior Roofing. They did everything they said they would do exactly when they said they were going to do it, and they did a beautiful job. They did the whole roof; they replaced the existing shingles and 18 or 20 pieces of decking. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“Superior Roofing was very good. The technician was honest, and he even did extra things for me. They were super and fabulous. I think they deserve an A+.”
“They replaced my roof, and the experience was excellent. The work was good and quick, they cleaned up, and they called us afterward. I'd refer them. They're an A+ company.”
“The people from Superior Roofing are fantastic. They're very professional, highly skilled roofers, and they met all of our needs. I'd rate them as an A.”
“We had our roof done, and we're 100 percent satisfied with it. The house was built in 1965, and they found a lot of decking damage, so we had to replace a lot of that. We have a back porch that's almost flat, and they put special rubberized decking down before they put the shingles on there. I don't have plywood up there; they're real boards. They had to saw them all off up there on the roof and put the new ones in before they could put down some special kind of underlayment that's a lot better than the regular roofing felt—you can't tear the stuff they use. They did a lot of extra stuff, too, like putting a metal rim around the edge so there would be less chance of getting rot. There were some places where squirrels had gotten in the attic, so they also sealed those up with metal. We didn't have a ridge vent before, and that was the first thing they did. They went in the attic and put plastic down so that when they sawed out the hole for the ridge vent, sawdust and wood chunks wouldn't get in the insulation. I have some friends who had a ridge vent put in by someone else, and their attic's full of wood chunks and sawdust. Superior Roofing did a great job, and they got every roofing nail up. Several people sounded like they would do a good job, but we were glad we settled on them—they are definitely an A. A couple people in the neighborhood had work done by them after seeing my work, including my next-door neighbor and the guy up the street. We included them in the bidding process because they were in Best Pick Reports, and they could start right away, whereas some of the other companies could not do it for a while. They whipped it out pretty quickly, even with all the extra work they had to do.”
“It's an old roof, and a place in my kitchen was leaking really bad. They took care of that, and they also checked around and repaired some other places that needed it. They did a good job. They came when they said they would, and they got the work done. They were very capable and a joy to work with. One of my children had used them, to the best of my knowledge. I would rate them as an A.”
“They roofed over some existing skylights, and they did an excellent job. They were on time and did what they said they were going to do, and I never had to call them back out for any cleanup or anything like that. I heard about Superior Roofing through the Best Pick Reports. They get an A.”
“Superior Roofing replaced our roof, and it has been holding up fine with no problems. The cleanup was excellent. They deserve an A grade.”
“He did some work on the house, and he did an assessment of the roof to see if it needed anything else. I think I dealt with David, and he was reliable. He came out when he was supposed to, and he gave me an honest appraisal. They did a good job. I was very happy. I think I may have found them through Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A+.”
“They did a total roof replacement, and we thought they did a very good job. They were on time, and they were very quick and professional. I don't recall any issues. I would give Superior Roofing an A+ grade.”
“They replaced the whole roof. Everyone was prompt and clean, and it was easy to deal with them. Overall, I had a great experience—nothing should have gone differently. They get an A+ in my book.”
“I got the roof replaced, and they did a great job. Actually, they did more than expected. There were some issues with electrical stuff that I needed replaced in the attic. They tore off all the shingles in the area first, and then they actually cut an access hole for me so that I could do the work I needed and patched it afterward. They did a good job cleaning up afterward, too. They were very transparent about what they were doing, and they were happy to point out any issues they found. I was satisfied with the result, so I would give them an A.”
“Several years ago, we had our roof replaced by Superior Roofing. I think we may have gotten their name from the Best Picks. They did a great job. We had no problems, so we were very happy with them. They should get an A.”
“We used Superior Roofing for something small—some chimney damage. They did fine, and I wasn't bulled over by them either. I didn't have any problems with them. I'd give them an A.”
“We used them three or four years ago to inspect the roof for hail damage. They did a very good job. They were knowledgeable about the job, and they were very prompt in getting it done. There weren't any delays, and they picked up after themselves. They dealt with the insurance company for me, so it was good. I'd grade them as an A.”
“Superior Roofing Company of Georgia did the roof for us, and we've got a good roof still. They deserve a ten on everything.”
“They did a roofing job, and everything went very well. They did a repair around the gutters, and then they put a topping on the chimney. They were quick and dependable, and they did a good job. I'd give them an A.”
“They replaced the roof for me because it had bad storm damage. It was very professional. It got done when they said they were going to do it, and I thought they did a good job. Superior Roofing is an A-level company.”
“I had a valley in my roof, and it was leaking water down into one of my rooms. They fixed the problem quickly. They went up, put down some kind of underlayment, and then put more shingles on it. I didn't have to call them back for any reason. I'd say they earned an A.”
“They repaired that leak. He was nice and efficient, and I want to say he came out pretty quickly and was very responsive. I believe I heard about the company from a neighbor, and it worked out for me. I would give them an A.”
“It was a repair of another job that was done by another company a few years ago, and so far, it's been good. The sales guy and the other person who came out were pretty reasonable and pretty professional, which was good. It was cleaned up when they left, and that was also good. I'd grade them as an A so far, but I want to make sure because we had a pretty good rain.”
“Superior Roofing replaced our roof. They were very professional. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They ended up having one of their folks do soffit work. A lot of other companies would not have gone to that level of detail to make sure it was taken care of. They were more willing to work with a smaller repair than the other companies that I contacted—the others didn't even want to address the issue. Tony was very understanding about the particular condition of the roof, and he was more than willing to work on estimates, redos, and the budget. They were good. I would absolutely give them an A.”
“There were holes in the roof, so they repaired it, and there haven't been any issues with it since. They did a good job, and it was on time. Everything was OK. I have no complaints. They're worth an A.”
“They did a roof replacement for us, and they were quick—in and out. I would tell a neighbor to use Superior Roofing, and I would give them an A.”
“They did the roof repair pretty quickly, and there were no issues. It seems like it's good. I heard about the company in Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A.”
“We had a leak behind our chimney. We'd had it fixed before, but it would still leak when we had these huge rains. Since Superior Roofing came and fixed it, it hasn't leaked anymore—they get an A.”
“It was a repair, and they did a very good job. I was really pleased with them. I found them in the Best Pick Reports book. I would give them an A-.”
“They did a roof replacement. They were nice and professional, and they did a good job. There may have been a leak caused by one of the nails. We covered it up, and it hasn't really shown back up, so it may or may not have happened. Overall, it still seemed like a decent job. I'd rate them as an A-.”
“Ultimately, Superior Roofing did the job right. The first guy to come out and do the estimate described the way the repair was going to be done, but it wasn't exactly how it was done, so I'd give them an A-.”
“The roof had a leak. The first time they put in the roof replacement, there was an issue, but they came right back and fixed it. I liked their communication, and there were no issues after the first one. I would give them an A-.”
“We had a leak in one of our ridges, and they repaired it. They got it done on time and for the price they'd quoted, and we didn't have to call them back. I heard about them in the Best Picks. I'd give the company an A grade.”
“They did a slate roof repair, and they were clearly experienced. I had a couple other people come out, just look at it, and tell me what to do, but they didn't really look at it—the Superior Roofing guys checked the whole roof. They were very clear about what was wrong, what they would do to fix the problem, and what the costs would be. They seemed to stand behind their work, and it worked, so I haven't had to call them back out. They were very professional and cleaned up after themselves when they were done. I would give them an A.”
“Superior Roofing Company of Georgia did work for us. They ended up taking the old roof off and putting a new one on. They did a beautiful job and cleaned it all up. We couldn't be happier; they deserve an A+. Excellent work.”
“Superior Roofing did work on our property. They have a good service and a good focus on customer needs. They were very responsive, and they provide good quality. They stripped off the old roof and laid the new roof on. I'd give them an A+.”
“I used Superior Roofing, and it was a problem-free experience. They did what they said they would. They're very efficient, and I felt good about the quality of the work. They're A+.”
“They did a great job. It was a one-day removal and replacement of a roof, and it was pretty impressive. They did a nice job—A+.”
“We used Superior Roofing about three years ago. They had quality work, and when they came in, they did what they said they were going to do. Their dumpster had wheels on it; it was not something to sit on your lawn and tear up your driveway or something. They did the job in one day, and they replaced all the bad roofing and flashing. I think they did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend them. In fact, I called them back for other things I think that they said they would do. If I ever needed them back, I would call them again. I think I would give them an A+, too. They did an excellent job—no complaining at all.”
“We went with Superior Roofing. I've had good luck with them. I had asked somebody to fix the leak in our roof, and they were the ones who did it. The other people I had hoped would help turned out to not be very good. My overall impression of Superior Roofing is positive; they're just good at what they do. They're short on talk and long on do. I would give them the highest grade—that would be the A. They just do a good job.”
“I had a positive, professional experience, and my roof is holding with all this rain. I give Superior Roofing a superior rating. They got here on time—as expected—and they did the job. In fact, they got done prior to the time they had actually quoted me, which was excellent. I guess it turned out to be not quite as big of a job as they initially thought it would be. They got in and out on time, as expected. It's been about three weeks now, so with all the rain, it'll hopefully continue to hold. For now, I have to give them a good rating. They've given me a warranty, so that's good too—if I should have a leak, they'll come back.”
“It was an excellent experience. There was a hole, so they ended up replacing the board and putting on the flashing that wasn't there in the first place, and then they added some more shingles and stuff to it. They earned an A+.”
“We had a brand-new roof put on about a year ago by Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, and they were excellent—an A+. It was just an old roof, and it needed to be replaced.”
“Everything went very nicely, and I was very impressed. I would say it was exactly what they should have done—it looks like a quality roofing job. They did a complete replacement. I was impressed with the guy who came out and gave me an estimate. I would give Superior Roofing an A.”
“I used a company that was in the Home Reports, and I liked them. I used Superior Roofing Company of Georgia. As far as we know, it was up to par. We didn't have any problems. I am assuming they did a good job—I can't go up there and check—so I guess I'd rate them an A+.”
“The work went well; it was fine. They were recommended to me by a friend of mine; they had done some work for her. It was a big job; it was a completely new roof, and they had to replace some of the roof planks and put in new gutters. I haven't had to call them back since then. They would get an A+.”
“There is a company I like for roofing—Superior Roofing. I like that they told me I didn't really need a new roof yet, and they just repaired it. I thought I needed to replace a whole roof, but they were honest and showed me that I could have it repaired and didn't have to get the whole thing replaced; it has been OK for the following year. The repair was great. It was completed with no complaints, so they deserve an A+.”
“Everything went fine. We had a tree that fell on our roof; it had some minor roof damage from where a couple of the limbs had broken through the roof, so they came out and did some minor roof repairs for us. It wasn't a complete replacement—it was only little patches that needed to be done. They earned their A+ rating.”
“Everything that Superior Roofing did went all right, and we were very, very happy with them. They did a whole roof. I went down through the Home Reports, and I interviewed, like, three companies. We were very pleased with their job, and they were very accommodating. We were really just very pleased with the whole thing. I probably would give them an A+.”
“The work went well—awesome. They've done work for me twice—two small jobs. They're quick, efficient, on the spot, and in and out. I've never had to call them back pertaining to the work that was done. I'd grade them an A+.”
“Everything has been good. They just repaired my roof—it was a full replacement—and I haven't had to call them back to fix anything. They get an A+—no issues. I found them through a referral from a neighbor.”
“Superior Roofing did a great job. I had a leak, and they just replaced part of my roof. It's fine; it doesn't leak. They had really good service. I felt the guy knew what he was doing. I knew they were pretty reputable; that is what I heard, and that's why I used them. They were an A+. The guy was on time; he wasn't late. It was all good.”
“It was very good work; everything worked out fine. They fixed a leak in the roof. It was just a little leak in the roof, so they fixed it very well. I would rate Superior Roofing Company of Georgia an A+.”
“They were here when they said they would be, and they seemed to do a really good job. They had to basically just put a new section of the roof on for me; it took about a day to complete. They deserve an A+.”
“We actually did end up using them, and they were really good. They came out and did what they promised. They came out when they said they would, and they fixed exactly what was wrong with it. It's not leaking anymore, so it really worked out. I think it took an hour and a half—two hours, I think. It was right near the chimney, so I'm not sure exactly how large of a leak it was from the outside; I know that on the inside, it left probably a good three-by two-foot stain, so it must have been pretty large outside. I give Superior Roofing an A+.”
“Everything went well; I have no complaints. They did a good job. They just repaired some areas that had caused some leaking to take place. It wasn't a complete replacement—it was just repair. At this point, I'd have to give them an A. I haven't had any complaints, and leaks can be tough.”
“Everything went all right. They repaired a small hole in the roof that was caused by lightning. It was a very small job, and they knocked it out very quickly. It was—for them—probably a pretty small job. I'd grade them an A.”
“They did a great job. I was very pleased with them. I believe it was Superior Roofing who did the job; it was just some caulking and minor repairs—keeping the roof up to speed—and I followed their recommendations on some things they found. I liked the management guy that came out, and his people in the field were good, too. And they were straight—they just told me straight what was wrong. And I told them to fix it. They get an A.”
“I ended up going with Superior Roofing. They replaced the back half of the roof for me. That project went well; they did a good job. They knew what my roof needed—the previous guy didn't. They were just going to put the same kind of roof on. I talked to several different people, but I ended up going with Superior Roofing. They were nice, I guess. I would give them an A rating.”
“They fixed a leak in one of my closets, and they did a good job. They were quick and seemed to do a good job. I would give them an A. If I were to recommend Superior Roofing to a friend, I would tell them that they came out quickly and got it resolved.”
“We used Superior Roofing, and they ended up just doing a small roof repair before we closed on the house. My experience with them was very professional. They earned an A grade. They showed up when they said they were going to, they fixed it, they cleaned up after themselves, and they did a good job.”