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"Real Plumbers provides customers with the best options for repair and replacement of their plumbing and HVAC systems. We strive to provide outstanding customer service in all we do, from your first call to Real Plumbers, to the technician in your home, all the way through the warranty period."

Dave Warner | Owner
Company Information
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Real Plumbers provides clients in private homes, condominiums, and businesses with full plumbing services, such as repair and replacement of faucets, drains, toilets, pipes, and a wide range of water heaters and boilers, including high-efficiency models. In addition to plumbing services, the company also performs repair and replacement of HVAC systems.
Company History
Founded in 1987 by current owner Dave Warner, Real Plumbers has served the Washington, DC, metropolitan area for over 30 years.
Employee Information
Employees of the company wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo drug testing and background checks.
Additional Information
Real Plumbers specializes in repairing, replacing, and upgrading water heaters by brands such as A.O. Smith, State, Ruud, and Rheem.
Areas Served
Washington, DC

“I have been using Real Plumbers for 15 years. They are very professional. I've used them both at my house and my office. They come put a solution for whatever is ailing our system, so it's great. I would grade them an A.”

“There was a problem with the dishwasher; it had some clogged lines. They took the lines out and replaced them. And then there was a problem with the faucet, they had to take that out. They had to come twice, I seem to remember to fix these problems. I would grade them an A. The customer service was very good. I was impressed, they were nice people. They came, and they helped.”

“It was good. They were quick, and they were clean. They installed a new hot water heater. I would give them an A+.”

“It was plumbing. Everything is fine. The workers were very pleasant and very neat, and they fixed what they said. I didn't have to call them back out. I'd give them an A+. I've used them several times.”

“Real Plumber did a really good job. They're very—on a scale from one to five, I'd give them a five. They did some toilet work for me. I'd give them an A+ across the board.”

“They did plumbing work. They fixed the problem. I didn't have to call them back out. I would give them an A+.”

“They were efficient and friendly. They installed the heat pump. I would give Real Plumbers an A+.”

“It was very good, prompt service. The one expert that we had come in, did his job and left. He did plumbing work. I would grade them an A.”

“I've been using them ever since they've been in business for over 30 years. He's a good guy. The last thing he did was plumbing in the bathroom. I'd give them an A on everything.”

“They are innovative, they are helpful, and they're always on time. They took care of my A/C and water heater. They deserve an A.”

“They did plumbing work. I would give them an A.”

“They showed up and did their job. They always do. They did plumbing work for me.”

“They were very good. They fixed my sink. My experience with them would be rated A overall.”

“They've done several things for us. We've installed a garbage disposal, and they've replaced two toilets. I'd give them an A.”

“They've been our plumbers for 20 years, and we're very high on them. They're very responsive and do the best job they can. We have an old house and a lot of plumbing issues. They are always there for us in a crisis. The owner is really great about making sure everything is done the right way. He works with them and sometimes comes out to make sure everything has been done the right way. I'd give Real Plumbers an A+ overall.”

“My experience was good. The old boiler broke, so they ordered and installed a new boiler. The replacement machine came on beautifully, and now it's humming away in the basement. I thought they did well. I've recommended them to other people. I would grade Real Plumbers as an A+.”

“They're great. They do all my plumbing work. Last time, they worked on the hot water heater. They get an A+ from me.”

“They did good. They did excellent plumbing work. I'd rate them as an A.”

“They did a really good job. I live in an 1890's house that's had a lot of changes. We've tried a couple of times to straighten the plumbing problems out unsuccessfully. They sort of approached the job very methodically. Something got figured out, rerouted some pipes, that sort of thing. They solved the problem that I've been messing with for quite a long time. I'd give them an A+ overall. I think they're really customer friendly and communicated well. I had no complaints at all. I already have recommended them.”

“They did work on a hot water heater. They were very friendly, knowledgeable, and explained everything. They did a diagnosis first, sent it to me before doing anything, and gave me some options for the repair. They called companies when I had questions about warranties, the legwork of calling my hot water company, and then calling the other company that was in charge of the warranty. That was all taken care of by admission. He knew the questions to ask and the information needed to find out about the warranty and the parts to save, so we'd find out what was under warranty. I'd give them an A+ overall.”

“They did plumbing work to find a leak in my house due to a workmanship defect by the builder. The plumber was able to detect the leak with very little additional damage and was able to locate it and fix it. It's not flooding in my house anymore. So, it's working. They're an A+ company. He provided a lot of additional information when he didn't have to go through the trouble. I had no complaints whatsoever.”

“They did plumbing work. They apparently knew what they were doing. I'd give them an A+ rating.”

“They did basic plumbing maintenance.”

“They did plumbing work. I liked the communication. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They were very good. They did basic plumbing. I think he was thorough. I'd give them an A overall. I have no complaints.”

“It was plumbing. I had a leak in a crawlspace that they fixed. They were able to fix it for me. It actually took two appointments. The first technician wasn't able to get into the crawlspace. The second one came early so I didn't have to miss too much work again and he finished it quickly. I would give them an A overall. I would recommend them.”

“They were doing basic plumbing work. They were all nice people, they were polite, and explained things. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They did plumbing.”

“They did a really good job. I live in an 1890's house. We've tried a couple of times to straighten the plumbing problems out, unsuccessfully. They approached the job very methodically. Something got figured out, and they rerouted some pipes—that sort of thing. They solved the problem that I've been messing with for quite a long time. I'd give them an A+ overall. I think they're really customer friendly and communicated well. I had no complaints at all. I already have recommended them.”

“They got the job done. They were honest about what they were going to do. This was plumbing work. I'd probably give them an A.”

“They replaced a hot water heater. I chose them because my friend referred them. I'd give them an A.”

“I used them when I first bought the house, and I just decided to call them again. I didn't have a problem. The gentleman came out, did what he had to do, came out on time, and finished at an appropriate time. That was fine with me. He came out, he did what he had to do, and that was it. I had used them before—when I purchased my house, the real estate agent that I had apparently had used them, and I got their phone number. They did some plumbing work on my unit in my house. I thought I had some mishaps with all the plumbers, but I didn't have a problem. I would say they're an A-grade company. They came out, and they did what they had to. I haven't had any setbacks with what they did with the faucet.”

“They did a really good job. I actually wasn't here; I am speaking strictly on the work after they left. They were installing a kitchen faucet. I would say we had no complaints.”

“They came and did a good job. They installed a water heater and fixed our washing machine. I'd rate the company as an A.”

“He gave some suggestions of what I could do in the future, so I thought he was very informative. I had a situation where something was blocked and flooded in the bathroom. I found them in Best Pick Reports. They're excellent.”

“They worked in my building for 30 years, so they know the building really well. I'd give the company an A grade.”

“They did the work I asked them to do, and it was fairly quick. It was just basic plumbing work—like work with a pipe. I think I'd give them an A.”

“Real Plumbers definitely did a really good job. The one job was outstandingly perfect. They drilled through my floor to put a water connection in for my refrigerator so I could get ice and water out of the fridge. It was wonderful, and it went so well.”

“They do a good job, and they're very friendly. The owner checked in with me specifically, and I thought that was nice. The showers were not working right. There was debris on the pipes because it was new construction, so they had to take the showerheads apart and pull out whatever that was blocking the water path. They get an A grade in my book.”

“They do a very good job, the plumber is a super nice guy, and they give good service. I would give them an A rating.”

“Real Plumbers replaced the toilet. They had the toilet, all the parts, and the tools, and the men worked together well—A+.”

“It's still working, so they did a good job. I think it was the hot water heater. We've been getting them to do things for us for years. Our son just decided to use them—he usually gets them to do things for us. It was excellent—A+.”

“They cleared a drain. The technicians from Real Plumbers were just pleasant. They solved the problem, and they were in and out.”

“Everything went well. They came in to see if I had any leaks, running toilets, or anything. I chose Real Plumbers over a different company because my homeowners association had recommended them to me. I will definitely use them again, so I'd definitely give them an A.”

“It was probably my water heater or something like that, and I was probably referred to them. I'd give the company an A+ rating.”

“They were polite and helpful, and they gave me an option as to whether or not I would have something done. They brought the part with them because of what I said was going on, but even though it seemed to be working, they didn't try to convince me it had to be done. They were like, 'We're here, so we can do it if you want.' There was no pressure. They just seemed quite helpful. I had an issue with the toilet running. I would give them an A, because it was a good experience.”

“I think I had them come out a couple of times to help us, and both times, they were really friendly and pretty quick. It went about as well as I could imagine. They just did typical bathroom stuff—I think they fixed a sink that wasn't draining properly both times. I would rate them as an A.”

“They do my service any time I have something that needs to be done to the pipes or the fridge. I've never used another company. I would give Real Plumbers an A.”

“They made an effort to get to my house as soon as I placed a call to them and asked for service, so they're very prompt. I've had them replace my water heater, clean my bathroom sink, and fix the plumbing in my kitchen sink—I've had them do pretty much any plumbing that needs to be done around the house. When I first contacted them, I was living in a small condominium building with 11 units. I had a plumbing issue, so I called the property manager and asked him what company he would recommend. He said, 'Well, we use Real Plumbers,' and he gave me the number. I started calling them back in the '90s, and I've used them ever since. They're an A.”

“They removed an incinerator and replaced it with just a regular pipe, as I asked, and that was basically it. I'd rate Real Plumbers as an A because I'm feeling generous.”

“Real Plumbers fixed a faucet outside, and it was great service, all in all. I'd give them an A rating.”

“I think they did something through the HOA. They did an inspection for me—they just had to make sure there wasn't a leak or something. There were no problems with the customer service. I had no complaints, so I'd rate the company as an A.”

“I think it was my toilet in my bathroom downstairs. I had used them before, so I just called them again. What they did was OK. It was fixed, whatever it was, and I didn't have any problems.”

“Real Plumbers did a good job for me, I think. I guess they fixed something. I would give them an A, because I think the guy was honest.”

“They came in and did an assessment for my HOA to see if there were any leaks or whatever. I had no issues with them. They didn't do any work—they just came to do an assessment, which took five minutes. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a good job. They put in a new sump pump, and they fixed something else for me while I was doing some renovations. They were smart, intelligent, on time, and fast. I'm a contractor myself—if they're not perfect, they don't get As. I'd go with an A- for this company.”

“The people did what they said they were going to do, and they did it quickly. I think they unclogged the drain. The reason I chose them over a different company was because I'd used them in the past, and they'd done good work for me. They get an A grade.”

“They're really great. I feel like they're trustworthy—sort of like honest brokers whose service individuals you can place a premium on. For their last visit, there was a plumbing issue with some piping in a condo. They had to go in and redo it and also help me with my hot water heater that had been compromised because of that. The reason I chose them over a different company was because they have a good relationship with our condo association. I've always used them for plumbing. They get an A.”

“They try to get me the plumber I'm used to, but things happen at the spur of the moment when, of course, you have not booked them. If he's unavailable, they give me the option of taking someone else. So far, all of them seem pretty good. I've been using them for a few years, and I guess I'm about to call them again. I would give them an A+.”

“It was a pretty simple job—they came to fix the garbage disposal. My house is brand-new—it was built in 2007. They were the people who did some of the original work, so they were listed as a point of contact if I ever needed to get something done. It was fine, and I had no issues.”

“Real Plumbers replaced the boiler. It was my first time using them, but they came on time and did a good job. I'd say they get an A-.”

“I think there was like a leak, and I could feel the technician's sense of urgency to get the job done. We had to deal with the next-door tenants as well. We had to go back and forth with them, and they weren't very cooperative. I felt the plumbers were like, 'We have to get this done. We have to fix this problem as soon as possible.' I really felt like they tried to do their job as quickly as possible to fix the problem. Our landlord chose them. I'd give them an A- grade.”

“They were on time, and they were personable. They were able to take care of all of our problems. We've actually used them a number of times without running into any issues. On the last visit, they did a couple of different little things. We have a very old house, so we had a drain issue in the bathtub, and we had a leak from some decaying rubber washers in one of our other bathrooms. We've been using them for at least five years now—as long as we've owned our house. I would definitely give them an A.”

“I've been satisfied with their service. They've been responsive, time-wise, and they've taken care of what's needed to be done. I bought a service contract with them, and even though I didn't think it was advantageous to them, they fulfilled the terms of the contract. They've helped us with a number of emergencies, maintenance, and different things. It's been good. Recently, they may have done toilet repair. I would give them an A.”

“Real Plumbers has tons of integrity. They're good about doing things right the first time. They put in a new hot water heater and a dishwasher, and they fixed leaking pipes in my basement. They deserve an A+, and they get my highest recommendation.”

“The guy from Real Plumbers was the most extraordinary worker I have ever come across in my life. He was totally devoted to what he was doing. There was a drain in my kitchen that was not working, and he discovered a broken pipe and fixed it. I would give them a 100 percent. They definitely get an A.”

“They're wonderful. We've been customers for 25 years, and we use them for everything. They're our guys, and we're very happy with them. They always come through for us with everything—broken pipes, you name it. I would rate them very highly. They're an excellent company.”

“I had a hot water heater problem, and then I had a problem with my commode upstairs. I was very pleased. They had an excellent response and excellent service. I don't have anything negative to say. My recommendation would be very positive, based on the customer service and professionalism for the work they did. I'd give them an A+ for excellent.”

“They've been here many times. The last time they came out was to do some troubleshooting and figure out why I had a leak. A supervisory Master Plumber spent a significant amount of time trying to figure it out, and I thought he did a really good job. He figured out what the problem was, and they fixed it. I call them whenever I've got a leaking something, a toilet that's not working, or whatever plumbing problem I have. They're reliable. They get an A.”

“I liked their timing and their accuracy in diagnosing the problem. There was a water leak in the kitchen. We'd used them before, so I knew the service was good. I would rate Real Plumbers as an A+.”

“I liked the clean way they did the job—nice and clean and no dirt left behind or anything. They put all new toilets in both bathrooms, and they did an A+ job. Over the last 30 years, I've used them about six or seven times. I would definitely recommend them.”

“They've been doing plumbing for me for years, and I've known the owner of the company for years. I recommend them to all sorts of people. They installed a hot water heater. If there is an issue, they come back and take care of it without any problem. They deserve an A+.”

“My water was running out of my heater. Instead of going through the system, it was overflowing. What Real Plumber did was great. I would recommend them to a friend if they asked for a plumber. I'd give them an A+ because I have no complaints.”

“When the technicians from Real Plumbers were done, the work was finished, and I was satisfied with it. They fixed my sink, and I would give them an A+ grade.”

“I always have a positive experience with Real Plumbers. I've been with those guys for probably 20 years. Their service keeps me coming back. They fix it once, and it's done. I think a fill valve on my toilet was leaking, so they had to replace the valve, the supply line, and the supply valve. I watch them, but I have a lot of fun with the guys. If I have a question about how to do something, they're not afraid to tell me. I chose them because when I was at my other home from 1981 to 1988, I needed something done with my water heater. I didn't see them for a good five or six years, but then, I had this house built and had them come in to do some work on my sump pump. They've replaced my water heater since then and various other things I needed done around the house. They've earned an A+.”

“I really just wanted them to check and make sure everything was OK. It was just an inspection. Then, there was an issue with one of the tubs, and they fixed it. I'd give Real Plumbers an A grade. I'd recommend them to others, and I'd use them again.”

“They put in a new hot water heater for me. They showed up on time, did the work, and finished it well—that was enough for me. I've had them do my plumbing for about ten years. They get an A.”