Pool Safety

The Georgia Division of Public Health has many laws regulating pool safety. Pools should be surrounded on all sides by fencing; a house does not count as a fence. Children who wander out of the house may slip and fall into the pool if it is not properly blocked off. Fencing must be at least 48 inches high with 4 inches or less of distance between the bottom of the fence and the ground. Solid fences made out of masonry or stone must not be built with any indentation, whereas non-solid fences, such as rail fences, should not have openings more than 1¼ inches wide to prevent children from climbing. Gates should be secured by self-latching locks.

Adults must be present when children are swimming. Even children who can swim and have been properly trained in pool safety may experience an accident, such as hitting their head or getting unexpected cramps. Homeowners may want to consider isolating the pool area for swimming only, so children are not tempted to play in the space surrounding the pool. Removing all toys after pool time is also a good idea. This decreases the likelihood of a child falling in from reaching for a toy in the water.