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"Our customers are always satisfied with our outstanding business ethics and customer service beliefs. We start all jobs with customer satisfaction in mind. Our trained staff brings you more than superior plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling services—they bring you peace of mind knowing that your family or business is safe."

Steve Lowry | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Lowry Services offers plumbing installation and repair services for residential and commercial customers. The company repairs toilets, faucets, sinks, and pipes and installs garbage disposals, toilets, faucets, hot water heaters, sump pumps, and sewage ejector systems. Lowry Services also offers drain and sewer cleaning, trenchless sewer replacement, and video inspections as well as HVAC and electrical work.
Company History
Lowry Services started in 1980.
The company has received Reader's Choice Awards from The Reporter for 16 consecutive years.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles that are fully stocked, and undergo drug testing and background checks.
Additional Information
The company offers 24-hour emergency service.
Areas Served
Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County
A selection of 182 homeowner reviews:
“Lowry was fantastic. They came out for plumbing, and they called me for a follow-up right after the service. It was excellent. We've already recommended them to a number of people.”
“I had a garbage disposal put in. Their punctuality was really good, and their cleanliness and expertise were very nice—A+.”
“We had our gas lines disconnected and reconnected. I liked their timeliness, their neatness, and their ability to do the work needed. They're A+.”
“They did plumbing work. What stood out most to me was the workers—their attitude, their thoroughness, and their work. I'd give Lowry an A.”
“The service was excellent. They did plumbing work, and they were professional and clean. They were good.”
“I had multiple service calls in the last few months. The first two were electrical. The last one was plumbing. What stands out most is their professionalism and speed. There's a bunch of other characteristics. Everything was positive. Those are the stand out ones. I'd give them an A+.”
“He did the plumbing. It was a positive experience. No complaints at all.”
“They did everything they were supposed to do. They did plumbing. I'd give them an A. I would recommend them again. They were very personable and got the job done in the time amount they said they would.”
“They get an A from me”
“They did a good job.”
“Lowry Services did an excellent job. The guys who came and did the work were fabulous, and they did a wonderful job. They did a fabulous job. They replaced the sewer lines with some plastic piping. They got all the permits. They did everything, and we loved them a lot. We would recommend them and use them again in a heartbeat. I'd give them an A+. They were great.”
“The service was great. The man knew what he was supposed to do and did it perfectly. I had a plumbing leak, so he had to replace that part. I'd definitely recommend them. They're an A.”
“Lowry Services was fabulous and fantastic. All the workers were so careful in the house. They put covers on their shoes, and everybody was so pleasant and so nice. They did excellent work. We haven't had any problems with what they fixed. They were good. I'd give them an A grade.”
“Lowry Services did very good work. We would walk around and ask them questions, and they were very, very pleasant and very nice to answer our questions and so forth—very attentive. They worked mostly on our plumbing. I always tell them I think they've already made an impression on our neighbors. We would give them an A+.”
“They were very efficient, punctual, and professional, and they did an excellent job. I haven't had a problem since the work was done. They put in a new water heater downstairs, and it was a really big job. They did electrical work, too. They put in new thermostats and stuff like that, but it was mostly plumbing. I got a prompt call back when I called them.”
“They did a good job, and they left everything clean. They did a sink, a pump, and a toilet—they did everything. I would recommend them and rate them well. I'd say they get an A because everything was excellent.”
“Lowry Services did work about a month ago, and they sent a very friendly person who did the job very well, very neatly, and very organized. They fixed a pipe under the sink. The customer service was great, and I would recommend them. They were excellent. I'd give them an A.”
“Their service was good, and they were clean. I had no problem with the service they did. They replaced a faucet in the bathroom for me, and they did an A+ job. They were good. ”
“They worked hard, and they were efficient and honest. They did what needed to be done, and they did it in a limited period of time. They put in a new hot water heater. I chose them because they had previously repaired my central air. I would unquestionably recommend them. They're an A+ company.”
“Lowry Services came out and did it quickly without any strings attached. They replaced a pump and a hot water heater. I'd recommend them, and I would give them an A+.”
“I had somebody named Ryan come, and he was very, very friendly. I had faucets put in, a leak fixed, and turn-off valves put in. The customer service was very good, and I've never had problems or had to call them back. They deserve an A+.”