Shutting Off the Water - Atlanta Plumbing Emergency Tips

In a plumbing emergency, your first response should be to shut off and discontinue the use of all water. The water coming into the home can be shut off at either of two points:

      Close the valve located in the water meter box. This will prevent any water from flowing to the house. However, most of the time the manipulation of this valve will require the use of a wrench or pliers, and it can be very difficult to operate.


     Close the main shut-off valve inside the home. This is the more homeowner-friendly solution to shutting off the water. A main shut-off valve is required by code in most areas and will be located within five feet of where the main water line enters the home.

Where the water line enters a home will usually depend on the particular home's foundation.

     Basement foundation. The water line will typically come through a basement foundation wall.

     Slab foundation. The line will likely come up through the slab, next to the water heater.

     Crawl space. The line is usually found coming into the crawl space through a wall facing the street.

Shut-off valves are typically easy to turn by hand. Turn clockwise to close the valve and turn off the water; once the water emergency has been resolved, turn the valve counterclockwise to open it again.

Every member of the household should know where the main shut-off valve is located as well as how to use in an emergency.

A modern toilet or sink will also have an individual shut-off valve located near the fixture in its supply line.