Pool Types

A variety of pool types are on the market, including vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete. While vinyl liner pools are very common in northern states, concrete pools are the most common pool type in the South.

Concrete. This is the most popular type of pool in the southern region of the United States. Because concrete pools do not come pre-built, they are customizable to the needs of each homeowner. Concrete pools use plaster as the final interior finish.

Vinyl liner. Up to the point of the interior finish, concrete pool and vinyl liner pool construction processes are very similar. Vinyl pools use a vinyl liner as the waterproofing method. These liners are most readily available in standard sizes and fit snugly into the top edge of the pool’s coping.

Fiberglass. Fiberglass pools have a molded plastic design and are made to fit securely into the hole the contractor digs. They are quick to install and resistant to stains and algae. Because they are pre-formed in a factory, homeowners have fewer designs to choose from; and because of delivery issues, there are size limitations.